USAA is best known for its insurance coverage, but it has been offering brokerage services since 1980. Unlike its other financial services, such as loans and auto insurance, USAA’s brokerage services are available to both military and non-military families.

USAA brokerage stands out for its excellent customer service, competitive rates, low account minimums, and the speed and reliability of its trades. USAA has over 25 funds whose performance has earned a four or five stars from Morningstar.

Who Is USAA Brokerage For?

USAA is designed for active investors that prefer income over capital gains. USAA’s fees are competitive, but it is not a discount brokerage and is best suited for investors who value having access to a responsive and knowledgeable customer service staff.

USAA’s investment products are partial to shareholder friendly companies in a strong financial position that are undervalued and offer sustainable earnings growth.

What Account Features Does USAA Offer?

USAA provides:

- Free research reports, access to real-time data, and sophisticated analysis software.

- Automated phone trades are free

- Investors can access physical branches, use USAA’s 24/7 customer service, and pay via check or debit/credit card.

- Mobile investing. USAA’s mobile app allows you to invest, research and move money from your smartphone.

USAA brokerage offers investments in the following asset and account classes:

- Stocks

- Mutual Funds

- Bonds

- Margin and option trading

- Forex

- Futures

- ETFs

- Roth, IRAs, and corporate accounts

- 529 College Savings

- Youth Investing

- Annuities

USAA has recently started to offer commission free exchange-traded-funds (ETFs), which attract budget-conscious investors looking for a simple way to diversify their portfolio.

How Does USAA Work?

USAA has a two-tier online trading platform and the option of broker-assisted trading.

All members qualify for USAA’s Gold rate, but account holders must execute 25 trades within a 90-day period or have $50,000 in eligible assets to be eligible for Platinum level perks.

What Fees and Commissions Does USAA Charge?

USAA has a surprisingly short fee schedule.

- It has no minimum initial deposit.

- Stock and options trading fees are as low as $5.95 per trade with an additional $0.075 per option contract. Low-volume traders (less than 25 trades within 90-days) pay $8.95 a trade.

- There is a $25 minimum commission for broker-assisted option trades.

- New customers receive up to 90 days of free trades (up to 50 trades).

- Domestic wire fee of $20

- No fees for a full brokerage transfer-out

- Free historical statement and research

- International wire fee of $25

- Late payment fee of $25

- An Asset Management Account (AMA) stop payment fee of $29

Investors who keep a balance of $5,000 receive an upgrade to an Asset Management Account, which gives them free check writing, debit card, and online bill pay.

- There is a $70 additional fee for the purchase or sale of foreign securities.

How Is USAA Brokerage Better than Other Brokerages?

USAA Brokerage offers the following benefits:

-          Excellent customer service. 2015 Bloomberg Businessweek’s Customer Service

Champs ranking

-          Available to everyone, not just military members and their families

-          Offers broker-assisted market orders

-          Competitive stock and option trades

-          No account minimum

-          Now offers commission-free

-          ETFs

  • Asset Class
    • Stock
    • Option
    • Bonds
    • Mutual Funds
    • FOREX
    • Futures
  • Automated Trading Strategy
  • Dividend Reinvestment
  • No-Commission ETFs
  • Research and Reports
  • Online Trade
  • ETF Trades
  • Option Trades
  • Margin Rate
  • Broker Assisted Trading Fee
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0 votes

I think I probably have every possible account one person can have with USAA. I have a checking account, savings account, a credit card, car insurance, renters insurance, and I utilize their financial tools on a regular basis. Now if I could just get them to go grocery shopping for me, I think I'd be all set!

0 votes

As a military lifer, I have used USAA for many years. As a military person I also didn't have a lot to spend for investments until just recently. Now that I'm a higher rank and my kids are just about finished with college, I thought I'd try investing some. The folks at USAA didn't disappoint. They have been walking me through this investment maze, and I'm really enjoying it and making some money!

0 votes

The jury is stil out for me and USAA in terms of investments. My mutual funds are doing fairly well and so are my IRAs. Of course, that could change in a second. The most important thing when investing is the offerings, and I feel that they are pretty good here.

