Home Improvement Financing

The home improvement products and services market is growing. According to the Home Improvement Research Institute its worth over $387 billion in total sales and predicts a total growth of 5.3% in 2017 (source). Get a bigger piece of a growing sector.

Grow your home improvement business. Help your customers finance any product up to $100k. SuperMoney’s simple and fast financing solutions help you close the sale.

  • Drive your sales by offering your customers instant loan preapprovals no extra cost.
  • Give your customers more time to pay, so they can afford higher-quality products and services.
  • Stop chasing invoices. Get paid up front and let our lending partners worry about collecting payments.
  • One short form. Clients will see what terms, rates, and loan amounts they qualify for with multiple lenders.
  • Soft credit pull. Applying for credit will not hurt your clients’ credit score.
  • Approvals in seconds. Backend office reporting access. You’ll know when your client is approved and funded.
  • No dealer or discount fees.

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By offering free access to financing solutions, you will

  • reduce overhead cost,
  • minimize risk,
  • and increase sales.

How does SuperMoney work?

  • Insert a link to our online application form.
  • Your client receives a list of preapproved offers.
  • Clients get their cash and pay for your product.

Why does your business need a contractor financing program

  • Businesses that offer contractor financing programs enjoy (on average) an 18% increase in sales and 21% larger orders amounts (source).
  • Companies that invested in a flexible payment option reported an 814% return on investment (source).

Investing in a customer financing program makes sense. However, SuperMoney’s home improvement financing program is free, which makes it a no-brainer.

Click here for more details on the benefits of implementing a contractor financing program.