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0 votes

too dame slow and 100 a mouth was out ragouse i could fix my credit on my owe for free

0 votes

my husband and I used Lexington law of course they said they could would miracles however money and no action advise call white Jacobs and associates ask for leann she is great

0 votes

Best service I can think for improving your credit score. They removed about 85% of my negative items in close to 3 months and I was able to finally purchase a new home. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone needing credit repair.

1 votes

I recently worked here and have saw the inner-workings of lexington law "firm". I am distressed at how this company is rated #1 in credit repair, and really treat all of its clients like SH!T. This company does not hold up it's end of the bargain, which is "to do the work!" Instead, they are phrase quoting, money snatching, obsolete pieces of sh!ts! They do not live the values that they claim to have which is "Team", "Innovation" "Integrity" and "Pride". Maybe I'm wrong about the pride part, because pride ... goes before destruction, and lexington law have that type of pride. With over 5 million clients, and no ongoing action to fight for their clients' credit, this company should already be out of business. It is very detrimental for each individual who pay for their services, especially when they stand in ignorance. lexington law firm should have sued experian when they found out that experian was throwing away letters of dispute. How about that wasted $99.95 month after month. With just $10 - $15 per month, and a little reading, anyone can fight for their credit stronger than lexington law firm ever would. I truly feel super sorry for the employees that are still working there, they are mis-informed by the training material that guides them to continually give a pitch to each client that calls in, telling them how lexington are continuing to work on their their case. If you pay close attention to equifax, experian, and transunion, shortly after lexington sends out the electronic dispute (WHICH IS NEVER A GOOD WAY TO DISPUTE NEGATIVE ITEMS), you will notice that equifax, and the others, claims to have already investigated the item and resolved the matter, usually two to three days right after they receive the dispute letter. But lexington law tells you that they dispute process takes "30 to 60 days," which is false information. Not only are they taking the fee for the one month, but also taking the fee for second month of just waiting. Too, man o man! They also dispute the equifax and the transuion reporting items with letters a 2 year old would write. A little bit about me, when I work somewhere, my knowledge don't just stop at the walls of the company training. I even seek out external sources to try to be the best on the job. I was fired from lexington law firm for helping those who were continually being fooled to keep the services. I truly hope that I helped those who couldn't help themselves because of their own lack of knowledge in the credit repair realm. I am so happy that I'm not working there anymore though because I was on the verge of losing my mind, knowing that I was being literally forced to follow suit with the ignorant paralegals, suckering the client base to keep the services. If you have services with these jokers, or are considering signing up with them, please, save your money, protect your pocket book from these deceivers. What I regret most working at lexington law is to have ever suckered anyone into keeping their services, because of my lack of knowledge during my first months there. More Less

1 votes

I've been Lexington since March 18th 2016 and I've already had 4 items removed from Transunion. And it's now April 9th, 2016. I know results vary but I'm happy with my results so far

1 votes

Love this place and their excellent service. They are so professional and so serious about fixing your credit report no matter what. I am impressed with how they work on deletions and how they don't stop until they do get deletions. I could try to do this myself, and I have, but I can guarantee you that I would never do it as good as they do!

1 votes

Really like how this company has helped me raise my credit score from the 600s to the 700s, which led to me getting a really good interest rate on a car loan. This all started by them removing a bunch of junk that shouldn't have ever been on my credit report in the first place. Thanks Lexington Law!

1 votes

I never thought I had so much extra stuff that didn't belong on my credit as I do, but I do. They have removed a whopping 27 items, and they still have 15 to go. It will be nice to have all of that stuff off of there so I can fill it with lots of good credit marks.

1 votes

Since 1991, Lexington Law has taken an aggressive approach to removing inaccurate credit report items. Like other reputable credit repair firms, Lexington Law provides its legal and financial know-how along with the willingness to devote hours, days or even months to the tasks associated with cleaning up inaccurate credit report items. Unlike many credit repair agencies, Lexington Law is staffed by licensed attorneys. All customers pay an initial fee of $99.99. Afterwards, there are three levels of service with accompanying monthly fees: Regular for $59.99, Concord Standard ... for $79.99 which includes a more hands-on set of credit monitoring services, and Concord Premium for $99.99 which includes monthly credit monitoring. The Lexington Law website also includes educational information made available to anyone who lands on the website. Unlike disreputable firms that guarantee results that they frequently cannot deliver, Lexington Law clearly states what their firm can and cannot accomplish. You could do almost everything that Lexington Law does – if you had the time and determination, which many people lack. More Less

1 votes

I have only been with Lexington since September, 2009, already I have seen positive results. I am kept aware of all that is going on with my case, they are so helpful in answering questions. I feel very confident in Lexington Law Firm, they are very good in keeping in contact, and walking with you every step of the way. I am already seeing results. They are very professional, my experience with them has been very gratifying. I am very happy with this firm, and feel very positive in a ... good outcome. More Less

1 votes

Run away from this place. I don't usually write reviews but if i can save you time and money I will be glad to tell you they will take your money and not perform as they say they will. as a matter of fact I bankrupted in Nov. 2012 and one of my bills went on my credit as a collection after I filed Feb. 2013 I called Lexington law to have them fix my credit well here it is Happy New Year Jan. 23 2014 and they just sent ... a dispute to the collection agency on Jan. 7 2014 what a crock of sh** they say they are fixing things but I haven't seen it for 5 months. More Less

2 votes

TERRIBLE. Them and creditrepair.com are the same people and they didnt do as promised. My credit is my fault, but they didnt help and they took my money.

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