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0 votes

They are awesome and very attentive to your personal financial situation, glad I chose them. Cherlyn Janee Allen

0 votes

I don't expect miracles. What I do expect is when I'm paying my monthly portion that I'm seeing some sort of progress being made. I was tired of seeing posts of other clients being signed up for only "7 months" and there credit jumped a hundred points and are able to buy an extravagant vehicle. Meanwhile I was signed up for about 6 months and saw zero progress. For the record I didn't mean to click the star. Clean slate solutions deserves zero stars!

0 votes

When the loan officer who was looking at my and my husband's credit score said that we needed to clean up our credit and raise our scores to qualify, I figured it would be a two year ordeal and that we'd have to live in an apartment forever. I was pleasantly surprised when I went to Clean Slate and found that they raised our score enough to qualify in just two and a half months.

0 votes

I really like how this company has a guarantee in terms of repairing your credit. Many other companies don't guarantee, which I understand, but what they don't understand is that I don't have money to throw away! That being said, I want my money to raise my credit score. So far it has.

0 votes

When I checked on my credit score prior to going out to look for a new home, I almost fainted. My score had dropped a full 60 points since I'd last checked it! I would never qualify for a good loan with a score in the 600s! I went to Clean Slate looking for just that--a Clean Slate. I got it and then some.

0 votes

Clean Slate prominently features a guarantee of “640 or free,” meaning that it guarantees that its customers will obtain a FICO score of 640 or better through its services. Along with the gimmicky slogan, Clean Slate spells out the requirements it makes of its customers: pay down their debts and/or establish new credit. In exchange for these demands and a monthly fee of $99.00 or four payments of $199, Clean Slate essentially peppers your creditors with paper – demand letters for specifics about derogatory items, demands for removal of unauthorized ... credit requests (aka “hard” credit pulls) and a dedicated credit counselor. Some of Clean Slate's tactics seem sketchy, for instance, continuing to question credit reports even when disputed items have been verified as accurate. Others actually seem quite clever – if you have the money, for example, leveraging $1,000 to obtain three secured loans, which, when paid off will raise your credit score. Clean Slate also offers a free e-book (for which you must submit an email address and phone number) which serves more to emphasize how much effort is involved in cleaning up your own credit than in allowing a firm such as theirs to do the job for you. More Less

0 votes

I have to admit that I was intrigued by the name of this company. Who doesn't want to erase past mistakes and start with a clean slate? And what better area to do that in than your finances. I found that Clean Slate does indeed clean house and make those worrisome credit problems go away.

0 votes

I am not as enamored with this company as some others are. I didn't find the customer service all that friendly and I haven't found that my slate has gotten much cleaner. I do know that my bank account is lower, though, so I'm thinking maybe they are geting the better end of the deal.

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