MyFICO is the credit reporting website of Fair Isaac Corporation, a leading provider of credit scoring and credit account management products. FICO is based in San Rafael, California and was started in 1956 by engineer William Fair and mathematician Earl Isaac: creators of the ubiquitous FICO credit scores. Fair Isaacs has around 1,300 employees and generated $789 million in sales in 2014. The company is a BBB accredited business and has a rating of A+.

What Services Does MyFICO Offer?

MyFICO offers full credit reporting, monitoring and identity theft protection. This includes credit reports and FICO score 8: the credit score most lenders use, from all three credit reporting bureaus. It also offers additional FICO scores, such as the scores used by insurance companies. In addition, myFICO provides daily monitoring of all credit reporting agencies data, alerts of any credit changes, has a $1 million identity theft insurance, and monitors black market websites, court records and cash loans companies for the misuse of users' personal information.

MyFICO is hard to beat when it comes to credit reporting and monitoring services. However, these services come at a price. The basic program only uses Equifax's credit report. You have to register for the premium programs to view the reports of all three credit bureaus.

How Does MyFICO Work?

MyFICO offers two one-time credit monitoring products and three subscription-based services. The one-time products: FICO Standard and FICO Score 3-Report View include credit reports, scores and analysis of either one bureau or all three credit reporting agencies, depending on whether you go for the basic or premium version. The subscription-based programs: Score Watch, 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring and Identity Ultimate, offer either credit reports and scores for one bureau, all three credit reporting agencies, or all-three bureaus plus a comprehensive identity theft protection program.

As with all identity theft and credit monitoring services, users must first open an account and confirm their identity by providing their full name, address, date of birth and Social Security Number.

How Much Does It Cost?

MyFICO's products offer what is arguably the best value for money, if you're interested in knowing your FICO score as well as your credit reports. The FICO Standard costs $20 per credit bureau, while the Score 3-Report View is $60 for all three. Yes. There's absolutely no discount for getting all three credit reports.

FICO Score Watch costs $15 a month or $150 a year. The 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring subscription is $25 a month, which does provide a significant discount over the single-bureau subscription. FICO's Identity Ultimate is priced at $30 a month or $329 a year. The Identity Ultimate is arguably the best value for money among the credit reporting services that also include identity theft protection available at this moment. It's worth highlighting that although subscription services do renew automatically you can cancel them at any time. So, even if you only want a one-time peek at all three credit reports and FICO scores you are better off subscribing to 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring and cancelling before the month ends.

How is MyFICO Better/Worse Than Other Credit Reporting Companies?

MyFICO is probably the leader in coverage when it comes to credit monitoring and credit scores. It is one of the few companies that offers credit reports and FICO credit scores for all three credit bureaus without charging ridiculous prices. This is one the perk of being the company with the patents for the credit scores the overwhelming majority of lenders use. The company has 50 years' experience in the business, is accredited by the BBB and has an A+ rating.

The only two real drawbacks with myFICO is you have to purchase the premium products to get all three credit reports and scores, but the premium products are still competitively priced. The other one is it doesn't help users fix credit report errors, They have to do that directly with the credit reporting companies. The main complaint users have is they didn't realize they were registering for a monthly subscription service. This is particularly an issue when myFICO throws a 30-day trial period offer, which is usually priced at $5 but comes with an automatic renewal for one of their subscription services hidden in the small print.

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0 votes

This service is pretty good, but kind of odd the way you pay for them to monitor only one credit bureau. The FICO score watch is useful and not that expensive. I have to admit being a little overwhelmed and confused by how they operate, though. For instance, why do they only look at one credit bureau at a time when they have access to more?

0 votes

I wanted a company that monitors all of the credit reporting bureaus. This one does not monitor Experian, which I don't like. I thought that since it was FICO it would be monitoring them all. So I'm not sure if I'll stay with them. I do like the constant monitoring of my FICO score though.

0 votes

FICO should be able to get you your Experian credit report information. Aren't they the head honchos of this whole credit thing? That confuses me, as does the fact that I onlyget a credit report every three months with this place. A lot can happen in three months. Yes, you will see a difference in your FICO score, but when people put new accounts on your credit it could take awhile to reflect in your score.

0 votes

Totally cool that you can pay and get your FICO score. This company generates and reports your score, so they hve the right one! Other credit bureaus only have their approximation of FICO, but FICO has the real thing. I think that kind of knowledge is worth paying for.

0 votes

I am so happy to get my true FICO score from this company.This score is really the one that decides a lot of your financial future, so monitoring it on a regular basis throgh myFICO is one of the best things you can do for your financial future. They will let you know when the score goes up or down.

0 votes

Before my FICO score was this mysterious number that opened or closed doors when it came to getting loans. So when I found out I could sign up and get my score, I jumped on the opportunity. It is good to get the score, and I like getting the quarterly credit reports. Pretty good overall, although the price is a bit much.

0 votes

There is so much to worry about nowadays when it comes to protecting your finances and identity. I would like to go back to the good old days of not worrying about these things, but that seems to be in the past, so this is the next best thing. I like how they give me the monitoring updates of my FICO score and the report every three months.

0 votes

Admittedly, it sucks that this company doesn't give you any monitoring of your Experian credit data. And I also don't like only getting my report every three months, but I do know that lenders tend to use your FICO score the most, so that being said, it is the most important. This company generates and monitors your FICO score, so that number is the most important!

0 votes

Be careful. They have on their site 4.95 per month--big as day, which makes you think, oh, that's not too much. I'll sign up. I did that, only to find out a month later that it rose to 14.95 per month from then on. Really confusing, since other sites either charge you from the get-go or give you a free trial.