0 votes

I've used USAA for everything, but I was not too impressed with their investment options. I thought I got better options at my last broker, and even though it is super convenient to have all your accounts in one place it is also sometimes good to mix things up.

0 votes

I've been putting off getting an IRA for the last three years! Finally, this year I got it done in time! I am so happy that I did it through USAA. They walked me through the whole process and were really, really patient and helpful. I am so relieved that I finally did it. Time to celebrate!

0 votes

How can any of these negative reviews be true? I don't know what number youre calling, but it can't be the same one I do. Whenever I need something from them they always take their time and make sure that I am happy before hanging up. I love USAA and don't understand how some people don't.

0 votes

I love their mobile app – it's really important that they have a great site since they don't have too many physical locations – at least not where I live. But their customer service is always the best and I can usually do whatever I need to do on line.

0 votes

Sometimes companies should probably just stick with what they do best. I feel that USAA does insurance best. Their investments are not their best. I haven't had that great of a return so far, while my investments in other locations are doing well. I guess time will tell.

0 votes

I have never encountered another company that goes out of its way for servicemen and women like USAA does. They have done so much for me and I really feel like they care. I am thankful for people like them!

0 votes

Not surprisingly, this place has gotten recognized for their customer service. That really helps when it comes to brokerages and investing. I also like the fact that their account minimum is below average. That makes up for the fact that their fees are a little higher than some brokerage firms.

0 votes

I like how USAA offers more asset classes than many other brokerage firms. The only downside is the number of funds they have isn't as many as some brokerage firms. The trading tools and research are also premium. I am glad that I've started trading with them.

0 votes

My accountant told me that I really needed to get some more writeoffs, so I decided to take the investment plunge. I got ahold of USAA, which takes care of all of my insurance needs, and I'm giving it a try. Just dipping my toes in now, but it's looking good.

0 votes

Prices are okay here. The brokerage is okay, as well. I've been investing with them for awhile now, and it's looking like things are doing fairly well. My ETFs may be struggling a bit. We'll see. I would suggest doing some of your own research before calling the brokerage and then comparing notes.

0 votes

I've seen people complaining via reviews about the offerings at USAA and I'm not sure what they're talking about. The company has 50 mutual funds and they are in various fund categories. So there is plenty to choose from. I am actually a little overwhelmed by the choices, but I know that all I have to do is call and some nice customer service person is going to walk me through it all.

0 votes

Not sure if USAA is the best investment vehicle for everyone. I am trying it out after having used some of the other investment companies, and I'm seeing that they don't always measure up in some of the areas that count--like research. The jury is still out, though.

0 votes

The fees at USAA are a little high--otherwise they would be my first choice in investing. Their trading tools are pretty good. And their customer service is very good. I've had their home insurance and car insurance for many years, so I know. It would be nice if they lowered their fees a little--then they'd be my go to.

0 votes

I have a couple of IRAs here, but I've hesitated to take any more money over. I've heard of problems with the brokerage when you start to do more complex investing, and I dion't need those kinds of headaches. Otherwise, things are going pretty good with my IRAs.

0 votes

Like others mentioned here, the brokerage is not that good. Really shocking considering how good a lot of their products are, but in this instance there is a lot of improvement that needs to be done. I will continue to invest, but I'm not putting all of my eggs in one basket.

0 votes

While USAA is a little on the expensive side, I have to say that I've been having good luck with the investing I have done through them. I am seeing that the profits I've made are going to make up for the added expense and then some, so that is a good thing.

0 votes

My biggest problem with investing until I discovered USAA was that I just never did it. I kept thinking about it, but I just never pulled it off. Then I saw a friend depositing his check into his IRA with his smartphone and I thought, that's the missing link! Now I deposit my checks into my various accounts without forgetting or putting it off.

0 votes

This place is good. They have a wide variety of investing accounts--so something for everyone. These include IRAs and ETFs and stocks and bonds. That being said, I really feel like they have enough to keep me occupied and motivated to keep investing.

0 votes

Customer service was good as usual, and I've been happy with the various IRAs I have set up with them. I have a SEP, Roth and a traditional IRA and things have been kept straight, and the accounts are doing well. I also have them for banking, so it helps to keep things in one place.

