White Jacobs & Associates

White Jacobs & Associates

in Credit Repair Firms


White Jacobs & Associates


in Credit Repair Firms

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Credit repair companies help clients improve their credit scores by disputing questionable negative items, such as late payments, collections, charge-offs, and bankruptcies, on their credit reports. 

Where does White Jacobs & Associates do business?

White Jacobs & Associates is a credit repair firm based in Plano, TX. The company was founded in 2012

What does White Jacobs & Associates do?

White Jacobs & Associates offers credit repair services that help consumers improve their credit score by educating them about how credit reporting works and disputing errors and omissions with credit reporting agencies.

What does White Jacobs & Associates charge?

White Jacobs & Associates charges an average monthly fee of $200.

This company may charge additional fees depending on the services provided. For example, it may charge per negative item removed from your credit report.

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  • Headquarters
  • 200 Chisholm Pl Suite 250
    Plano, TX 75075 USA
  • (972) 231-0452

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Average Fee
Registered with Attorney General
Licensed Legal Staff
Credit Score Updates


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