Jora Credit Review

Jora Credit: In-depth Review

Jora Credit offers an expensive form of credit for high-risk borrowers facing emergency situations.

Founded in Addison, Texas in 2017, the company aims to provide a simple and reliable way for customers to get a loan. Plus, it offers more repayment flexibility than many other lenders which cater to less-than-stellar credit.

But should you borrow from Jora Credit? Read this in-depth review to help you make the right choice.

What types of loan does Jora Credit offer?

Jora Credit offers two types of loans: installment loans and lines of credit. Both are unsecured, meaning that you won’t have to put down collateral to secure the loan.

Installment loans are loans where you borrow a lump sum and pay it back through regular payments over a set period.

Lines of credit extend an available credit line to you from which you can withdraw as needed, like a credit card.

First-time customers usually qualify for loans between $500 and $2,600, with APRs between 170% and 349%. Further, loan terms range from four to 30 months. However, terms vary by state due to their respective regulations.

Where are Jora Credit loans available?

Jora Credit currently offers loans in 12 states. These include Alabama, California, Delaware, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, and Wisconsin.

What fees does Jora Credit charge?

Jora Credit prides itself on clear terms and no hidden fees. There are no origination fees, late fees, prepayment penalties, or non-sufficient funds fees.

However, you will pay an annual percentage rate on the amount you borrow. When you apply, the company will disclose the amount you can borrow and the APR for which you qualify.

Can I qualify with Jora Credit?

To apply, you must fit the following criteria:

  • At least 18 years of age (19 in AL).
  • A proven source of income.
  • A valid email address.
  • An active, qualifying checking account.

Having a good credit score, however, is not a requirement for Jora Credit applicants. If you possess the above qualities, Jora Credit will assess your application and let you know what you qualify for.

Jora Credit’s online application

If you want to apply, head over to the Jora Credit website and follow these steps:

Note that the application involves a hard credit inquiry. This can cause your credit score to decrease by a few points, regardless of whether your application is approved.

  1. Enter your name and email address and click “Get Started.”

Jora Credit application step 1

2. Provide your name, address, email, birthdate, and password. You must also acknowledge and agree to the Jora Credit privacy disclosure.

Jora Credit application step 2

3. Enter your financial information, including the type of income you have, the amount you make per month, and your bank information.

Jora Credit application step 3

4. Read and acknowledge the disclosures. Then, click submit to send in your application.

Jora Credit application step 4

Most applicants will receive a response within seconds. However, if there is a problem verifying your information, Jora will notify you that it needs more time. You may also need to take additional steps to verify your bank account.

How long does it take to get the money?

Jora Credit provides money as soon as the same day that you submit your application.

If you sign your loan agreement or request a cash advance before 10:30 a.m. Central on a business banking day, your money will be sent the same day. While the money usually arrives in your account by 5 p.m. your local time, it can vary by bank.

Requests made after 10:30 a.m. will be funded the following business banking day.

You can also request a paper check in the mail, which takes seven to 10 days.

Does Jora Credit report to the credit bureaus?

Jora Credit may report your payment history to one or more credit bureaus. Making payments according to the agreed terms may help you to build a positive credit line. However, late or non-payments will hurt your credit score.

Jora Credit costs and benefits


Here is a list of the benefits and the drawbacks to consider.

  • Easy online application
  • Quick funding
  • No hidden fees
  • Transparent pricing.
  • Will approve borrowers without good credit.
  • Installment loans and lines of credit.
  • Longer loan terms than payday lenders.
  • May help you build your credit.
  • Expensive interest rates.
  • Only available in 12 states.
  • Loan terms still short in some states.
  • An application requires a hard pull which can hurt your credit score

Should you get a loan from Jora Credit?

If you are in desperate need of fast cash and your credit score prevents you from qualifying elsewhere, Jora Credit may be the best solution for you.

When compared against lenders that cater to high-risk borrowers, Jora offers a competitive loan product. Some payday lenders require repayment within weeks, while Jora offers loan terms up to 30 months.

But be sure you understand your rates, and shop around for cheaper options before you commit. You don’t want to end up paying more than you need to. Other methods of borrowing, such as credit card cash advances, personal loans from other lenders, or borrowing from a friend, may be less expensive.

To compare the quote you get from Jora Credit against multiple other personal loan lenders, click here. It won’t hurt your credit score and just takes a few minutes.