Contractor Financing Platform

Grow your business. Help your customers finance any product up to $100k

SuperMoney’s simple and fast financing solutions can help you close the sale

  • Boost your sales by offering your customers instant loan preapprovals no extra cost.
  • Give your customers more time to pay, so they can afford higher-quality products and services.
  • Fix your cashflow problems. Stop chasing invoices. Get paid up front and let our lending partners worry about collecting payments.
  • One short form. Clients will see what terms, rates, and loan amounts they qualify for with multiple lenders.
  • Soft credit pull. Applying for credit will not hurt your clients’ credit score.
  • Approvals in seconds. Backend office reporting access. You’ll know when your client is approved and funded.
  • No dealer or discount fees.

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How does SuperMoney’s contractor financing help you?

SuperMoney gives you the power to close more deals. Faster. No additional cost.

Offering a co-branded financing program will allow you to

  • reduce overhead cost,
  • minimize risk,
  • and increase sales.

We offer specialized contractor financing programs for home improvement, swimming pools, and trade schools.

How does SuperMoney contractor financing work?

  1. Insert a link to our online application form.
  2. Your client receives a list of preapproved offers.
  3. Clients select a lender, receive the funds, and pay for your product.

That’s it. You will know when the customer is approved and funded.

Here’s why your business needs a contractor financing program

A study by Forrester Consulting reported an 18% increase in sales and 21% higher average orders (source) when companies offered to finance products and services. The same study reported an 814% return on investment for companies that implemented a flexible payment option.

So why don’t all companies offer flexible payments to clients? These programs typically come with hefty implementation costs. The Forrester study analyzed a financing program that cost an average of $14,000 to introduce. SuperMoney has $0 implementation costs.

Partnering with SuperMoney won’t cost you a dime. You will get the benefits of offering a financing program with none of the costs.

Compare SuperMoney’s no-cost contractor financing to what other financing programs charge.

Do the math. More leads + more sales + larger average job size + fewer cancellations at no additional cost to you or your clients.

Finally a true win-win formula for contractor financing.

There are two main types of customers. Those who pay in cash and those who prefer low monthly payments. Cater for both customers with $0 overhead. If you don’t, your competitors will.

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