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Im not sure why Jack would write something like that, but I've had nothing but a WONDERFUL experience with Brian. He was upfront, and kind, and laid out a plan of action for me to follow. All my questions were answered and my scores went up over 50 points in 90 days. So Thank you Brian and the Credit Mindset Team. I will be referring everyone I know who needs credit help to you!

1 votes

Brian Offner here to give some clarity to these 1 sided reviews. I've been in business for almost 12 years and I have helped over 5000 people with their credit..... you may be able to find 12 negative reviews, not sure, I have not looked at all of them but relative to 5000 clients helped, I'm actually very happy with the rate of customer satisfaction....

I'll give an example of how the facts get left out of these post. I will use Jack C's review since he is the ... newest. Jack and his wife both did our program, Jack got positive movement on his scores but his wife's credit scores actually went down while they were in our program, how you ask? She paid 2 creditors 30 days LATE while she was in the program. Here is the one thing I will absolutely agree with, if you are going to pay items late DO NOT invest in cleaning your credit up, it wont work and you will want to blame someone else besides taking ownership, as did Jack..... blame me or his wife? Smart move... he blamed me..... and I even sent his wife a budget plan to help her pay her bills on time?

As far as people saying they can dispute items themselves.... that is no secret..... why did you call us and invest in us to do it for you if you knew you could do it yourself? No real counter argument from me..... I can change my own oil if I wanted to but I would rather pay a professional, I don't call my mechanic a scam because I paid him to do something I could have done myself? Makes little sense to me.

I am not the easiest person to get one the phone.... I let everyone know that. I allow you to text, email and leave vm and I will either get back to you or my assistant Erin will...... the communication piece is something I've been working on and I understand and take ownership. That is why I do weekly educational videos to give everyone the information needed to be successful....

I get 95% of my referrals form Mortgage Bankers.... why? Because they know my program helps clients get from not approved to approved faster than any other program for a fair fee. If you want to see dozens of positive before and after credit scores, please email me and I will send them to you.

I look forward to helping you with your credit education needs.
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1 votes

No change in our credit reports apart from the changes due to what WE DID! Do not give money to these people please. They are also rude and they lie shamelessly

1 votes

Save your money & dispute any items on your credit report yourself. The only thing Credit Mindset has done for me was write letters...nothing else. Nothing was deleted or updated on any of my credit reports. The only reason my credit score increased is because I paid my credit cards down to below 10%.

1 votes

Extremely poor communication leading to slower than usual repair process. This company didn't do anything beyond what an indivivual can dispute themselves directly thru the Transunion, Experian, Equifax online dispute process. Huge waste of time. Lost over 4 months of time simply waiting for answers that never came. Unable to provide detailed summary of process after repeated requests. Stay away and do your homework before spending a dime on this credit repair company.

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