Populus Financial Group Announces Porte Mobile Banking


Populous Financial Group, a financial company that offers high-yield and rewarding accounts, mobile banking, and payment products to everyday consumers, announced today that it launched Porte, a new mobile banking app that’s breaking down the barriers to financial freedom.

While most banks have focused on innovating mobile wallets and apps on watches, Populus Financial Group is refining one of the key features of banking. With smartphone technology advancing, Populus focused on releasing Porte, the new mobile banking application dedicated entirely to personal customer service.

We understand and identify with the real-world financial challenges many of our members face because, just like them, we’ve been there ourselves. As a result, we are inspired and committed to help them navigate a pathway towards financial success,” said Melanie Few, Populus Financial Group Chief Marketing Officer.

With the help of Metabank, Populus Financial Group made sure that Porte would offer members the tools necessary to understand and access their money effectively and securely. This includes the Budget Tacker and True Debt Calculator, which allows members to more accurately track their spending both in debt payments and everyday purchases.

For Porte members, the mobile banking application offers even more benefits. Members enrolled in direct deposit can receive their paychecks two days earlier and receive additional cashback rewards at participating retailers. This all comes with access to their checking and optional savings accounts through the Porte app as well as a black Porte debit card.

Key Takeaways

  • Populus Financial Group has launched a new mobile banking application: Porte.
  • The app allows members to easily access their Populus bank accounts while using a service dedicated to personal customer service.
  • Porte members get even more benefits, including a chance to receive additional cashback rewards.
  • Porte mobile banking is available in all 50 states.

About Porte

Porte is a mobile banking solution committed to helping its members navigate a path toward financial freedom. Part of Populus Financial Group, Porte does not have costly physical locations, allowing it to reduce fees typically charged by traditional banks and increase its charitable giving based on member activity.