Autopay is an online direct lender and an auto loan marketplace based in Denver, Colorado. It was founded in 2007 direct lender based in Irvine, California. It offers auto loans of up to $100,000 to borrowers with fair to excellent credit.

How Do Autopay Loans Work?

Autopay does offer auto purchase loans but its main focus is auto loan refinancing. Applying for a loan (or a refinance) takes a few minutes and will not hurt your credit. Autopay only requires a soft pull, so checking your rates will not hurt your credit score. Once you complete your application, Autopay offers a range of loan offers based on your creditworthiness.

Autopay accepts applications from all 50 states and it typically takes less than an hour to get an approval response. The minimum credit score to qualify is 620 and you must have an annual income of at least $24k.

Once an application is approved, Autopay takes 1 to 7 days to deposit the loan in the borrower’s bank account. Autopay reports to Experian and TransUnion, so making payments regularly and on time can help you improve your credit score.

Autopay also offers customizable payment dates, which can help some borrowers avoid missed payments.

What Are Autopay's Rates and Terms?

Rates for a loan at Autopay range from 1.99% to 15.99% APR.

There are no prepayment penalties and no origination fees.

The maximum term for an Autopay loan is 84 months.

How Much Money Can I Borrow from Autopay?

Loan amounts range from $10,000 to $100,000.

 How Are Autopay Loans Better than Other Auto Loans?

Autopay is a good choice for borrowers with fair (620) to excellent credit. These are the main benefits:

  • You can check your rate without impacting your credit score. Autopay does not perform a hard pull on your credit to generate an offer.
  • There are no origination fees.
  • There are no prepayment penalties.
  • Available in all 50 states.
  • Fast decisions (within an hour) and a short funding timeline. Loan proceeds are usually issued within a few business days.
  • Autopay reports your loan activity to Experian and TransUnion, two of the three national credit bureaus. Regular on-time payments can help improve your credit score.
  • Borrowers with credit scores as low as 620 are considered.
  • Loan amounts range from $10k to $100k.
  • Accepts joint applicants. 
  • Loan Amount
    $2500 - $100000
  • Payment Options
    • Automatic Payments
    • Check by mail
    • Credit/Debit Card
  • APR
    1.99% - 15.99%
  • Max Loan Term (Months)
  • Credit Score Range
    620 - 850
  • Immigration Status Considered
    • U.S. Citizen
    • U.S. Permanent Resident
  • Military Status
    • Active Duty Military
    • Military Dependent
    • Non-Military
    • Veterans
  • Minimum Age
  • Minimum Annual Income
  • Supported Income Types
    • 1099 Misc. Income
    • Cash / Other
    • Direct Deposit (W2, SSA, SSDI)
    • Payroll Check or Prepaid Card
  • Verification Documents Required?
    • Recent pay stubs
    • Driver license (or other photo ID)
    • Proof of citizenship/residence
  • No Prepayment Fee
  • Institution Type
  • Approval Speed (Hours)
  • Customizable Payment Dates
  • Deferred Payments
  • Joint Loans Available
  • Pre-Approved Soft Credit Inquiry
  • Funding Time
    1-7 days
  • Credit Bureau Reporting
    • Experian
    • TransUnion
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0 votes

I recently submitted an application for an auto refinance to see what rates they might offer. After seeing plastered all over their website that, "this will not affect your credit" and "we only do soft credit pulls" I thought it was relatively safe.

After submission, I couldn't get an offer online and had to call them when it was convenient for them (it was much harder than it should have been to get a hold of them). I received a less than stellar offer considering I have really high credit. ... Then, while talking to the guy, I noticed he knew way more about my credit than he should have. After the conversation ended, I went back and checked my credit, and sure enough, they'd done a hard pull. I'm all around really disappointed with this company and regret listening to a few of the personal finance blogs that recommended them. More Less

0 votes

Our experience with this company rates a zero. We signed loan papers with them last week to pay off a higher rate loan and still haven't seen a penny. They can't explain where the funds are and never call back. Stay away, bunch of losers.

0 votes

I applied to get my lease financed while on a work visa (3 years at a time) and from the start I was approved at good rate and I signed and mailed all the documents, paid 100$ for shipping and power of attorney documents but when it went to lender ... it turns out the loan consultant didn't have a clue about what he was talking about, going as far to say that the lender doesn't believe i was legally here (but I wanted to finance a $60k car..) ... and after a few days of no responses he said that I need a green card or they can't finance...if you are here on a work visa avoid like the plague...they will make you feel like shit! More Less

0 votes

Asked agent about fees, loan term ect.early in the application process. He seamed to genuinely want to help. Was told a minimal doc fee and 4 year term and great interest rate with a warranty and gap insurance "thrown in". Final paperwork had a$649 doc fee $2500 for warranty/gap, a 6 year term and $270 in charges with no explanation resulting in no savings. When agent was questioned offered a new option higher interest and monthly payment equal to what I am currently paying if I didn't agree ... to buy the warranty once again no actual savings. I had paid $8000 down on current loan and had 3.5 loan term to go this makes no sense, I don't appreciate my time being wasted this company is a disgrace. More Less

0 votes

I was told that I was approved, I submitted all of my documents and was told that my car would be paid of that Friday. I get a call from the bank that the loan was suppose to be though and they are requesting all this information again mine you the holiday Is in a few days and Im going to get a late payment if they don't hurry. I was told I needed to get a gps on the car, I was never told that.. Im not going ... that to say 25 a month.. I am really upset .. they are terrible... More Less

0 votes

In July 2016 I contacted AUTOPAY for financing of a Dodge Ram Laramie Limited I found online and was fortunate to have Tyler Zandstra as my loan consultant. What an amazing guy…we need to clone him! If you Google the terms: “professional, affable, courteous, thorough, communicative and proactive” I’m pretty certain Tyler’s photo will come up. This guy sets the bar so high other lenders need to rent a plane to see it. I cannot remember ever appreciating or respecting a representative more and whoever is doing the hiring at ... AUTOPAY deserves a big pat on the back, you hire extremely well!

Tyler went above and beyond to ensure my loan was processed quickly, affordably and competitively and secured terms I am very pleased with. Once we agreed to terms, my transaction was completed by Bridget Timm and Joann Goodman. They handled all the paperwork and processing and DMV stuff and I found their use of Docusign to be a tremendous time-saving benefit. I can’t say enough good things about these ladies, I half expected them to show up at my home with cookies. They were just so nice and helpful. Based on this first time experience I will recommend AUTOPAY exclusively to anyone seeking an auto loan. They really made me feel like a valued consumer which is a rarity these days. Are you seeking somebody responsive and reliable to find you a custom auto loan that meets your unique, individual financial and credit needs? Contact AUTOPAY and experience their five star treatment for yourself and low APR. You can thank me later.
More Less

0 votes

Quite simply a perfect example of horrible service I have ever endured. This company has loan consultants that lack knowledge, professionalism, care and from bottom to top no sense of responsibility or accountability. I rated one star and that is too many. I would never return and I would never recommend this company to anyone.

0 votes

Scam Operaton. They hide ridiculous documentation fees in any refinancing. They quote lower interest rates but you will pay way more in the long run.

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