Miron Lulic


Hi, I’m Miron Lulic, Founder and CEO of SuperMoney.

At SuperMoney, I’ve overseen product development and design from the beginning.

Before making SuperMoney, I was a senior technology team member at Specific Media – the world’s largest independent ad network. My focus was on big data analytics to help target ads to the right people.

I worked with a lot of smart people and learned a lot but needed something more. I want to change the world for the better and SuperMoney is one way I hope to do so.

Financial illiteracy is a major problem. In a 2010 Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance financial literacy study, 69% of the 1,664 participants failed.

So we are tackling a pretty ambitious problem – solve financial literacy. But that’s sort of a boring way to look at it though. We prefer saying our mission is to “Super Power” your finances!

How are we doing this? By building the world’s best source of personal finance knowledge. Our little community is growing into a hub for all things personal finance – articles, reviews, and Q&As. SuperMoney is growing and evolving all the time. I’m sure it will look very different tomorrow and I look forward to the journey.

Some other tidbits about me are that I grew up in Toronto, Canada, eh. I have a specialist degree in Digital Enterprise Management from the University of Toronto. I am a weekend triathlete and compete on a regular basis. And I am the proud father of beautiful twin daughters.


Miron Lulic

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