0 votes

I only have IRAs with USAA, but I have to say that the experience has been great. The IRAs seem to be doing really well, and I can simply call if I have a question and someone will answer me with an answer I can actually understand.

0 votes

I had no idea that USAA had been offering brokerage services since the 1980s until just recently when I was talking to a customer service rep on the phone and he told me. I was surprised, but decided to give it a try, and I have to say that I'm glad that I did. I've found their brokerage services to be good regarding customer service, which has made the process go smoothly for me.

0 votes

I've been taking advantage of their trades as low as 5.95. I trade quite a bit and I've found this to be a good price when you want to do some trading. The ETFs aren't bad here, either. I feel like I'm building a pretty good nest egg through USAA.

0 votes

I really like being able to trade over their mobile app. I found that before I started doing this I kept not trading, because I was always on the move and not by my office computer. Now I can trade whenever I want, and I do it often. The app I use works well.

0 votes

Happy that my investments with USAA have been going gangbusters. I am really stoked about all of the money I've made and want to continue to make even more! Maybe it's the trading climate now, but I've been doing well. I really like their excellent customer service.

0 votes

The brokerage doesn't have really good research tools. This is critical when you're trying to make good choices. This is my money, so I expect to be able to work with the absolute best in research tools. I don't think I'm finding that at USAA. Hopefully it will change.

0 votes

I have heard great things about USAA across the board so I made some investments with them. Well, the brokerage is not all that great. I don't feel they are up to par in terms of their investment tools, and the customer service doesn't rate up there all that high with me.

0 votes

I'm new to investing, but I have been wanting to do it for awhile. I've had a good experience so far with USAA. If someone is a newbie like me, I would highly suggest using their online virtual investment tour. It shows you what investing looks like. I know it sounds corny, but after I did that, I felt a lot less afraid to invest.

0 votes

I'm not feeling the love at the brokerage.I've usually been really pleased with their insurance and their service, but the brokerage doesn't have people answering the phones who seem all that accomodating. I had a few simle questions about my ETFs, but the person wasn't all that helpful.

0 votes

This company overall is really well run. The brokerage house is pretty good too. I have been having good luck with my investments. I also really enjoy their blog. They have a lot of good things on there that have helped me improve my financial literacy. The latest article I wrote really opened my eyes to many things I'd been doing wrong.

0 votes

I've read not so great reviews about USAA's investment, but so far for me it hasn't been all that bad. I've been using their own mutual funds, and I'm finding that they are doing pretty well. Maybe I haven't tried enough of their investment products to know. Not sure, but I'm doing okay with it.

0 votes

Maybe USAA is spreading itself a bit thin, because the investment products are just so so. I have to say that I have used them for many other things, but this is just not the top of the game like they usually do. I didn't find the options to be all that great.

0 votes

Tax time and thrilled that I got my IRA funded at USAA. I have used them for years and am now excited about using them for investments. I've had friends who have used them and were very happy.My friiends have said that they've made a good profit.

0 votes

As a loyal USAA leader, I decided to finally invest. I had a good experience talking to someone at the bokerage. We figured out the direction I should go in to get to where I want to go financially. It didn't take too long to do this.I'm grateful.

0 votes

I started by opening a Roth IRA with USAA, but then I decided to expand. I talked with someone in the brokerage and we decided that it was definitely time to expand my portfolio. I have a good combination of investment products now and feel confident about them.

0 votes

This place is just okay. I say that with a bit of surprise, as I would not say that about any of their many other products. I think that it's the brokerage. They aren't as with it and ready to please as the rest of the company's customer service people.

0 votes

I took advantage of the 50 free trades for new brokerage accounts. So far it's worked out really well. I feel like I got sufficient guidance to make the right investment choices. Now I'm just waiting to see what's going to happen, but I have really good feelings about that.

0 votes

New Year's resolution time and time to get an IRA and ETF set up. I just finished with both and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it didn't take nearly as long as I thought it was going to! I was impressed with their quick and speedy customer service as usual.

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