Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay Or Google Pay?


With the rise of digital payments, many consumers are opting for contactless methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. One of the frequently asked questions is whether popular fast-food chains like McDonald’s accept these payment methods. In this article, we delve into the payment options at McDonald’s and provide clarity on the acceptance of Apple Pay and Google Pay.

In the heart of Beijing, the first McDonald’s outlet became an unexpected landmark for matrimonial bliss, as couples began saying “I do” beneath its golden arches. This quirky wedding trend blended the allure of Western fast-food culture with the sanctity of traditional Chinese nuptials. As the scent of fries and the sound of sizzling burgers mingled with wedding vows, the venue offered a blend of Americana and romance for lovebirds seeking a ceremony with a side of novelty. These days, there aren’t too many weddings happening at the Beijing McDonald’s. But does McDonald’s accept Apple Pay or Google Pay?

The evolution of digital payments at McDonald’s

McDonald’s, being a global leader in the fast-food industry, has always been at the forefront of adopting new technologies to enhance customer experience. Over the years, the company has integrated various digital payment methods to offer convenience to its customers. From traditional credit and debit card payments to the latest contactless methods, McDonald’s has ensured that customers have a plethora of options to settle their bills.

Can I pay at McDonald’s with Apple Pay?

Yes. McDonald’s, always keen on enhancing the customer experience, has integrated Apple Pay into its payment system. This means that customers can conveniently use Apple Pay at most McDonald’s outlets across the country. Additionally, the McDonald’s mobile app also supports Apple Pay, streamlining the process for those who prefer to order and pay on the go.

Setting up Apple Pay

Before using Apple Pay at McDonald’s, ensure you’ve set it up on your Apple device. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the “+” sign in the upper right corner.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to add your credit or debit card.
  4. Once your card is verified by your bank, you’re ready to use Apple Pay!

Once you’ve successfully set up Apple Pay on your device, making a purchase at McDonald’s becomes a breeze. Whether you’re grabbing a quick coffee or indulging in a full meal, the process is swift and secure. Here’s how you can complete a transaction using Apple Pay at McDonald’s:

Using Apple Pay In-Store at McDonald’s:

  1. Ensure your iPhone or Apple Watch is awake.
  2. Approach the contactless payment terminal at the checkout counter.
  3. Double-click the side button on your Apple Watch or use Face ID on your iPhone.
  4. Hold your device near the reader until you see “Done” and a checkmark on the screen.

Can I pay at McDonald’s with Google Pay?

Yes you can! McDonald’s, in its commitment to providing a variety of convenient payment options for its customers, has integrated Google Pay into its payment system. This integration allows customers to use Google Pay at many McDonald’s outlets across the country. Additionally, for those who prefer mobile ordering, the McDonald’s app also supports Google Pay, ensuring a seamless payment experience for Android users.

Setting up Google Pay

Before using Google Pay at McDonald’s, you’ll need to set it up on your Android device. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Download the Google Pay app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app and tap on the “+” sign to add a credit or debit card.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions, which may include verifying your card with your bank.
  4. Once verified, you’re all set to use Google Pay!

With Google Pay set up on your device, you’re ready to make quick and secure purchases at McDonald’s. The process is straightforward, and here’s how you can do it:

Using Google Pay In-Store at McDonald’s:

  1. Unlock your Android phone.
  2. Hold the back of your device close to the contactless payment terminal.
  3. You don’t need to open the Google Pay app, but ensure NFC is turned on.
  4. A checkmark on your screen will confirm the payment has been made.

“Both Apple Pay and Google Pay employ tokenization, replacing sensitive card details with unique tokens for each transaction. This ensures that even if there’s a breach, the intercepted information is useless to malicious actors. Additionally, biometric verification (face or fingerprint ID) offers an added layer of security. These stringent measures significantly enhance trust among both merchants and consumers.”

– Cyrus Partow, Founder and CEO of

Other payment methods at McDonald’s

Apart from Apple Pay and Google Pay, McDonald’s offers various other payment options. Customers can use their preferred debit or credit card, PayPal, or even Venmo. The company’s focus on diversifying payment methods showcases its commitment to catering to the varied preferences of its vast customer base.

