Privacy Guard is a credit reporting and monitoring website owned by Trilegiant Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Affinion Group, Inc. Affinion Group is a membership-based provider of travel, shopping, health, dental, entertainment, and consumer protection services. The company was launched in 1973, reported a net revenue of $1,243 million in 2014, and has a B+ rating with the BBB. However, in the last three years it has received 1025 complaints with the BBB and in 2013 reached a $30 million settlement with 47 states and the Department of Consumer Protection over misleading advertising and charging for unauthorized services.

What Services Does Privacy Guard Offer?

Privacy Guard offers users access to their three credit reports and scores, plus daily monitoring of their credit file and email alerts when there are any significant changes. Privacy Guard also provides identity theft protection services. This includes alerting clients of suspicious changes to their credit report and access to a team of fraud recovery specialists who will help contact creditors and with fill paperwork if you are the victim of identity theft or fraud.

Privacy Guard does not provide users with their FICO scores or identity theft insurance. The scores it does offer are generated by CreditXpert Scores, not the credit bureaus or FICO. These scores are only useful for educational purposes, they are not the scores used by lenders.

How Does Privacy Guard Work?

Privacy Guard is subscription-based service that starts with a 14-day $1 trial. If you don't cancel the membership within the 14-day trial period you are effectively agreeing to an indefinite subscription to their credit reporting and monitoring services.

In order to confirm their identity, users must open an account with Privacy Guard and provide their full name, address, date of birth and Social Security Number, as well as a credit card or other method of payment.

How Much Does It Cost?

Privacy Guard has a $1 fee for a 14-day trial, after which it charges $19.99 a month until users cancel the service.

How is Privacy Guard Better/Worse Than Other Credit Reporting Companies?

Privacy Guard gives access to all three credit reports and includes scores based on data from each reporting agency. Users who register for the 14-day trial can receive access to all three credit reports for free. Privacy Guard is backed by a large corporation that specializes in membership-based services that has company over 40 years' experience and a B+ rating with the BBB.

However, the scores offered by Privacy Guard are not FICO scores or the proprietary scores of Experian, TransUnion or Equifax. So, although the scores do help users get a better understanding of their credit profile, they are not the scores used by lenders. Hundreds of users complain they didn't know they were agreeing to a monthly membership or that they paid for services they never authorized. The $30 million judgment against Affinion for misleading advertising and unauthorized is a good reminder of the importance of reading the terms and conditions before making any purchase. Remember that accepting the 14-day trial gives Privacy Guard the right to charge you its monthly fee until you cancel the subscription.

  • Max Monthly Fee
  • 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • Online Credit Education
  • Identity Theft Insurance
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0 votes

You get your credit report and score from this place, which is saying a lot. I've found many sites that only give your score, but that doesn't allow you to check out what is really happening with your credit. I would recommend going to PrivacyGuard for this, if nothing else.

0 votes

They say that their resolution team is good, and I would have to agree. I had some things to get off of my credit report, and I was shocked that they worked with me so much to get those things off. My credit report is now clean, and I owe it to them!

0 votes

This place has a nice system that allows you to interface and customize what you want. For instance, you can set your own credit score alerts. So you can determine what sort of changes would trigger an alert. The site also has educational aspects that help you learn about your credit score and how it is affected.

0 votes

I had a credit dispute that I actually found out about when I was with another credit monitoring service.They weren't able to help me, but PrivacyGuard was. They walked me through the dispute after helping me identify that there was indeed an error. I would recommend it.

0 votes

The daily credit monitoring is great no matter where you get it, but it isn't worth much if you don't know where to turn if something is indeed wrong with your credit. Privacy Guard has a credit information hotline that gives you a place to call where credit professionals can help you file disputes.

0 votes

Read the fine print and you will be fine. This place charges you a $1 for their services, but only initially. That is for 14 days and then they start charging you the regular subscription rate. Make sure to cancel or just don't do this if you don't want the hassle. Go to one of the truly free sites, instead.

0 votes

Really like that this company uses all three credit bureaus. I just left a place that only used one of the bureaus, and I always thought that was so limiting. Now I know that I'm getting much more thorough information about my credit from all three places. This doesn't provide your FICO score, but having all three is pretty close.

0 votes

Nice place. They monitor all three credit bureaus for any changes in your credit report, and this is huge. Something could change on one, and if you only have access to one, you have no idea what is going on! I have had them find something on just one of them.

0 votes

I get notification via text and email whenever my credit report changes or if something is showing up that shouldn't be. This gives me peace of mind and really makes me feel more in control of my credit. In the past I felt like there was nothing I could do. Now I know better.

0 votes

The identity theft protection here is worth the money of the subscription without all the many other services! I found out right away that someone had started to steal my identity, so I was able to stop it in its tracks. PrivacyGuard walked me through everything that I needed to do.

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