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Prominently featured on the Improve My Credit website are testimonials and five-star reviews. The website even includes a video describing how Improve My Credit's services reunited a father and son. Improve My Credit seeks to position itself as unique through its various guarantees – of accessibility and results, including an online help function that is staffed well into the evening hours. Concerning results, Improve My Credit is careful in its phrasing, promising that credit reports will be “100 percent accurate, 100 percent verifiable and within the time frames allowed ... to report.” The Improve My Credit website also includes a wealth of free information, including an offer to obtain a free workbook that reportedly outlines the methodology of the company's credit repair process. These free materials only partially offset the extremely high prices Improve My Credit charges for its services: a one-time $99 fee for proprietary credit repair software or full-service credit repair for an initial fee of $199 and a monthly fee of$99. Unlike several credit repair services, Improve My credit does not offer price breaks for couples who sign up for services together. More Less

3 votes

After attempting to improve my credit on my own and then with a no name kind of company... I was referred to Improve my Credit USA... all I can say is WOW, and credit experiences are never that way... I was treated with respect and dignity. The service was incredibly fast and efficient. Gerson, my credit advisor was professional, he listened, and he got the job done... cannot ask for more. Great Company- glad I called.

2 votes

I would recommend anyone on a HEARTBEAT. The team is doing a great job for us. Everyone is very people person and very helpful. Miraily and Elida are always there when I need them. Thank you.

3 votes

I have seen dramatic improvements in my credit rating, now Im able to benefit from these changes by financing $200,000+ NEW home with an excellent interest rate! Please make note even thou I have a 4/2/2, I'm truly grateful to have this home...as an single mom!

About 20 years ago, I prayed for my DREAM home, and guess what? My PRAYER is being answered; they will start Construction very soon!!! I truly believe that GOD place Improve My Credit USA in my life to assist me with making my dream come ... true. I could not have done this without the services of your Improve My Credit USA..That being said, Im NOT finish yet, I will continue utilizing IMC until I get my credit score over 750+ goal!!

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3 votes

I used this company for more than a year and followed the instructions to a T. By the end, my score was LOWER than when I started. Yes, they were able to remove a lot of junk items but the FICO score is the real reason to use a credit repair company. They just blindly fire off letters to creditors which seems to cause them to re-age the accounts in a negative fashion.

I can't count the number of times I asked to speak to someone who could answer a question ... and I was always told I would be called back right away. I was never once called back.

Do yourself a favor and research how to repair your own credit. I wasted well over $1000 on this company. Learn from my mistake.
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3 votes


I've asked my staff to forward your response to me so that I could respond personally as one of the owners of IMC USA.

#1. I asked Julia in billing to refund your last monthly billing. #2. Your billing, is 100% in compliance with state and federal law which requires the following: A. ... No advance billing. The initial setup fee that you paid is just that, a setup fee. The specific services rendered for this fee are outlined in the contract which you signed which has been reviewed by multiple attorneys to assure compliance with state and federal law. B. Monthly billing is for services rendered POST service, in accordance with state and federal law and this is stated plainly in the agreement which you signed. C. With over 4,000 clients served, there have been a total of 5 complaints filed with the BBB. Of these, 4 were for the exact claim that you have made and all four of those claims were closed by the BBB who have seen our contracts and know that we are in compliance with state and federal law.

Let me close with this Mr. ......... You have had an increase in your mid-scores of almost 80 points in the short 3 month span that you've been with us. Had you followed the advice (Building positive credit) given you by my more than professional and, as you acknowledged, courteous staff, your scores would likely be higher still.

You have called my staff liars, you have belittled them and frankly libeled them when you state, "cannot even speak good English" (Which, while grammatically correct, would be improved by stating, "Are incapable of speaking proper English") as each of them are fluent, college educated, bilingual, English speakers.

In my honest opinion, you represent a symptomatic problem with America in this key area: having received services exactly as outlined in the contract which you signed (apparently without reading the agreement), you then belittle those who have helped you with enough vitriol to merit a legal recourse and by a grace you will never know or acknowledge are gifted your money back for services you should properly have paid for simply because the company wants to avoid the hassle of legal action.

Were you to come and personally apologize to each of my staff and beg to be taken back on as a client I would deny you service.
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