Economics of Everyday Life

The Secret To Becoming A Money Magnet

You have probably heard the saying “Good things come to those who wait.”  In some circumstances that may hold true, but believe it or not, you have a lot to do with the things that come your way in life.  Your work ethic, your values, your faith, your attitude towards life and others… it all affects the direction that your life will take and the things that happen to you along the way. You don’t just have to sit around and wait for something great to happen.

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So how can you take any of this and apply it to your finances?  How can you take your current financial situation and turn it around to the point that money is coming to you, rather than flying out of your wallet?  Well, here are some steps that you can take to become a money magnet.

Appreciate your money.

Do you fully appreciate every dollar that you earn or have?  While you don’t want to be overtaken with greed, you do need to be fully aware of the valued commodity that it is.  If you drop change would you pick it up?  Do you buy things that you really don’t need, that possibly even go unused, with the attitude that it didn’t cost very much so it really doesn’t matter anyways?  Regardless of how much any one individual item that you buy costs, every purchase that you make adds up.  Truly value the worth of your money; it doesn’t just grow on trees, after all.

Have an attitude of gratitude.

Be grateful for the things that you have.  Be thankful for your job and your ability to earn income.  While you may not feel that you are where you want to be with your career or financially, keep a thankful heart for the things that you do have.  Sometimes, it is easy to take for granted the clothes you wear every day, the house or apartment that you live in, the car that you drive or public transportation that you take, or the job that you have.  While you’re at it, don’t forget to be thankful for the things money can’t buy, like family and friends, good health, freedom…

Have a plan.

When I was a sales manager, I used to have my employees tell me what they were going to spend their money on before they earned a big commission check.  I didn’t really want to know because I was nosy, I wanted for them to start to think about how they wanted to spend their money after they earned it.  If your goal is to buy a new car, get a new house, pay for college for kids or grandkids, then the money that you are going to make now has a tangible goal to fulfill.  Rather than just saying, “I want more money,” write down or talk with someone about the purpose you have for the money; make a goal list for yourself and look at it often.

Be a giver.

This sounds contradictory, right?  Give money away to get more back?  While this may not make sense to you, and may even seem like you are moving away from your goal rather than toward it, let’s look at the importance of this step.  Have you ever seen someone who was willing and able to give to others, do it out of their own lack?  No, of course not.  Someone who is able to give to others has abundance—or at least enough to share.  It is more than just being able to give though, it is also about having a giving heart.  Don’t give to others begrudgingly, do it with a joyful attitude and be thankful that you are able to bless someone else.

Level up.

You’ve probably heard the saying “birds of a feather, flock together.”  Well, that is exactly what we are talking about here.  If you want to be successful, surround yourself with other successful people.  Even if you are not quite there yet, seeing the example of how other people are achieving the goals that you also want to achieve, will give you a path to follow.  It will also keep you focused.  For example, if you hang out with the co-workers that are consistently meeting and exceeding sales goals every month, you will pick up the good habits that are helping them to be successful.  If, on the other hand, you hang out with the group of co-workers that consistently fail to meet their goals, you may pick up on their lackadaisical habits that inhibit them from success.

Be willing to work hard.

Working hard does not guarantee that you will be successful at something, but it certainly does increase your chances for success.  Think about it this way, when a farmer plants a field of corn in the spring, it takes a few weeks before you even see evidence that work was done.  It then takes several more months for the crop to grow and fully develop until harvest season—when the farmer actually gets to reap the rewards of his labor.  It is the same with what you do in life.  If you sow the time, energy, and effort into a side business, for instance, what may seem like long hours for very little pay, may just one day grow into a full-time business or career for you.  Don’t give up – your harvest may still be coming.