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Are your debts out of control? Do you have massive student loan debt? If you are willing to work to pay down your debts and get your finances under control, Springboard is available to provide guidance and expertise. As a nonprofit credit counseling agency, Springboard offers a significant amount of information free through online courses, a blog, downloads and financial calculators, along with providing initial consultations with prospective clients to determine the best course of action for each individual case. Springboard offers face-to-face counseling for local clients as ... well as telephone consultations and online consultations for clients across the country. Its informative FAQ section explains the difference between debt management (which Springboard offers) and bankruptcy (which is not offered by Springboard). Springboard also offers candid responses to queries about how to stop creditor calls (by paying your debts) or retaining credit cards during debt management (almost never allowed),.Individuals struggling with student loan debt can also receive assistance with consolidation and other options. More Less

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This review is 3 years in the making, mainly because I realized today that 3 years ago this coming October I became credit card debt free. And thanks to Grace Contreras from Springboard I would have never been humble enough to have pursued this venture.

When I first started out in my new business venture circa 2000 and walked away from cooperate non profits as an LSCW, CAS, Program Director, Lobbyist and Grant Writer I needed ca$h. Well, what better way with a nice credit score to do just that:

4 ... Capital One Cards 2 Providian Cards 1 Household Bank Card 1 New York Bank Card 1 American Express Gold Business Card

ALL with limits over 5K and interest at 15.9%, which increased to 22% because I was late once on all of them. I was in debt over 18K and felt like I was juggling a budget for a family of 5!

No matter how hard I tried the balances never seemed to go down and I was using my profits to pay those balances as well.

So,after I shared my plight with my brother in-law who had his business in the same building as Springboard's Long Beach location he referred me to Linda who had since moved the location over to an office on Anaheim Street.

Short and sweet, I met with Linda, brought ALL of my credit card statements, sat down and she then calculated a plan based on what I could afford to pay; gave me instructions on how to call my credit card holders to close the accounts, and inform them I was going with Springboard to consolidate ALL of my debt. Also, Linda gave me a pamphlet including her card of which I could contact her or Springboard anytime.

Then, she handed my credit cards back to me with a pair of scissors and said "now, cut them up". There was something very cathartic and freeing at that moment and, for a payment of only $283 a month I was on my way of being debt free in 3 years rather than 10.

I contacted a lot of debt consolidation agencies to be exact and none of them had that personal touch of compassion, helpfulness and patience of Springboard. Every time I called Springboard monthly to give them accurate balance statements they were spot on with understanding and encouragement; one time Alicia gave a WOOO-HOO when I was down to just 2 more credit card companies!

Having done this my fellow Yelpers made me free from penny wise and pound foolish behavior. Also, today I have 1 Visa Debit Card form my bank business account, 1 gas card for emergencies and 3 department store cards in case of a last minute gift need and I ALWAYS pay the balance off with the first statement if I do use them.

BTW, my credit score did NOT go down after closing the accounts but, went up and is now 875 on average with the 3 reporting agencies.

What's in my wallet? Not Capital One and it's partners in crime trying to nickel and dime ME!
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