The Most Common Roof Repairs And How Much They Cost To Fix

Keeping up with your home’s roof is essential to protect your home. Your roof protects everything inside your home, including your family and all of your belongings.

This article will discuss the different types of repairs your roof may need, how much they typically cost, and how to finance them.

The most common roof repairs

Although all roofs are made from different materials and are exposed to different weather conditions, they all experience similar damages. These damages can include:

  • Missing or damaged shingles that are broken or blown off in extreme weather conditions
  • Leaks caused by damages to your roofs flashing
  • A roof that is sagging from water damage
  • Damage to the valleys on your roof
  • Ice dams caused by melted snow that freezes over

The most common repairs for a leaky roof

Although a leaky roof may be one of the most annoying types of damage that can happen to your roof, it is one of the easiest to repair. Homeowners can sometimes even repair the leaks in their roofs themselves.

Cost: The cost of a typical roof leak repair ranges from $10-$120, depending on what initially caused that leak and what exactly needs to be repaired.

Cracked flashing

Flashing is a piece of metal that creates a water-resistant barrier between joints. However, like most metals, flashing can have typical wear and tear over time that can cause it to become cracked or corroded. To repair the cracked flashing, you need to pry up the damaged metal and remove the nails. After, replace the cracked flashing with a new strip of metal, secure it with nails, and reseal it.

Cost: To fix a cracked flashing typically costs around $20.

Missing or Broken Shingles

Many things can damage shingles, such as high winds and stormy weather. To repeat a missing or broken shingle, remove what is left of the shingle as well as the nails that secure it in. Once the damaged shingle is removed, replace it with a new shingle and secure it using nails.

Cost: A shingle repair usually costs around $30 and up.

Cracked vent booting

A vent booting is a gasket used to seal the vents on roofs. To repair a vent booting, remove the old boot by cutting it with a knife. Then, install the new one over the vent and under the shingles. Finally, secure it using nails and seal it with caulk.

Cost: Typically costs between $10-$20 to repair.

Clogged gutters

It is important to regularly clean your gutters to prevent water from pooling up on your roof. A clogged gutter will prevent rainwater from effectively running off your roof. This repair is free as it just requires a simple cleaning of your gutters.

Most common roof repairs by type of material

The type of material your roof is made from will impact the general cost of repairing it. The different materials may also impact how difficult it may be to repair your roof, creating higher labor costs. Below discusses how different materials will impact your roof’s repair.

Metal roofs

There are many different reasons why a metal roof can be damaged. One reason your metal roof may be damaged is if it was never properly sealed. This can cause your fasteners to your shingles to potentially cause leaks. Another reason your metal roof may be damaged is that your fasteners are loose. This can happen over time through expansion and contraction.

Cost: The average cost to repair a metal roof that may be causing leaks is around $1300.

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles typically become damaged due to extreme weather conditions. This can cause the shingles themselves to break or even be completely removed. Even if your shingles are supposed to be weather resistant, they can be damaged by the slowest of winds when they are not installed correctly.

Cost: Repairing the shingles on your roof costs $710 on average.

Composite roofing

Composite roofing does not hold up great against high winds. It is also more likely to break in larger sections, rather than just a shingle or two.

Cost: Although composite roofs are typically cheaper to repair, around $450 on average. They are also more prone to damage in extreme weather conditions.

Tile roofs

One reason your tile roofs may be causing leaks is from the tiles being damaged, exposing the underlayment. This allows water to leak through. Tile roofs can also be damaged from the sun. This would then allow water to later leak through on a rainy day.

Cost: The average cost to repair a tile roof is around $1000.


Many different factors can contribute to the cost of a roof repair. Reach out to the best roofing contractor for an accurate assessment. Find out what rates you can get for your next home improvement project with SuperMoney’s free home improvement loan comparison tools.

Some types of roof repairs, such as replacing a single shingle, and cleaning out your gutters, are simple and cheap. In contrast, other types, such as replacing an entire section of your roof or repairing the underlayment, may need more attention and, therefore, will be more expensive.

Overall, the cost of repairing a roof will depend on what the roof is made of, the extent of the damage, and how much labor is required to repair it.