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1 votes

Excellent. Couldn't believe this would work, but it did. I love this company. They dealt with my creditors aggressively after they would not give me a break at all. Worth the commitment.

2 votes

Great customer service. Miranda is great and so is Alex. There are others but I can't remember their names. I was enrolled by one of the reps who was very friendly and three of my accounts are already settled in a year. I think for some of the people who say they couldn't reach them, they were calling the wrong number. I was always able to get through. Sometimes I would leave a voicemail but they would always get back to me within a reasonable time.

2 votes

I love this company. The payment was low and they settled all my accounts. It's what I signed up for...

3 votes

totally agree. I started with them this past september and spoken with an agent just once. They do not return my calls nor emails and it feel like im paying out a ghost on a monthly. I spoke with a rep from the company that recieves my payments and when i mentioned Churchhill they were suprised the company was still operating. I will try to contact them another time and if no response im backing out. won't recommend to anyone.

3 votes

Courteous and professional staff. Trustworthy debt relief firm that will provide realistic evaluation of your options. They stand by what they say which is why they are Accredited with the BBB and their negotiators are certified as well. They are good at returning your calls and keeping you informed once you are enrolled.

3 votes

Strong performance results, exceeds expectations and works hard for each and every client.

4 votes

I was referred to this company by a friend, who has had her debt worked on by Churchill. I was nervous but she encouraged me to try it and I loved the results. I was 50k in credit card debt and they managed to get me great settlements with the creditors I owe. In no time, all my debt was gone. The reps are very helpful and answered all my questions via phone or email. They eased my fears by explaining the program and as well as keeping me updated. ... Just as my friend referred me, I will pass the torch onto others in need of debt settlement. More Less

3 votes

Not sure where these negative reviews are coming from. I had two large debts and each of them were settled in the mid 30% range. I'm told it varied by creditor but these results were fantastic. Also, I never had a problem getting in touch with Churchill. Even if I had to leave a message I would get a call back within the day typically.

5 votes

Look for other options! VERY, VERY Hard to get in touch with. Sometimes days before returning a phone call. They do extra charges in the background so you need to be very attentive to details. Communication is not a priority with this company, My wife and I had to call on daily basis to get any responses. Several accounts went to court cause of the slow workmanship with this company.

6 votes

I just recently looked into one of the Churchill debt consolidation products. For some time I've been making minimal payments on my credit cards and a flexible loan, and I never get around to making extra payments to clear them.

I contacted Churchill...

After initially speaking to an (hard sell) advisor, I thought their product may be for me! They took my bank details to take an initial payment off of me and sent me the paperwork.

What I found in the documentation and small print was this:

Over 55 months of payments, the ... total to pay back was nearly 8% more than the current low loan apr (7.9%) products.

Your credit cards would appear in arrears throughout the duration of the loan. So if you need to apply for another card, not sensible if you're trying to clear others I know! But this could cause problems down the line and it would be nice to have the option!

The other thing I found was that you would need to keep paying their management fees - up to 36 months if you wanted to clear the debt early. This works out to be considerably more than the early repayments penalties on some of the better loans available.

To sum up, I feel that acquiring a loan with a low apr and a reasonable early repayment fee would be the better option for most!

Sufficed to say I cancelled my agreement and didn't lose any money.
More Less

6 votes

This company employs true professionals that helped me when I was in desperate need. As an educated, business-minded individual I was looking for a company that was realistic, honest and transparent about solving my debt problems and Churchill delivered. If you need help, this is your best option - there is no doubt.

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