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Liberty Mutual Home and Renters Insurance: A Review

Liberty Mutual Group, better known as Liberty Mutual Insurance, is the fourth largest insurer of property and casualties in the U.S. While its base is in Boston, Massachusettes, it has over 900 locations worldwide.

The company provides insurance products to both individuals and businesses. In this review, we will break down its home and renters insurance coverage.

Liberty Mutual home insurance coverage

Below you will find the standard coverage types for homeowners, followed by optional add-on coverage options. Note that Liberty Mutual has separate policies for owners of condos and mobile homes.

Standard coverage

Dwelling and other structures

This coverage will protect your home and any stand-alone structures on your property from select perils (i.e., storm damage, frozen pipes, fire, theft, etc.)

Personal property

If your personal property, such as furniture or appliances, incurs damages or is lost, this coverage will help you cover the costs to replace it up to your limits.


If someone is hurt or damages their personal property while on your property, this coverage will help you cover the costs if you are held liable. Losses may include the costs for your defense in a lawsuit and any amount you end up owing.

Additional living expenses

In the case that your home becomes uninhabitable, this coverage will pay for the additional living expenses you incur. Examples include hotel stays, eating out, etc. Note, this is not available in all states.

If the standard coverage isn’t enough, you can also add the following coverage types.

Additional coverage options

Home Protector Plus

Home Protector Plus provides the full replacement cost for your home and property in the event of a loss. Without it, your compensation for losses will be subject to depreciation. Other features include coverage of unforeseen costs that come up when rebuilding your home and assistance in locating the exact items that need replacing,

Coverage for valuables

All policies have limits, and often they reflect the cost to replace normal, every-day items. If you have higher ticket items such as expensive jewelry or art, you will likely want this additional coverage to raise your limits.

Inflation protection

WIth inflation protection, your coverage will automatically adjust when you renew it each year. You will also get a discount on your premium.


Now let’s talk more about discounts.

“Liberty Mutual offers a range of discounts to help provide homeowners with great coverage and value. This includes traditional discounts such as those for having protective devices like a smoke alarm to discounts for newly renovated or purchased homes,” says Glenn Greenberg, Director and Media Relations Manager for Liberty Mutual.

Here’s the rundown of the ways a customer can get a discount:

  • Holding multiple insurance policies with Liberty Mutual (i.e., car and home)
  • Not having a claim with your previous insurer for five years or more
  • Protecting your home against theft and fire with devices such as alarms, sprinklers, extinguishers, etc.
  • Insuring a new or recently-renovated home
  • Staying claim-free for three years
  • Requesting a quote before your other policy expires
  • Insuring 100% of your home’s value
  • Also, members of select organizations get discounts (over 15,000 organizations currently participating)

Greenberg explains, “An enhancement to Liberty Mutual’s Protective Devices discount program incorporates specific discounts for smart-phone enabled smoke alarms as well as theft protection technologies. LibertyMutual Insurance is excited to be a leader in this space and to work with many connected home partners like Canary, Nest, Notion and Vivint to deliver additional discounts.”

He adds, “The Liberty Mutual Smart Home Discount Program rewards customers for adopting self-monitored and professionally-monitored protection devices for theft, fire, and water. Further, the discount can double if the customer allows data sharing for verification purposes.”

The discounts available to you will vary depending on your situation and the regulations of the state you live in. Consult a State Farm agent.

Liberty Mutual renters insurance coverage

Next, let’s look at Liberty Mutual’s renters insurance. This type of coverage will help protect you from losses when renting a property.

Standard coverage

Personal property

Liberty Mutual covers your personal property from losses due to theft or damage. Your belongings will be covered whether the loss happens in your home, in your car, while on vacation, or while moving.


In the case that you accidentally damage a person’s property, or they suffer injuries in your rental property, you can be vulnerable to claims against you. This coverage will protect you from losses up to your maximum limit.

