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Identity Guard is a credit monitoring and identity theft protection service offered by Intersections Inc. Intersections is a major player in the identity theft protection business that powers the ID theft services of several major businesses, such as American Express®' CreditAware. The company was launched in 1996 and has an A+ rating with the BBB. In 2014 it generated $190.1 million in revenue: a revenue drop of over $120 million from the $310.3 million generated in 2013.

What Services Does Identity Guard Offer?

Identity Guard provides online access to credit reports and scores from all three credit bureaus. It also includes Social Security Number monitoring, ID verification alerts, lost wallet protection, monitoring of the internet black market for personal information, public record monitoring, credit application alerts, change of address alerts, antivirus, password protection software, credit report analysis, online financial tools and a $1 million identity theft insurance.

Identity Guard does not, however, provide users their FICO scores: the scores most lenders look at when determining credit eligibility. The proprietary credit scores from the three major credit bureaus are useful for educational services, but do not offer borrowers access to the scores lenders use.

How Does Identity Guard Work?

Identity Guard is a subscription-based service that includes both credit monitoring and identity theft protection. If your identity is stolen, Identity Guard will also help recover your identity and compensate you financially for the time and money lost. Users must register with Identity Guard, have a credit card (or another method of payment) and confirm their identity by providing their full name, address, date of birth and Social Security Number.

How Much Does It Cost?

Identity Guard has a monthly subscription price of $20.

How is Identity Guard Better/Worse Than Other Credit Reporting Companies?

Identity Guard provides credit reports and scores from all three credit bureaus. It also monitors the internet to see whether personal information, such as your Social Security Number, is being misused. The company has nearly 30 years' experience in the identity theft business and an A+ rating with the BBB. In the last three years it has only had 47 complaints with the BBB, which is amazing for a company this size.

Identity Guard provides a good deal when compared with other credit monitoring services that charge $20 to $40 for less services. The only catch is that Identity Guard doesn't offer FICO scores, something that's easy to miss when reading their website's marketing. Another caveat to consider is that credit reports and credit scores are only updated every three months. Unlike other credit reporting companies, Identity Guard does not offer unlimited access to credit reports.

  • Max Monthly Fee
  • 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • Online Credit Education
  • Fix Credit Report Errors
  • Identity Theft Insurance
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0 votes

These people are scammers, illegally cold calling people on the do not call list. Trying to scam you out of your information. BEWARE they are not protection, they are identity thiefs!

0 votes

As someone mentioned, the computer safeguards offered by Identity Guard are not all that effective. I had thought that maybe the reviews were wrong, so I tried it out. The reviews were right. Otherwise, I love getting the alerts about my personal identity. Knowing that they are there for me in this area is very comforting.

0 votes

New year and a new me, which means that I am taking more control of my finances and making sure to protect my credit. After checking out a bunch of companies, I decided to give Identity Guard a try. So far so good. I just signed up a few days ago and they have already sent me some alerts, so I know they're doing something!

0 votes

They don't give you all three credit reports here, which I didn't realize when I signed up. They do have a great monitoring system, though. They are super quick to tell you when something has occurred. When I get those emails I can think for a second and usually realize it was me, but I know one of these days it may not be.

0 votes

When I read that this company does a surveillance of the black markets that sell SS #s and personal information, I was sold. Many companies don't do this, but Identity Guard does. And it is so important to do. I am glad that I signed up and will continue to take advantage of their services.

0 votes

I like a lot about this place. The identity theft recovery assistance for one. I understand that they do a good job with that. Hopefully I won't have to find out, but it's good to know that they have it! And it is so great that they allow you to enter so many credit cards for monitoring.

0 votes

I was worried about identity theft, so I signed up for this service. I feel a lot better about it now that I've seen the lengths they go to to make sure that your social security number is being protected. They also have a ton of other great benefits. If you don't understand everything you see on the site, give them a call, they are happy to help!

0 votes

I've lost my wallet several times, so when a friend told me that they give you emergency cash if you lose your wallet, I figured they had to be a good company. I haven't lost my wallet since I joined--thanks goodness--but it's good to know that they have my back. I am always relieved when I get a monitoring alert from them. So far it's been stuff I've done, but getting them lets me know they are doing their job!

0 votes

I was on vacation and had my wallet stolen. Identity Guard's recovery service is amazing. They helped me cancel credit cards and they even gave me a couple grand in emergency cash so I could get back home where I could replace my ID. And then they monitored my credit to make sure that no one used any of my info!

0 votes

Credit reports change constantly, so it is good to see them on at least a monthly basis. This company only provides it four times a year. Other than that things have gone pretty good with them. The customer service is really good. The last time I called the person who answered was perky and ready to help.

0 votes

Great customer service makes this company one of the best in the business. A company can have millions of bells and whistles, but if you can't understand them and have no one to explain them to you, they aren't worth much. Whenever I have a problem/question, I call a customer service rep at ID guard and they answer my questions.

0 votes

They say on the site and it's true that it's a lot harder to recover from ID theft than to prevent it in the ffirst place. And I would add a lot less expensive to prevent it. Yes, they do have fees, but if you were to have to pay for the mess once someone has stolen your identity, you would gladly pay the Identity Guard fees--and then some!

0 votes

I received a free one-year membership to this service because my debit card was one of those involved wit hthat whole mess at Target. My debit card company actually replaced the card immediately, so I wasn't too worried, but I figured, for free, why not? The service was fairly simple to set up, and works either on your computer browser or through its own dedicated app on your Smartphone.

While I appreciate having the service for no cost, I will not be renewing my membership once it expires. The ... cheapest plan, which is what I have, ordinarily costs $10 per month. More comprehensive plans cost $20 and $25 per month, respectively. The membership I received did not include a credit score; I would have to upgrade my membership for that. The additional expense is not worthwhile to me, especially when I can check CreditSesame and obtain my credit score for free. I am not saying that the service is not worthwhile, but there are other things that I can do with $120 every year. More Less

0 votes

Great site that gives you recovery assistance if you need it and features up to 1 million in insurance. These are hefty safeguards when it comes to your financial infomration. If you have a problem and need someone on the phone, they are there most of the time.

0 votes

They provide you monitoring of all three of your scores, which is really important, as this will indicate if something is going on. I also like how they scour the black market websites looking for anything out there that would indicate that someone has stolen your identity. That way you find out sooner than later and can be on alert and make any changes necessary.

0 votes

Pretty good company. They do a great job of monitoring whether someone is making use of your SS# and other personal information, and they also let you know right away. My biggest beef with them is that I only get a copy of my credit report four times a year. I'm sorry, but for me that just isn't enough. I want to be able to access my credit report 24/7.

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