MyScore.com is a credit reporting and monitoring website, and a provider of identity protection and fraud detection. 

What Services Does MyScore.com Offer?

MyScore.com provides credit reports, daily monitoring and credit scores from all three credit reporting agencies. It also offers consultation services to help undo the damage caused by credit fraud. Another feature of MyScore.com is a complimentary subscription to My-Rewards, which provides access to free products and coupons. This is a dubious benefit, as it amounts to registering for a coupons newsletter. One benefit of My-Rewards that is probably worth keeping is its complimentary roadside assistance, which offers a maximum of three claims for towing, tire change, jump start or fuel delivery services of up to $100 each claim.

MyScore.com does not provide users with their FICO scores or identity theft protection services.

How Does MyScore.com Work?

MyScore.com has three levels of credit reporting and monitoring coverage. The basic credit membership provides full access to TransUnion's credit report and score for $6.95 a time, and daily monitoring of Equifax and Experian. Daily monitoring means MyScore.com does not allow you to see your credit report but will contact you within 24 hours of any changes to your credit file.

The premium credit membership offers unlimited access to TransUnion's credit report and score and daily monitoring of Experian and Equifax's credit reports. The ultimate credit membership offers full and unlimited access to all three credit reports and scores.

However, MyScore is only clear on the cost of purchasing a credit report from TransUnion for users with a basic credit membership. This is because the website focuses on providing a free 7-day trial which automatically converts into a $29.95 monthly membership. According to certain reports, the 7-day trial only provides access to TransUnion's credit report and score. A full membership is required to access all three credit reports and scores. It is not clear which level of coverage the $29.95 buys you and there are many complaints against MyScore.com for being less than clear on the coverage they provide. Therefore, if you do chose to become a member, make sure you call MyScore.com and confirm what services are included in your membership.

In order to confirm their identity, users must open an account with MyScore.com and provide their full name, address, date of birth and Social Security Number, as well as a credit card or other method of payment.

How Much Does It Cost?

MyScore.com does not price its three tiers of coverage individually. The 7-day trial is free but converts to a $29.95 monthly membership once the trial expires. It's not clear which level of membership this will buy you.

How is MyScore.com Better/Worse Than Other Credit Reporting Companies?

MyScore.com gives access to all three credit reports and scores. Users who register for the 7-day trial can receive access to their TransUnion credit report and score for free. It is also backed by a large company that is a leader in the identity theft industry and has an A+ rating with the BBB.

However, MyScore.com does not specify which credit scores it offers. One thing is certain, they aren't FICO scores: the scores most lenders, insurance companies and other service providers use. MyScore.com's pricing schedule is confusing to the extreme that it doesn't specify which coverage is offered once the 7-day trial ends. The membership price of $29.95 is expensive for a product that doesn't include identity theft protection or FICO scores. Many users complain they didn't know they were agreeing to a monthly membership when they agreed to the 7-day trial. As always, it pays to read the terms and conditions carefully before making a purchase, even if it's marketed as a free trial.

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  • 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring
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0 votes

scam artists!!!! they have been stealing from my account for a year now! I've called them over 6-7 times and they're the rudest most disgusting people to talk to! They are condescending and liars! Do not even go to their website!

0 votes

All I can tell you is never sign up with MyScore.com for credit monitoring. It's not a great service to begin with and trying to cancel the monthly billing is a nightmare.

They will continue to charge you as long as they can because they know if you dispute the charges, the most you get is your money back. No consequences for them.

0 votes

I had a charge on my card @ 4am today. I NEVER signed up for this Bull Crap.... Its a SCAM!!! DON'T DO IT!!! THEY ARE LIARS!!! I had called this morning to ask them to put the money on my card.. He told me no... I was treated very badly by a guy named FRANK!!! rudest man ever! He said to me "Do you not check your e-mails and then giggled.. that to me is a SLAP in the face. Basically saying you got played lady. He said I ... signed up on april 1st... I know for a fact I didn't sign up.... AND DIDNT RECIEVE ONE EMAIL FROM THESE MORANS!!!! THIS ISN'T OKAY HOW THEY SCAM PEOPLE THEN ARE RUDE AND TREAT YOU LIKE YOU HAVE NO BRAINS... AND THE GUY DIDNT SPEAK VERY WELL ENGLISH.... I HAD TO ASK HIM TO REPEAT HIMSELF MANY TIMES! More Less

0 votes

Yeah, the charge you, but you can call this number for a refund 855-421-9615 . It's like the supervisor number. I called it and got a refund the next day, so you should too.

0 votes

Ian a new member on this site and I had trust with the site thinking it's a christian,I just used my master card to pay for my membership that is $29.95 but to my suprise after one hour I was send message to buy more credit!!!is this site a scam or what?please can i get my money back?jane

0 votes


0 votes

I cancelled my service. This was on my record by never happened, so I continued to be charged. It took my 45 minutes on the phone to finally get my refund.

0 votes

The 7 day free trial is NOT a "free" trial. Be aware that there is a $1.00 charge that i feel would not get refunded if not caught or asked about. I don't think people know about this $1.00 charge.

0 votes

They make it very difficult to cancel and try to keep offering other items and they make sure to tell you all the other thing you will no longer be able to use without the account like their roadside assistance and cash for surveys online too. I never would have used these things through them anyway. I had to be very stern that i wanted it cancelled and that i didn't care what other options they could give me...

0 votes

My daughter unknowingly signed up (was required to go to this website for job applications) and was billed 29.95 for 2 months which I caught on her bank account. I called them and told them she didn't even know she had signed up and they said because she didn't cancel after 7 days she was paying for a monthly membership. I told them to cancel her and have received a refund for half the amount I was told I would get and have called 3 more times about the other ... 29.95 and keep being told 3-5 business days so I will inform VISA. I feel they are fraudulent. More Less

0 votes

Was waiting for my scores and after 20 minute it never popped up so I tried logging into the site my password did not work reset my password tried my password again still did not work when I requested another link it never came. Calling to cancel

0 votes

after the 7 day trial period, I was charged 30 dollars. I called to cancel my account and get a refund back on my account and I have yet to receive my refund, and if I am charged 30 dollars again for this account, even after I canceled it I am going to flip. Go to Credit Karma instead.

0 votes

i decided to try them out. Site is terrible, very little info. I signed up to rewards magazine sub, never received. After 4 months of $30, I think I'll try somewhere new. Not good value. And they keep emailing me to sign up even though I'm a member! They aren't owned by CSID. They are in Tennessee.

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