How Much Cash Back Can You Get at Walmart? 2023 Update

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Walmart is one of many retail stores that offer cash back when you make a transaction. In this context, cash back, or cashback, refers to receiving cash when making a purchase at the store. The amount of cash you request is added to the total amount of your purchase. Depending on your payment method, you can get between $20 and $120 back in cash at Walmart.

It is always helpful to have a small amount of cash on hand, as you’ll never know when you’ll need it. But getting cash through an ATM or the bank is inconvenient and has added fees. So, what’s the best way to get a small bundle of cash without having to pay a fee or going out of your way? This is when cash back at a retail store is helpful.

Cashback is when a customer uses a debit card, credit card, or personal check to receive cash on the spot. The amount of cash the customer requests is added to the total purchase amount. This is a fast and easy way to get cash without having to deal with added fees. Walmart is one of the main retail and grocery stores that have this option. The one drawback of using this method, however, is that there’s usually a limit to how much cash you can get at a time.

What is cashback?

Cashback spellings and meanings

Used in place of the phrase “cash back,” the marketers’ coinage “cashback” (or “cash-back”) seems to have initially referred only to “a form of incentive offered to buyers of certain products whereby they receive a cash refund after making their purchase.” That was the sole definition listed in a leading dictionary, Oxford’s Lexico, by late July 2022 (the site closed down just a month later, redirecting to a less august online dictionary). It now refers to more than such an incentive, including both a credit card rewards program and the receipt of cash back when making debit card, check, and Discover card purchases.

Pro tip: In this article, we will discuss only the receipt of cash back when making debit card, check, and Discover card purchases. To learn more about cashback cards, or cash-back rewards programs, click here.

Cashback basics

Cashback is cash customers can receive after paying for purchases with certain payment methods. When a customer requests some amount of cash when making a purchase, that amount is added to the cost, then returned as change. Most retail and grocery stores offer cashback as an option. Walmart, Target, and CVS are among the well-known retailers offering cashback.

Customers can generally receive cash back when paying with a debit card, personal check, or Discover card. Most stores do not allow cash back with general credit cards or gift cards. If you get cash back after paying with cash, that’s normally called just “change,” not “cashback.”

Cashback limits

Grocery and retail stores have a maximum amount of cash they will give back at a time. Cashback is a quick and easy way to obtain cash without having to go to the ATM or bank.

Cash users’ tip: Though change provided for cash payments may not have a set limit, many stores will not be able to change bills above a certain denomination.

How cashback works

When a paying customer requests cash back during a transaction, the store adds the requested amount to the total purchase price. Provided the customer’s account balance can cover the new price, or the store accepts the check, the checkout clerk will give that amount of cash to the customer as change.

For example, Doug needs $50 in cash. Instead of getting $50 from the ATM or bank, Doug goes to Walmart. He buys $20 worth of groceries using a debit card, then asks for $50 in cash back. $70 will be charged to the account associated with Doug’s card, typically a bank account. He will receive $50 in cash as change and find the $70 charge listed as a purchase on his next card statement.

Benefits of cashback transactions

Although you do have the option to run to the bank or an ATM machine to receive cash, there are some definite benefits to getting cash back at a store such as Walmart. Not only is it fast and easy, but there are no additional fee to do so.

No additional fee

Unlike ATMs, which usually charge you a transaction fee to take out cash, there is no fee to receive cash back at Walmart. So, if you just need a small amount of cash, running to Walmart and getting cash back on an item is a great way to go.

Fast and easy

While a bank or an ATM machine may be out of the way, most people live close to a Walmart. Not just that, but most need to stop by a retail or grocery store at least once a week. So, instead of having to make a separate stop at the bank while running errands, you can get cash and get groceries all in the same trip. Getting cash back this way, rather than making an additional stop at the bank, is much more convenient.

Can you get cashback at Walmart?

Nearly all Walmart locations offer cashback. All Walmart customers paying with a debit card, Discover card, or personal check can get cash back. The amount you get back depends on which payment method and type of register you use. Walmart offers cash back in $20 increments. So, you can get $20, $40, $60, $80, or $100 back.

Is there a cash-back limit at Walmart stores?

Walmart limits by payment method

  • Debit card: You can get
    up to $100 cashback using a
    debit card at both a self-checkout
    and a regular checkout line.
  • Personal check: You can only get
    cashback using a personal check
    at Walmart at a normal cash
    register with a cashier. The cashback
    limit for personal checks is $20.
  • Discover card: If you’re using a Discover
    card for cash back, you can get
    up to $120 in cash. This is
    because Discover card’s daily
    limit is $120 in cash back.

Walmart’s cashback limit depends on your method of payment.

How to get cash back at Walmart

The main payment methods you can use at Walmart are gift cards, debit cards, personal checks, and credit cards. Debit card purchases and personal checks are two methods you can use to get cash back at Walmart. You might be able to get cash back at Walmart with Discover credit cards, but in general, you cannot get cash back with credit cards. You also cannot get cashback from Walmart using a gift card.

