Arbitronix is a commercial debt settlement company that represents businesses in debt difficulty. It is is managed by David Fishman and was founded in 1989 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its sister company DebtBusters provides debt settlement for individual consumers, while Arbitronix provides the back end negotiation and debt settlement services for other debt marketing companies that focus on generating leads and lets Arbitronix manage negotiations on their behalf.

How Does Arbitronix Work?

Arbitronix is the opposite of a debt collecting companies. While debt collecting companies are hired by creditors, Arbitronix represents the businesses struggling with debt disputes. Arbitronix negotiates debt reductions and settlements with creditors, agents and collection attorneys. Arbitronix also looks at the financial health of companies and suggests ways businesses can leverage or generate money to pay off debt and protect their company from bankruptcy. Commercial debt settlement is an unregulated business and Arbitronix can operate in all 50 states.

Arbitronix Inc. has a franchise program that provides new businesses with the training and know-how to start a debt settlement company. Franchises provide a storefront and marketing support while Arbitronix Inc. acts as the negotiation expert and takes care of the debt settlement and negotiation.

Arbitronix also helps businesses resolve disputes and arguments that are not necessarily related to debt. These businesses hire Arbitronix as a representative to intercede for them, which frees them from time consuming conflicts and allows them to focus on providing the services and products that will help them generate a profit. 

How Much Does Arbitronix Cost?

Arbitronix charges customers a fee based on how much it reduces debt for them. The fee can range from 35% of the savings to whatever fee Arbitronix and its clients agree to. Notice Arbitronix only charges a fee when a settlement has been achieved. No savings, no fee.

Representation contracts with Arbitronix don't require a monthly maintenance fee or consultancy fee. The period it takes to settle debt problems generally ranges from 12 to 36 months. 

Arbitronix doesn't charge any fees until it has started saving you money. However, it does charge a small retainer to clients. This retainer can be returned although the cost of work that has already been performerd will be deducted first.

What Is The Minimum and Maximum Debt You Will Consider?

Arbitronix doesn't have a maximum or minimum debt balance. However, generally cases with less than $1,000 in debt can be handled by the business themselves without the intervention of Arbitronix. 

How Is Arbitronix Better Than Other Debt Settlement Companies?

Arbitronix has over 25 years experience and is made up of debt settlement professional that are leaders in their profession and have played a part in the writing of the Nevada State regulations on debt settlement. Arbitronix offers debt management marketing companies the foundation on which to build their business. It particularly targets businesses and charges a risk free: no win/no fee. This is refreshing in a market with so many companies asking for prepaid fees. 

  • Minimum Debt Owed
  • Debt Type
    Business Debt
  • % of Debt Fee
    Starting at 35%
  • Pricing Model
    Contingency Fee (% of enrolled debt)
  • IAPDA Member
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