Does Dollar General Do Cash Back In 2023?

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Dollar General, a discount retail store with over 18,000 locations across the United States, offers cash back at the register to debit card users for a small fee. There is a $40 cash-back limit per transaction, and cash back is not offered to customers paying by check. Discover credit card users can get up to $120 cash back at Dollar General stores.

Dollar General is one of a host of discount stores across the United States that offers affordable products at convenient locations. With over 18,000 stores in 47 states, chances are high that you’ll find Dollar General locations in your vicinity.

Dollar General’s cash-back option is one advantage of shopping there. When you check out, you can get cash back in $10 increments, up to $40. They also offer a cash advance program, which has a direct deposit tool that allows customers to access their funds up to two days earlier than normal. In addition, using a credit or debit card at Dollar General that offers cash-back rewards could earn you cash back in the future.

What is cash back?

Cash back is an increasingly popular way to get physical cash in hand and reward dollars for making transactions. With debit cards, a cash-back transaction involves cardholders receiving cash when they make a purchase, typically a small amount above the cost of the item. The cash amount gets added to their total.

With credit cards, cash back usually refers to a benefit that refunds the cardholder a small percentage of the amount of each purchase above a certain dollar threshold. The first cash-back program started with the Discover credit card, which was introduced in 1986. It is effectively an incentive for cardholders to use their cards.

Pro Tip

Withdrawing cash from an ATM is the same as getting cash back at the register from a store like Dollar General.

What does Dollar General sell?

Since opening its first store location in 1955, Dollar General has become one of America’s most popular budget retailers. They sell everything from groceries to cleaning supplies to beauty products and more. They carry name-brand products, such as Clorox and Pepsi, and private-label brands.

Does Dollar General do cash back?

Yes, cash back is available at Dollar General stores. You can get cash back at the checkout register when you pay with a debit card. Dollar General also accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards, although the rules for cash back will depend more on the card provider than the store. The only card that offers traditional cash-back options is the Discover credit card, which has a “cash at checkout” program that you can use at Dollar General.

What are the rules for obtaining cash back at Dollar General?

You will need to follow certain rules and stipulations to obtain cash back from Dollar General stores.

Minimum purchase

Customers need to buy items totaling at least $5 in order to obtain cash back. Any amount below that figure will not qualify.


Dollar General customers are able to get a maximum cash-back allowance of $40. If you need to get more than $40 cash back, you’ll have to make multiple transactions to obtain your desired amount. The cash back comes in increments of $10, meaning you can get $10, $20, $30, or $40 in cash back.

Note that Dollar General does not offer cash back to customers paying by check. They also do not accept Apple Pay.


Depending on the location of the store, Dollar General charges $1 to $2 per cash-back transaction, regardless of the amount spent by the customer.

Discover credit card users

Discover credit card users can get a maximum cash-back amount of $120 in 24 hours at Dollar General store registers or self-checkout stations. Unlike credit card cash advances, they will not incur extra fees, although the amount will be subject to their card’s APR.

Pro Tip

Dollar General also offers cash back if you make a payment using PayPal.

Can customers get $100 cash back at Dollar General?

Dollar General only offers its customers a maximum limit of $40 cash back on a single transaction. You could get cash back on three separate transactions, totaling $100, but you would have to buy at least $5 of items each time.

However, similar stores such as Shoppers Food Warehouse, Kroger, Safeway, Albertsons, and Food Lion offer $100 cash-back amounts to their customers.

How do cash-back rewards work?

If you use a credit card with cash-back rewards to pay for your Dollar General purchases, you could earn additional cash back for future purchases.

Unlike traditional rewards points programs that can only be used to buy goods or services, cash-back rewards are, simply, cash. They are typically presented to the cardholder on a monthly credit card statement. Consumers may receive their cash-back rewards either through direct deposit to a linked bank account, as a statement credit reducing that month’s bill, as a gift card, or through the mail by check.

Rewards structure

Cash-back credit cards typically come in the form of a flat-rate rewards structure or a bonus or rotating rewards structure. A flat-rate rewards structure gives you cash back on any eligible purchase, while a bonus or rotating rewards structure gives you cash back on certain types of purchases.

Pro Tip

Some credit card companies also offer cash-back rewards as part of a signup bonus if you meet a minimum purchase requirement in the first months of having the card. These bonuses can total in the hundreds of dollars.

Dollar General and spendwell

Dollar General has partnered with spendwell to offer customers a reloadable Visa debit card with 1% cash back on purchases that can be redeemed for Dollar General merchandise. You can also use it to get a direct deposit up to two days early.

What are the benefits of cash back?

When using your debit card to get cash at the register, you can save yourself an extra stop at the ATM and possibly a little money if your ATM fees are high.

As for cash-back credit cards, users can be rewarded for using their cards to make simple purchases, such as at grocery stores. Additionally, some credit card networks partner with third-party companies and websites to offer discounts on certain products.

What are the negatives of cash back?

The convenience of getting extra quick cash is also the problem. You will have to remember that you spent that extra money, especially if you put $120 more on your Discover card.

Cash-back credit cards can have high annual percentage rates (APRs) or can charge high annual fees. They can also put a ceiling on how much cash back you can earn. You may even lose your cash-back rewards if you fail to pay your bill on time. Customers also might not get their cash back in as timely a manner as they’d like.


How much cash back can you get from Dollar General?

Dollar General offers its customers a maximum of $40 cash back on purchases. Cash back options come in increments of $10. Additionally, Discover credit card users can get a maximum cash-back amount of $120 in 24 hours at Dollar General store registers or self-checkout stations.

Does Dollar General do cash back on credit cards?

Dollar General offers cash back on Discover credit cards with the “cash at checkout” option. They also offer cash back on all regular debit cards.

How much cash back can you get at Family Dollar?

Family Dollar offers cash back options of up to $50 on debit card purchases for a fee ranging from $1 to $1.50, depending on your desired cash-back amount. If you need more than $50, you will have to complete another transaction.

How much cash can you get back at Dollar Tree?

Dollar Tree gives customers the option to receive up to $50 cash back. The service fee for cash-back transactions is just $1, and there is no minimum cash back required for any products purchased.

Key takeaways

  • Dollar General is an American retail store that has over 18,000 locations in 47 states and sells common household items as well as recreational equipment, groceries, and more.
  • Cash back is available at Dollar General stores, with a $40 limit per transaction. Regular debit card users can get cash back on every transaction, while those with Discover credit cards can get up to $120 cash back with the “cash at checkout” feature.
  • Customers must make a $5 minimum purchase to receive cash back, and the store charges $1 to $2 per cash-back transaction.
  • If your debit or credit card offers cash-back rewards, you may be able to earn additional cash back for future purchases.
  • You will have to weigh the benefits of getting some quick cash at the register against the consequences of spending the extra money. Cash-back credit cards have risks and rewards as well.
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