Payment Method Description
Apple Pay A digital wallet service by Apple, allowing users to make payments using iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, and Mac.
Google Pay Google’s digital wallet platform, enabling users to make payments with Android phones, tablets, or watches.
Visa Worldwide credit and debit card accepted for both online and in-store transactions.
MasterCard Global credit and debit card known for its wide acceptance in various outlets and online platforms.
American Express Premium credit card offering rewards and benefits, accepted at many establishments.
Discover U.S.-based credit card known for its cashback rewards and accepted at many locations.
PayPal An online payment system that allows users to make payments and money transfers over the Internet.
Venmo A mobile payment service owned by PayPal, allowing users to transfer money to others using the app.

MyMcDonald’s rewards program

McDonald’s has introduced the MyMcDonald’s Rewards program to reward its loyal customers. By joining this program, customers can earn points on their McDonald’s orders and then redeem these points for free McDonald’s items. The program is accessible through the McDonald’s app, making it convenient for users to earn and redeem points on the go.

How it works:

  1. Download the App: To participate in the MyMcDonald’s Rewards program, customers need to download the McDonald’s app and join the rewards program.
  2. Earn Points: Every time you make a purchase at McDonald’s using the app, you earn points. You can earn bonus points on specific orders.
  3. Redeem for Free Items: Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for free McDonald’s items through the app. The app provides an option to select rewards, choose the item you want to redeem, and then add it to your mobile order.

Additionally, McDonald’s often runs promotions and offers bonus points, allowing customers to earn rewards faster. The program is available at participating McDonald’s outlets.

It’s worth noting that while the rewards program offers various benefits, customers should always ensure they’re aware of the terms and conditions associated with the program. For detailed terms and conditions, customers can refer to the MyMcDonald’s Program Terms.



In conclusion, McDonald’s has effectively integrated both Apple Pay and Google Pay into its payment systems. Whether you’re ordering in-store or through the McDonald’s app, you can use these contactless payment methods for a quick and hassle-free experience. As digital payments continue to evolve, it’s reassuring to see giants like McDonald’s leading the way in adopting and promoting these technologies.


Does McDonald’s have breakfast all day?

Yes, McDonald’s introduced its All Day Breakfast menu in 2015, allowing customers to enjoy select breakfast items anytime throughout the day. However, the availability of the All Day Breakfast menu can vary by location and region. It’s always a good idea to check with your local McDonald’s restaurant to see which breakfast items they offer outside of the traditional breakfast hours.

Do I Need a McDonald’s Login to Sign into McDonald’s Wi-Fi?

No, you don’t need a specific McDonald’s login to access their Wi-Fi. When you connect to the McDonald’s Wi-Fi network at any of their locations, a splash page will typically appear, prompting you to accept the terms of agreement. Once you’ve accepted these terms, you’ll be connected to the internet. It’s a hassle-free process designed to provide customers with easy internet access while they enjoy their meals. However, it’s essential to be cautious and avoid sharing sensitive information when using public Wi-Fi networks, including McDonald’s, to ensure your data’s security.

Do McDonald’s points expire?

Yes, McDonald’s rewards points, earned through their loyalty program, do have an expiration date. Typically, these points expire after a certain period of inactivity on the account, often around 12 months. It’s essential for customers to regularly check the terms and conditions of the McDonald’s loyalty program or app to stay updated on the expiration policy and ensure they redeem their points in time.

How does McDonald’s mobile order work?

McDonald’s mobile ordering allows customers to place their orders in advance using the McDonald’s app. Once an order is placed, customers can choose a method for pickup, either at the drive-thru, curbside, or inside the restaurant. Upon arrival at the selected McDonald’s location, customers simply check in through the app, and their order is prepared and ready for collection.


Key takeaways

  • McDonald’s accepts both Apple Pay and Google Pay, offering customers a seamless and contactless payment experience.
  • Besides Apple Pay and Google Pay, McDonald’s supports various other payment methods, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and Venmo.
  • The MyMcDonald’s Rewards program allows loyal customers to earn points on their orders, which can be redeemed for free items through the McDonald’s app.
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