FreeCreditReport.com is a website owned by Experian: one of the three major credit reporting agencies in the United States. Experian has its headquarters in Ireland and has offices throughout the world. Its headquarters in the United States are located in Costa Mesa, California. It employs over 17,000 people worldwide and had a net income in 2014 of $754 million. The credit reporting arm of Experian started in 1993. It's a BBB accredit business with an A+ rating.

What Services Does FreeCreditReport.com Offer?

FreeCreditReport.com provides full credit reporting and monitoring services. This includes unlimited access to Experian's credit report, a monthly snapshot of users' FICO score and daily credit monitoring of Experian's credit report. Users can also obtain up to $1 million in identity theft insurance, a score simulator, access to an online dispute tool, as well as business-specific credit reporting and monitoring tools through Experian.com.

Unlike other credit reporting companies that only provide their own proprietary credit scores, FreeCreditReport.com gives users access to their FICO credit score. Around 90 percent of lenders use FICO scores when determining the credit eligibility of borrowers.

How Does FreeCreditReport.com Work?

FreeCreditReport.com offers two credit reporting products. One is free and only includes Experian's credit report. The other has an initial cost of $1 and offers access to Experian's credit report and FICO score. This is a 7-day trial for a monthly subscription to Experian Credit Tracker, which bills users monthly until the subscription is cancelled.

Whether they opt for just the credit report or register for Experian Credit Tracker, users must first confirm their identity before they can access credit scores and reports. This requires users to provide personal information, such as name, date of birth and Social Security Number.

How Much Does It Cost?

Obtaining a credit report is free and doesn't require users to become members. The 7-day trial for Experian Credit Tracker costs $1 to start with and $21.95 a month, once the trial expires.

How is FreeCreditReport.com Better/Worse Than Other Credit Reporting Companies?

FreeCreditReport.com offers clients free access to a complete Experian credit report, not just a summary. For just $1 users can also obtain their Experian FICO score: the credit score most lenders use. People who decide to register for Experian Credit Tracker also receive daily monitoring and unlimited access to Experian's credit data. Experian is one of the three national credit reporting agencies and a worldwide credit and risk assessment specialist. It has been in business for over 22 years and has an A+ rating with the BBB.

However, FreeCreditReport.com does not include access to TransUnion or Equifax's credit reports and FICO scores, which doesn't give members a full picture of their credit profile. FreeCreditReport.com has also been known to use questionable marketing techniques. So it pays to check carefully the terms of any product you purchase. For instance, FreeCreditReport.com will advertise free or very low cost access to its credit report and score through a 7-day trial. The catch is that users are automatically enrolled in a monthly subscription. Many customers fail to read the small print on the trial and are unaware they are agreeing to a monthly subscription.

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0 votes

You can't blame this company for taking advantage of popular search terms. People put into search engines "free credit report" all of the time, because for some reason, they feel that they should get a free credit report. You do get your first credit report free. You just have to drop the subscription before 7 days to not be charged.

0 votes

Like someone else here, I signed up for this company when the whole credit reporting services online thing was in its infancy. So this was one of the only sites out there--aside from the stone age method of mailing in a request and waiting for your credit report in the mail--at which time anyone could have had a field day stealing your identity. I have stuck with them because it's familiar and always works.

0 votes

I've been a member of freecreditreport.com for a few years and while I do like the site and find the information accurate and useful, I think it's extremely overpriced. I pay monthly for my subscription but I only look into my report every few months which means there are many months that I pay for absolutely nothing. They do "monitor" your account and notify you of significant changes or suspicious activity but I think it's still overpriced for what you get.

0 votes

I've had this for awhile, but am thinking of moving to another paid service that costs less. Obviously, the service isn't free, but when I signed up for it, there weren't many avenues for getting a complete view of your credit report from the leading credit bureaus. Overall, the site works well--it's easy to get your credit report and navigate it. But they are more expensive than other similar sites that are now available.

0 votes

Not so free. I used this site to get my credit report last December. I seem to remember that if I wanted to see my information instantly (and who doesn't?) I had to pay a small fee for it to appear instantly or else I could have my credit reports mailed to me. I paid the small fee and was duped into signing up for their monthly subscription for service. All I wanted was my credit report and had no use for a monthly plan. They managed to charge me ... $19.99 a month for a few months before I realized it, and only discovered the charges after one month when there wasn't sufficient funds in my account for their fee and I started to get demand letters from them. Now I just hope that trying to view my credit report in an attempt to improve it hasn't cost me another bad mark on my credit. More Less

0 votes

I too fell for the free bit when I ended up on this site. I signed up thinking how lucky I was to get my credit report for free. Then I saw a charge on my credit card statement and thought, what the? I went back onto freecreditreport.com and saw that they do charge after 7 days. :( Have to get rid of this now.

0 votes

Rip off, you only get a "FREE" credit report when you PAY for their services.

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