Debit card

The most reliable and widely recommended method for getting cash back is to use a debit card. Arguably, debit card purchases are also the easiest way to get cash back. You can get cash back using your debit card at both self-checkout stations and regular checkout lines. As already noted, the cashback limit for debit card purchases at Walmart is $100.

How to get cashback on a debit card at Walmart

Here are the steps to getting cash back at Walmart using a debit card:

  1. Ring up your items.
  2. Select “debit card” as your payment option.
  3. Insert your debit card into the machine.
  4. When the machine asks if you want cash back, select “yes.”
  5. Select the amount of money you want back.
  6. Enter your PIN to confirm the transaction.
  7. You should receive cash back at the end of this process.

The process is mostly the same between a self-checkout and regular checkout station, aside from two steps. First, at a regular checkout line, the cashier may have to select “debit card” for you. You select it yourself at a self-checkout. Second, the cashier will be the one to hand you the cash at the end of the transaction. At a self-checkout, the cash will be dispensed by the machine.

Personal check

Though personal checks are becoming a less common method of paying, Walmart stores still accept them as a valid payment method. And you can get cash back with it, too, though only at a traditional checkout register. Keep in mind, however, that the maximum amount of cash you can get back with personal checks is $20.

How to get cashback on a check at Walmart

Here are the steps to getting cash back at Walmart using a personal check:

  1. Check out your items as usual.
  2. Inform the cashier that you’d like to pay with a personal check.
  3. Fill out your check for the total amount, plus the amount of cash back you want.
  4. Show the cashier a government-issued ID.
  5. The cashier will then run your check through a check verification service. This is used to prevent cheating.
  6. If the check is accepted, you will then receive cash back and your receipt.

Credit card

You cannot get cashback at Walmart by using a traditional credit card. In some situations, you may be able to get cashback if you have a Walmart credit card. The exception is Discover credit cards. Discover cards have a “cash over” benefit that other credit card companies may not offer. Because of this, you can sometimes use this card to get cash back at Walmart. But, generally speaking, credit card transactions do not allow cash back.

Credit card user’ tip: If you want to avoid costly fees for an unintended cash advance, pay close attention to what you just read. If you request cash back at Walmart with most credit cards, your transaction probably won’t go through. In some cases, however, your request may be approved and counted as a cash advance. Cash advances can be very costly.

How does cashback at Walmart compares to other stores?

Walmart does have a bit more flexibility when it comes to accepted payment methods. For example, you cannot get cashback with personal checks at many retail stores. Walmart, however, does allow this.

Here’s how Walmart compares to a several other retail and grocery stores:

StoreWithdrawal limitAccepted payment methods
Walmart$100 debit card,
$120 Discover card,
$20 personal check
Debit card,
Discover card,
personal check
Costco$60Debit card
CVS$35Debit card
Rite Aid$40Debit card
Safeway$200Debit card,
Discover card
Target$40 debit card,
$20 personal check
Debit card,
personal check
Trader Joe’s$50Debit card,
credit card
Walgreens$20Debit card
Whole Foods$100Debit card

When is it best to get cash back?

If you’re needing a small lump of cash, using cash back at retail stores such as Walmart is a great way to go. Using an ATM or going to the bank is one way to receive cash, but there’s usually a fee to take out cash. Going to grocery or retail stores to get cash back is generally more convenient for people, too, as it’s a common stop on their to-do list.


Which credit card earns cash back at Walmart?

You can get cash back from Walmart either using a Discover credit card or a Walmart credit card. You can earn cash back on purchases from Walmart and other retailers if you have a credit card with cashback rewards.

Can I get cash back at Walmart without a receipt?

A receipt is not needed to receive cash back at Walmart. You only need a receipt when going to Walmart if you’re making a return.

Can you get cash back at Walmart without a PIN?

You will only need a PIN to receive cash back if you are paying with a debit card. If you are getting cash back using a personal check, Walmart credit card, or Discover card, you do not need a PIN.

Key takeaways

  • Cashback is when you use a debit card, personal check, or certain credit cards to receive cash after a transaction.
  • The term “cashback” can also mean a type of reward offered by certain credit cards, or an incentive for select purchases.
  • Most stores only allow you to receive a small amount of cash.
  • Walmart’s cash back limit is $20 for a personal check, $120 with a Discover card, and $100 with a debit card.
  • Walmart does not add additional fees to cash-back transactions, which makes this a great alternative to taking money out from an ATM or bank.

Get a cashback credit card

As mentioned a few times above, getting cashback during store purchases is not the only meaning of “cashback.” You can also earn cash rewards — a percentage back on your qualifying card purchases — using a cashback credit card. Learn more about your options and compare choices here. Taking the time to compare your options will help you find the best card for you and make the most of your money.

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