How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost? 4 Most Expensive Features

Do you dream of cooking your favorite meal in a state-of-the-art kitchen? If so, you can make that dream a reality. But first find out what a kitchen remodel costs.

Average cost of a kitchen remodel.

With the kitchen being the most popular room, remodeling it can transform the look and feel of your home.  It could also increase the value of your home.

But before you start tearing off cabinets and picking a new color scheme, you have to know how much it’s going to cost.

According to HomeAdvisor’s Chief Economist Brad Hunter, the total cost of kitchen renovations varies widely. “The average cost nationally to remodel a kitchen is $21,668, with most homeowners spending between $12,589 to $33,067.” 

He adds“While replacing new appliances, adding granite countertops, and building custom cabinets can lead to a remodel upwards of $30,000, a luxury custom home remodel can run $100,000 to $150,000.”

Kitchen remodel cost breakdown

The total cost of a kitchen remodel varies widely because of the wide range of components that can be included.

“The most expensive kitchen remodel elements are the aesthetic ones,” says Tonya Bruin, CEO of To Do Done Handyman Services. “These elements include upgrading to stone countertops and new stainless steel appliances.”

The most expensive components of a kitchen remodel

The following four kitchen features tend to cost the most money during a remodel. Below are the average costs, according to HomeAdvisor.

Let’s add some detail to those rough estimates.

1) Cabinets

The average cost for cabinet installation is $4,788. It can cost as little as $450 or as high as $15,000. However, most homeowners spend between $1,956 and $7,640. Installing new, custom cabinets is more expensive than refinishing or re-facing older cabinets.

2) Countertops

As with cabinet installation, the cost of countertops depends on the materials used. Laminate is the least expensive. According to HomeAdvisor, there are the costs of commonly used materials for an average kitchen with 30 feet of countertop:

Laminate: $1,575

Ceramic Tile: $1,850

Recycled Glass: $2,040

Solid Surface: $3,690

Granite Slab: $4,440

Carrera Marble: $4,620

Concrete: $5,310

3) Flooring

The cost of new flooring typically ranges from $1,514-$4,285. However, it can be as low as $200 or as high as $10,000. It depends widely on the square footage and material you choose.

Ceramic or porcelain tile: $1,588

Laminate: $2,816

Wood: $4,240

Vinyl or linoleum: $357

Natural stone tile: $1,830

4) Appliances

The average cost of appliance installation is $114-$271. There are many factors that determine the cost: where you bought the appliance, where you want to install it, and how you install it. Below are average labor costs.

Refrigerator with an ice maker: $116 to $200; an extra $65 to $150 to install water and plumbing hookup if you don’t already have it

Microwave: $115 to $200 to be mounted over the stove

New dishwasher: $171 to $517; most homeowners spend $346

Existing dishwasher: $150 to $463; most homeowners spend $313

Electric stove: $98 to $182; additional $50-$100 per hour if electrical changes are needed

Gas stove: $100 to $125; can go up to $200 if new supply lines need to be installed

Stove hood or vent: $166 to $284

Possible Cost-Cutting Measures

If the kitchen features add up to more than your budget, there are ways to cut costs, says Jason Larson, president and founder of Lars Remodel & Design. “Create a list of your pain points, such as a growing family, but not enough space. Also list your wishes, like marble countertops,” he says. “Next, narrow the list down to create a workable budget.”

Avoid moving appliances that require water, like dishwashers and faucets. Moving plumbing means installing additional pipes. That costs about $1,100, and can be problematic.”

Brad Hunter of HomeAdvisor suggests refinishing or upgrading expensive items like appliances and cabinets, rather than installing new ones. And don’t change the layout of the kitchen.

Hunter says, “Avoid moving appliances that require water, like dishwashers and faucets. Moving plumbing means installing additional pipes. That costs about $1,100, and can be problematic.”

Cushion Your Budget

“You never know when a pipe could break, a contractor could discover mold or other problems could arise,” says Hunter. He suggests adding 20% of the estimated project costs, or $3,000 to $5,000, to your budget. This should cover any situations that arise.

How to Finance your Kitchen Remodel

Considering the high cost of a kitchen remodel, you might not have sufficient savings to cover the costs. If that’s the case, think about using a personal loan to help you fund this expensive project.

Lenders such as Avant, LightStream, and Prosper offer personal loans you can use to pay for your kitchen remodel. The application process is quick, and you could get approval within 24 hours. Qualifying for a personal loan to pay for your kitchen remodel is based on your credit.

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Having your kitchen remodeled is an exciting project for you and your family. But it might not come with an exciting price tag. Consider using a personal loan to ease the pain of sticker shock. You’ll be one step closer to cooking your favorite meal in the kitchen of your dreams.