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15 Bizarre Places People Hide Money! (Wait For No. 8)

Are you a cash stasher? More and more people are. Despite reports that the Great Recession is well behind us, people are still keeping their money out of banks.

In fact, according to a Gallup poll conducted in June of this year, 28% of Americans have “very little confidence” in banks. Maybe that’s why we’ve noticed a trend in the crazy places people hide their money. Some are clever. Some are cool. Some are just plain insane. Here’s our list of favorites:

1. In the freezer:

You’ll have some crazy cold, hard cash if you chose to hide your bills in with the frozen broccoli. Hey, it’s all green, right?

2. In the ground:


We’ve all seen the movies where someone digs up a can of money. Just because it’s cliché doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea. Find an old coffee can, stuff the bills inside, snap the lid closed and viola – instant hiding place. Then just pick a favorite location and start digging.

3. In a bottle of pills:

Money in meds

Another crazy place to hide money, but a great idea. A bottle of aspirin seems like the prefect place to keep a stash of cash.

4. In the middle of Pride and Prejudice:

money in book

It might seem like a literary party foul, but inside the pages of a book is one of the best crazy places to hide money. Not only will a would-be thief leave the tome unturned, it’ll make you look smart to have such a masterpiece on your book shelf.

5. In a roll of paper towels: Paper towels

True story. We know someone who was cleaning out her mom’s estate and came across a garbage bag of paper towels that were yellowed with age. She almost threw them out, but decided to use them during the clean-up process. When she ripped off the first few squares, lo and behold out came stock certificates. A ton of them. Value: Half a million dollars.

6. In an outbuilding: outhouse

We’re not talking garage, we’re talking tool shed or well pump house. Just be sure to keep your cash in a fire safe. You don’t want critters making a bed out of your stash.

7. In an old pair of shoes: money boots

Another true story. We know someone who bought a beautiful pair of cowboy boots off E-bay. When she went to try them on there was something stuffed in the toes. Yup. You guessed it. Thousands of dollars in one-hundred dollar bills. We should all be so lucky.

8. In a box of tissue: tissue money

Tissue folds makes the perfect place to hide cash. Or, take the whole pile out, place your bills on the bottom, and then replace the tissue. Simple.

9.  In a feminine hygiene box:


Crazy? Maybe. If you think about it, though, nobody’s likely to disturb this wild place to hide money.

10. In a stuffed animal: stuffed with money

If you’re lucky you might have one of those plush toys with a zipper or Velcro closure. Hide your cash right inside.  Or maybe inside an old toy. Just don’t let your kids play with it once you’ve hidden your treasure inside.

11. In the toilet: toilet money

Don’t flush your cash away. Hide your money in a Zip-lock bag taped to the bottom of your toilet lid or behind the reserve water tank.

12. In the litter box: money cat

Okay, so beneath it. Yes, it’s a weird place to hide money, but one of the best ideas we’ve heard.

13. In with the pasta: cereal money

Or the sugar. Or the flour. Or the cereal. Nobody’s going to steal your dry goods, and if they do, maybe they need your money more than you do.

14. In an old bottle of wine: money bottle

We loved drinking this idea in. Bonus points because once you get your wad of cash down the tiny opening, you might not be able to get itback out. It’s a piggy bank – grown up style. Still, if you’re into the piggy bank thing, there are some cute ones available on line.

15. In your trailer hitch:


Its sounds like a completely crazy idea, but there’s actually something called a hitch safe — a trailer hitch with a combination lock. Yes, really.

Whether it’s beneath your mattress or in your boot, there’s no end to the crazy places people stash money. We even found a great list of clever concealers on eBay. Just be sure to remember where you put your money, otherwise accessing your cash might turn into a treasure hunt.