A Homemade Halloween

Everywhere you turn, that same pumpkin and witch theme has been creeping up since school started. Point taken, Halloween is coming. And so once again you’ll need to stand out in a witty costume, give out the yummiest (and maybe organic!) candy on the block and put up some creepy cool décor around the house.

Sounds like a lot of spending? Not when you make it a homemade Halloween. But you don’t have to be craft-crazed to get into the DIY spirit—just take a look around you and let the inspiration flow…

Witty Costumes

  • Look around your home, in your backyard, and at your workplace for unique or strange objects, materials, toys, supplies, etc that you can attach to a T-shirt, hat, dress or pants. Some ideas: Attach a big yellow circle of fabric or poster board to a white dress, stick some devil horns in your hair, and voila, you’re a deviled egg! Blow up a bunch of purple balloons, stick them all over your body, put on some purple tights, and suddenly you’re a bunch of grapes!
  • Zombies are still cool. Find some old duds, a little makeup and some dirt, and you’ve got a cute little moaning zombie!
  • Some grisly face paint and ghoulish hair dye alone can transform you into a mythical, otherworldly creature, so if you’re not into patching together a costume, play around with some color and see what happens!

Delicious and nutritious candy

Be the thoughtful candy patron on the block this year and hand out inexpensive, non-store bought treats that are both delicious and nutritious by trying one of these recipes:

  • Not so candy corn: Okay, some Halloween traditions just shouldn’t be messed with, but if you’re hell-bent on a healthier Halloween this year, then you’ll no doubt be excited about this vegan candy corn recipe!
  • Caramel apples: Instead of caloric caramel from the store to slather over your apples, here’s a recipe for making a fabulous and healthier apple coating using honey and cream instead.

Creepy cool décor

Get creative and watch what happens when simplicity meets freaky festivity:

  • Ghost lanterns: Draw ghostly faces with a permanent marker on clean plastic milk jugs, then cut out holes in the back so you can push a few lights from a string of Christmas lights (or battery-operated tea lights) into each milk jug. Line them up on the walkway to your front door for a cute and creative welcome to your trick or treaters.
  • Easy on the eyeballs: Turn ping pong balls or even beach balls into freaky looking, gruesome eyeballs with some paint, and string them together to hang on a door, gate or from trees.
  • Horrific hands: Paint latex gloves with glow in the dark paint, inflate them and tie a knot then scatter these creepy hands in your pool, pond or just in a big bucket of water by the front door.

Regardless of your threshold for gory getups and terrifying treats, there’s no need to splurge for a satisfying Halloween celebration. Gather up everyday items from home or work, or make a quick run to the dollar store or thrift shop, and you’ll have just what you need to piece together a whole bunch of frightening fun.

This article was written by staff writer Suchi Rudra. Her mission is to help fight your evil debt blob and get your personal finances in tip-top shape.

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