The largest business crowdfunding platform dedicated exclusively to helping companies raise capital.

Fundable is a powerful fundraising platform that enables Startups to quickly engage a large network of Backers to raise capital.

How Fundable Works

Create a Profile
Each startup must create a Company Profile that provides an overview of the company, product, and funding goals. Newly created profiles are reviewed by the Fundable team to make sure that they are a good fit for the platform.

Choose Rewards or Equity (Set Fundraise Terms)
Startups can offer potential backers Rewards or Equity in exchange for funding (but not both simultaneously). Rewards are items of value, such as a pre-order of a new product or services the startup can render in exchange for support. Equity is a share of stock in the company offered to a Backer in exchange for capital. A successful Rewards raise can be a great foundation of support for a subsequent Equity raise.

Market your Fundraise
Fundable is a powerful platform for marketing your fundraise. Utilizing our step-by-step Profile Creation Wizard, you can quickly showcase your company and begin sharing your fundraise with friends, family, colleagues, customers, and the media. By exposing your fundraise to a comprehensive support base, you increase your visibility and identify new channels of support. Ancillary benefits include new customers, a more engaged social following, and advocates in the media.

Gather Backer Commitments
Backers can easily view your fundraise and commit funds to your company directly through your profile. For Rewards raises, the minimum commitment for Backers can be as little as $1, and backers can make a simple contribution via credit card. For Equity raises, the minimum commitment is $1,000. Equity commitments are processed offline (these are typically wire transfers and checks).

Collect Funds
Fundable uses an "all or nothing" fundraise model which means Startups must meet or surpass their goal in order to successfully collect funds. At the end of a Rewards fundraise, all funds are automatically collected and transferred to the Startups' bank account. For Equity, all commitments are processed offline after the close of fundraise.

  • Equity
  • Non-Profit
  • Rewards
  • Creative
  • Real Estate
  • Small Business
  • Technology
  • Flexible Funding
  • No Campaign Fee
  • Processing Fee
  • Foreign Currency Transaction Fee
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Fundable is designed exclusively for business owners and entrepreneurs to obtain funding to launch or expand business ventures through crowdfunding. Fundable projects have been successfully funded for large sums -- hundreds of thousands of dollars, even one million dollars, so this is not just for bootstrap ventures.

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