20 Frugal Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day under $50

Okay, raise your hand if you’ve ever felt taken advantage of by a greeting card company? Or by a big box store when purchasing a Valentine’s Day present. Golly, add the cost of a card and a dozen roses together and you might as well go out for a steak dinner – it’d be cheaper.

Shhh. Here’s a tip. You can wow your loved one without breaking the bank. And the coolest thing is, she or he will never know how little you spent. Here’s our list of great gift ideas.

1. Book a trip online

Valentine's Day
Sites like Expedia and Travelocity offer bargain-basement discounts by booking in advance. If you make it a day trip you can keep your hotel stay under $50, yes, even for a five-star hotel. Utilize sites like Pinterest to narrow down cheap or even free locations to visit. Pack a picnic lunch and make a whole day of it.

2. Spa Day

Spay Day
Every town has a local spa, and almost all of them offer sweet deals this time of year. Buy your loved one a massage or a facial, or maybe even a manicure or pedicure. Make your loved one feel good on the inside and out for as little as $50.

3. All that glitters

Valentine's Day
When you think jewelry, one name says it all. Tiffany & Co. Too expensive, right? Not true! Even the retailer known for their famous teal boxes offers discounts. You can search their site www.tiffany.com for gifts under $50. Not into Tiffany? That’s okay. Almost all your favorite on-line retailers allow searches on price points. Look for something under $20. You might be surprised what you’ll find.

4. Flower child

Dozen Roses
Of course, if you’re going with the conventional Valentine’s Day gift, no need to trot down to the local flower shop. Let your fingers do the Google-ing. For $30 you could buy “Classic Budding Roses” from www.1800flowers.com. If you want to spend even less, check out their “Infinite Rose Blooms. It’s under $20. If buying on-line isn’t your thing, don’t forget to look in on the florist in your local grocery store. They almost always offer special discounts on roses and spring flowers for Valentine’s Day. A dozen roses can almost always be found for under $20.

5. Make it a dinner date

Valentine's Day

Did you know restaurants like Red Lobster and Outback offers coupons? It’s definitely worth seeking out your favorite restaurant and seeing what’s up for grabs. When we looked we found a Red Lobster coupon that gave diners $10 off dinner. Outback offered $4 off two entrees.

Crystal, anyone?

Crystal Tumbler set
Forget the flowers, give your significant other something they can keep forever. Vases like the ones we found on Amazon.com were not only stunning, but economical. Brands like Waterford could be found for under $100. Buying for a man?  How about a crystal decanter? Or how about something that’s tasteful, and thoughtful. We found a Dublin Crystal Bedside Night Carafe with a Tumbler glass on Amazon.com that was only $15.09 – beautiful and functional.

7. Pamper your Prince (or Princess)

Breakfast in bed
Here’s a great idea that’s as economical as it is thoughtful. Breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day. For $10 you can pick up these adorable pancake/egg rings from Amazon to make his or her meal even more special.

8. A glass full of sweethearts

Valentine's Day
Places like World Market, Macy’s and even the dollar store offer great deals on martini, margarita and decorative glasses. This time of year you’ll find stemware painted with hearts. Fill them up with Sweatheart candy. Tie a red bow around the stem. Heck, tie a plush toy to the stem. Simple, easy and cute for less than $10.

9. Chocolate

Assorted Chocolates Not to be confused with candy, chocolate is a must. You can purchase some of the best from www.sees.com. Milk chocolate, dark, white… We even spotted a sampler box for under $10. If you’re hankering for some instant gratification, many department stores carry brands like Godiva, Ghirardelli and Hershey. Buy a box and a card for less than $15.

10. Speaking of greeting cards…

Valentine's Day

Don’t forget to buy (or make) a ard–it’s more important than you’d think! A wide selection can be found at the dollar store or Walmart. Slide a pre-paid gift card inside and let her pick her own present.

11. Romantic night at home

Rose petals
A cheap bottle of wine ($10), a bottle of Pure Seduction Shower and Bath Oil from Victoria Secrets ($14), a few candles ($10) and – viola – an evening to remember. Don’t forget the rose petals!

12. Novelty items

Plush toys
Why buy roses that will fade away in a few days? Why not a plush toy? You local toy store always carries a wide selection of stuffed animals. Buy a single stemmed red rose and place it in a Teddy Bear’s arms. Simple and sweet and less than $20.

13. Let yourself be framed.

Picture frame
Raid your iPhone’s picture gallery for a shot of yourself and your loved one. You can always find a nice selection of frames at Michael’s or JoAnn’s for under $10. Hit up the craft aisle for lots of neat decorations. This is a great project for the kids.

14. Balloons for the win!

If your Valentine is a kid at heart, buy a dozen balloons instead of flowers. You can purchase 12 balloons for $12 at the dollar store. Throw in a card and a plush toy and you’ll walk out of the store for under $15.

15. Bake your way into their heart

Cupcakes You can find candy containers, tin boxes and even themed cupcake cups at Michaels or any baking store. Make some brownies and put them in a heart-shaped box. Whip up some cake mix and decorate them with frosting and Sweethearts. Or fill that box with chocolate candy. The possibilities are endless.

16. Fill a box with treasures…

Gift boxes Still not feeling the love? Make your own pirate’s treasure. Fill up a decorative box like the ones we found at World Market. These Valentine’s Day vintage postcard boxes are not only adorable, they’re reusable. For $10 you could purchase the boxes, fill them up with chocolate, and be the hero of her heart.

17. A movie date in a box

Movie Night Want to spend a little more money? How about a Be My Valentine Movie Date box? Fill a popcorn box like the ones we found at Bed, Bath and Beyond with candy and some movie tickets. Wrap it with Valentine-themed cellophane from the gift wrap aisle. For less than $30 you’ll have a date night all wrapped up.

18. Not just any gift basket… a hobby basket!

Gift basket
By far the best deals on wicker baskets can be found at your local dollar store, but most craft stores carry them, too. Fill them up with goodies. We recommend seeds and garden supplies – a gift that keeps on giving as your seeds sprout throughout the spring, and it’ll cost you less than $20.

19. I want candy!

It’s worth mentioning that the dollar store offers sweet deals on candy. Whether your loved one favors Airheads or Russell Stover’s chocolates in a box, you’ll find it there. We compared prices with a local supermarket and learned consumers could save up to 70 percent. With those types of savings you could buy double the sweets.

20. Everything and more…

Big Gift

Of course, you could always go all out. Give your loved one the glassware filled with Sweethearts, and the basket of garden goodies, and then make your loved one a home-cooked meal. Refer to our blog on dollar store meals for some fabulous recipes that are easy, tasty and cheap.  All of the above could be purchased for less than $50.

Bottom line, you don’t have to spend a fortune to impress your loved one. A dozen balloons are just as impressive as a dozen roses. Be creative. After all, it’s the thought that counts. Wow your Valentine … without going into debt.
Pamela Britton-Baer is a staff writer for SuperMoney. Her mission is to help fight your evil debt blob and get your personal finances in tip top shape.
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