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I just got a call from Jesus...he has called me repeatedly, only leaving his phone number and to call him back. He did not identify on my voicemail his name or what company he was with. This is so unprofessional to not leave your contact information, that I decided not to work with this company. If you want the business, you need to identify yourself, or people will not call you back. We get calls from creditors that leave non-descript voicemails, why would we return yours?

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I started with Fortress Credit a little over 10 months ago, and while that may seem like a long time, they actually fixed the majority of my credit within the first 2-3 months.

I started with over 10 collections and 1 California state tax lien on my credit report with all 3 bureaus. I made a good faith offer to all of the companies that were on my credit report (even the ones I disagreed with) to pay them in full if they would delete the item off my credit ... report and ALL of them refused.

After sending generic letters to all 3 credit bureaus disputing the accounts, I myself managed to get 3 accounts removed but still had 9 left that wouldn't budge.

I contacted Fortress Credit and spoke with David Michalek, who became my credit advisor for anything credit related. He went above and beyond to make sure I was doing things correctly to help my credit score.

After the first 2-3 months almost every collection account was removed from all 3 credit bureaus. The cost for me was very affordable (at the time of this writing, it was $115 per item, per bureau) and some people might think that's expensive, I still think it was a steal and would do it all over again in a heart beat. Their service is a "paid on performance" deal, so I don't pay unless they get something removed. There was a $300 setup fee which they said went toward the deletions, and if nothing got deleted was completely refundable. They also offered a monthly payment plan if many things got deleted in the same month (which I took them up on).

A little over 10 months later and every collection account has been removed for quite some time, I don't remember when the last one came off, and the only thing I have left is my tax lien on 2 of the bureaus. They got the lien off my Experian report which is the most important one anyways!! I am beyond satisfied with their service.

In the end, within a couple months my credit score went from the mid 500's to a peak of 762!!! (I did add myself as an authorized user on my parents card which also bumped my score).

I have since opened multiple new credit cards with high limits and instant approval. I was also approved for a $20,000 dental loan which I desperately needed.

My whole financial world has been changed because of Fortress Credit. have never had good credit my entire life. Now my bills are all on auto-pay now and I never miss any payments and I keep my credit card utilization below 10% to maximize my credit score. Lessons were learned and my life is permanently changed for the better.

Thank you Fortress Credit and all the employees there that have made my entire future completely different. Shouts out to Galen, David, Mellisa, Rondi, and every other employee there that has helped me. You guys are the best.
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0 votes

I used them to remove a couple of things I cancelled service paid over 800.00 whth in no result then no bill now they are strong arming me to pay 2200 more for tax liens removal that my accountant did or they will ruin my credit all I have to say thank god I have all my proof and IRS said will provide all proof needed

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Made the HUGE mistake of working with these FRAUDS!!!!!!!!! They charged me for things that were "deleted" off of my credit and were placed back on only a month later, they charged me $300 just to have my name updated. I made the mistake of not educating myself and looking at ways of fixing the small stuff and then going to a company for the things that I couldn't do however now knowing ALL that I know, I can do it all myself and so can you!!! Don't ... give these scammers a dime, do the research and get it done for your self... If you have a computer, printer, envelopes and stamps that's all you need!!!!! If you don't, GO TO THE LIBRARY!!!! Don't hire someone for $100 PER DELETION. That's ridiculously high!!!!!! I did my fathers credit in 4 months, got a repo removed in 2 months and his score went from the low 400's to high 600's in 4 MONTHS!!!!!! Just as soon as they remove the few hundred that they scammed me for "deleting" items I will do my OWN credit.... Don't be fooled by these people, I was stupid and did it out of desperation at the moment and fell in with a $1,300 debt that they are threatening judgement against me!!!! One last thing that I thought was hilarious, they disputed my name with Experian and charged me $100 for getting my name "fixed" but when I received the letter from Experian, they said that that name was NEVER reported on my credit report!!!!!!! Such BULL!!!!!! People wake up and do it yourself, don't trust your information to these people!!!!!!! More Less

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