Additional coverage options

If you need more coverage, Liberty Mutual also offers renters the following add-ons:

Blanket Jewelry

Get additional coverage for jewelry items. All items will be covered under a single limit.

Home computer and smartphone

Liberty Mutual home computer and smartphone coverage helps to protect computers, media, software, and peripheral devices. It offers higher claim limits and coverage for additional causes of damage.


As for discounts, you can save by bundling your renters insurance with other Liberty Mutual insurance policies. Additionally, you can save if you don’t have any claims over the last five years.

Claims process

If you need to file a claim, here is how the process works with Liberty Mutual.

  1. Report the claim online, in the app, or by calling the company.
  2. Provide the date of the incident, a description of the damage or loss, the cause of the incident, and a list of the damages.
  3. If you need temporary housing or emergency services, the company will make arrangements immediately.
  4. A review/inspection of the damage will take place. It can involve an in-person inspection by a representative who comes to your home. However, if your claim is eligible, they can perform the inspection via video chat.
  5. Upload photos of the damage and send in receipts for missing or damaged items.
  6. The claim will go through processing. You will then receive details on the result and settlement.

Throughout the claim process, you can track its progress by visiting your online account or calling the company.

Customer service

Liberty Mutual has a 24-hour claim assistance service, 24-hour emergency repairs service, and loss forgiveness to ensure your premium doesn’t increase due to filing a claim. Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

The company also provides customers with online account management. As a result, you can log in and find out information about your account and claims at any time.

Want to see how much Liberty Mutual’s home or renters insurance will cost you? Here is how to get a quote.

Get a quote with Liberty Mutual

Homeowners insurance

  1. Visit Liberty Mutual’s homeowners insurance page, enter your zip code, and click “Get my price.”Insurance Page

  2. Enter the address you want to insure. Address

  3. Provide your name, birth date, phone number, address, and read the information disclosure.Information

  4. Answer questions relating to your current insurance and mortgages.Current Plan

  5. Provide details about your property. Some of your information may show up automatically.Property Details

  6. Answer questions relating to the features of your property.Liberty Mutual Review

  7. Tell the company about the condition of your property.Liberty Mutual Review

  8. Review all of the details about your property to ensure they are correct. Liberty Mutual Review

  9. Answer questions to see if you qualify for discounts.Liberty Mutual Review

  10. Provide your social security number.Liberty Mutual Review

Get your quote.

Renters insurance

  1. Visit Liberty Mutual’s renters insurance page, enter your zip code, and click “Get my price.”Liberty Mutual renters

  2. Provide your name, address, and email address.Liberty Mutual renters

  3. Fill in the details about your rental property.Liberty Mutual renters

  4. Answer questions about you.Liberty Mutual renters

  5. Share your insurance history.Liberty Mutual renters

  6. Check for discounts. Liberty Mutual renters

Get your quote.

You can get quotes for either homeowners insurance or renters insurance within a matter of minutes.

Liberty Mutual home and renters insurance review and summary

In summary, Liberty Mutual’s homeowners and renters insurance policies provide coverage to protect you, your home, and your belongings. When it comes to standard coverage types, both products check all the boxes.

A few stand-out points for the homeowner’s insurance are the protection against inflation, loss forgiveness, a wide selection of industry-leading discounts, and the Home Protector Plus plan. For the renters insurance, the computer and smartphone protection can come in handy.

While Liberty Mutual may not offer the cheapest rental insurance quotes or homeowners policies, you can rest easy knowing that your coverage is comprehensive. Further, the discounts help to make the costs more competitive.

As for the quality of service, the 2017 J.D. Power and Associates survey on customer satisfaction reported Liberty Mutual earning 849 out of 1,000 points, receiving a four-star rating (out of five), and ranking number eight out of 22.

It is a company worth considering. However, be sure to compare the quote and coverage against a few other competitors to find the best deal for you.

Learn more about Liberty Mutual homeowners insurance or renters insurance and get your quote today.