0 votes

I got fooled by the 4.95 listed on the website as the amount to monitor your FICO score. That seemed reasonable, so I signed up, only to discover that it shot up to 14.95 the following month.This seems a bit pricy to minitor your FICO score, but not give you access to all three credit bureaus. I know for a little more I can go to another site and get all that.

0 votes

I signed up for this service because I thought it would give me ready access to my credit report whenever I wanted, but it only gives me a report of my Transunion credit data every three months. That is definitely not enough! I like that I get the FICO score, which they say lenders use, but I want it more often.

0 votes

I know some people are upset that you can't get ahold of your credit report but every three months, but I honestly don't have time to examine mine more often. That being said, I know how important it is to keep track of your credit report and score, so I like the way that myFICO monitors your score and report and lets you know when things are awry.

0 votes

I was initially primarily interested in monitoring my FICO score, because I was trying to buy a house and every little point makes a huge difference. So that means that this service has served me well. Now that I am a homeowner, though, I think I would like something a little more comprehensive, so I am looking into companies that monitor and give you reports of all three credit bureaus.

0 votes

Nice online dispute resolution tools. They really helped me when I had a couple of disputes to take care of. Other companies didn't seem to have as good tools as these.I also like how they search the internet for any weird things going on in terms of you possibly being a victim of identity theft.

0 votes

Pretty comrehensive service. They give you your FICO score and even search the internet for indications that your identity may have been stolen. They also have good tools on the site for fighting incorrect things on your credit report. I feel like who woould know better about fixing your credit report than them.

0 votes

Overall this place seems to be a bit pricey for what you get. For one thing, they don't have a 30-day free trial or even a 7-day free trial like many places. Instead they give you a 4.95 trial and then bump the price up in a month. You don't get as much as some places, though. For instance, they don't provide you with data from Experian, which is just as important as the other crfedit bureaus.

0 votes

I got tired of hearing about my FICO score and how important it was to my financial future, so I searched my fico score and found this company. They give me my score on a regular basis, which allows me to monitor it and make sure that it doesn't change. Now I know my FICO rather than just hearing about how important it is.

0 votes

It's true that most lenders use your FICO score when making financial decisions, so this number is almost as important as your social security number! I am glad I can get monitoring of my score so that I can make sure I'm heading in the right direction and avoid any problems.

1 votes

MyFICO is the consumer division of Fair Isaac Corporation, FICO, the company that developed the FICO Score. This gives MyFICO the competitive edge of being able to both generate and monitor your FICO scores. Although most companies do offer 24/7 monitoring of your credit reports, few will monitor your actual FICO scores and certainly not for $14.95 a month. However, MyFICO only provides 24/7 credit monitoring of either your Equifax or TransUnion credit data -- depending on which product you purchase -- and will not monitor your Experian credit data. ...

Lackluster One-Time Reports vs Creative Credit Monitoring Solutions

While MyFICO's one-time credit report and score products are expensive and don't provide anything new, its credit monitoring plans are much more attractive and offer real value for money when compared to similar plans sold by other credit monitoring companies.

- FICO Standard- ($19.95) is a one-time credit report and FICO score based on the credit data of either Experian*, Equifax or TransUnion. The only advantage for buying FICO's 3-Report View is you get all three credit scores and reports (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) for $54.85, a $5 saving. Experian and Equifax offer similar services for $39.95 and you can even get all three reports and scores for free, if you are willing to jump through a few hoops by registering (and cancelling) for free trials from each company.

*MyFICO only provides access to Experian data with their one-time credit score and report products. This is not included in the ongoing 24/7 credit reporting plans detailed below.

- Score Watch $14.95 a month supplies 24/7 monitoring of your Equifax credit data and your FICO score; spells out the factors that are affecting your score; allows you to simulate how financial decisions will affect your FICO score; and supplies tools that help you achieve your financial goals for $14.95 a month. For example, Score Watch will alert you if your FICO score changes enough to impact your potential interest rate if you applied for a home mortgage, refinance or auto loan. If you want to test drive Score Watch before committing to a subscription, MyFico has a $4.95 month-trial available.

- MyFICO's Quarterly Monitoring plan ($4.95/month or $49.95/year) gives you a detailed report of your TransUnion credit data and FICO score every three months. The detailed report includes your account balances, credit inquiries made on your credit data and any negative account instances. The plan also sends you alerts if there are any alterations to your credit information; searches the internet for suspicious changes or activities that may indicate identity theft; and also includes a $25,000 identity theft insurance policy and an identity theft resolution assistance helpline. FICO's Quarterly Monitoring plan is an good deal for consumers looking for a complete credit monitoring plan for less than $5 a month.

Great Deal, Big Caveat

An added bonus of MyFICO is that it gives members free online dispute resolution tools, a service usually offered exclusively by the three credit reporting bureaus. FICO scores are still the most widely used credit scores by lenders; which is why MyFICO's credit reporting and monitoring services are a top option for those applying for credit. MyFICO's relatively inexpensive credit reporting plans allow you to see how your FICO credit scores change through time and includes useful tools that help you make smarter spending decisions; build your credit; and reach your financial goals. However, the fact that FICO only monitors the credit data of either TransUnion or Equifax and ignores the credit data of Experian will disappoint those looking for a comprehensive credit monitoring service.
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0 votes

Overall, fair review for them. They do give me my FICO score on a regular basis, but I have to wait forever for my report--think it's three months. I was on another site that allowed me to download the report wheenever I wished. I found that much more useful--as I wanted to assure myself that no one had opened up accounts in my name.

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