National Debt Relief is a debt settlement company based in New York City. Since it was founded in 2008, it has helped more than 100,000 families resolve over $100 million in unsecured debts. National Debt Relief is a BBB accredited business and has an A+ rating. It is a member of the American Fair Credit Council, AFCC, and all its debt arbitrators are members of the Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators, IAPDA.

What Type of Debt Relief Services Does National Debt Relief Offer?

National Debt Relief’s debt resolution services include debt settlement and credit counseling. National Debt Relief will work with most unsecured loans, such as credit card debt, department store cards, installment loans, unsecured business debt, bank fees, closed cell phone accounts, medical bills, and back rent.

National Debt Relief will not work with secured loans, such as mortgage loans, taxes, and auto loans. On the other hand, it won’t assist with child support, speeding tickets, car repair bills, insufficient fund checks, insurance policies, check cashing businesses, and bail bonds. Neither will it assist with recent cash advances or large luxury purchases when three to six payment have already been made.

How Does National Debt Relief Work?

National Debt Relief’s debt settlement process starts by opening an escrow account in the name of the client. The client has complete control over the account and starts making deposits. This account will be used to negotiate a settlement with creditors for a discounted lump sum payment. National Debt Relief manages the escrow account, negotiates the settlement with creditors, and transfers the settlement payments.

Savings obtained through debt negotiation varies from case to case. For instance, a sample of debt settlements with Bank of America during 2015 showed debt reductions ranging from 25% to 52%. A similar 2015 sample for Avant showed debt reductions ranging from 26% to 65%.

On average, National Debt Relief clients enjoy savings of 50% their original balance: 30% if you include fees.

To qualify for a debt relief program with National Debt Relief, you must be able to make monthly deposits into your escrow account. In most cases, the monthly deposits are lower than the monthly payments they were previously making. Once there are enough funds in the escrow account, National Debt Relief starts to negotiate a settlement with your creditors. This process applies to every account in the program until each one is settled in full. Typically, debt accounts are settled within 24 to 48 months.

How Much Do National Debt Relief's Services Cost?

On average, National Debt Relief charges a fee of 20% the initial balance amount. However, fees vary from case to case. National Debt Relief will not charge a cent until it has performed its services and settled your account for a reduced amount.

There are no upfront fees and all costs are included in the monthly program payment. If you spread the cost over two to four years – the average time to resolve an account – it works out as an annual fee of 5% to 10%.

For example, if you owe $50,000, and National Debt Relief reduces your debt by 50%, you will pay your creditors $25,000 and National Debt Relief will receive $10,000 (average fee of 20%).  That represents a saving of $15,000, 30% of the initial balance.

What Is the Minimum Debt National Debt Relief Will Consider?

National Debt Relief only considers customers with $7,500 or more in debts. However, it also arranges debt consolidation loans that are particularly designed for smaller debt balances.

How Is National Debt Relief Better Than Other Debt Settlement Companies?

National Debt Relief provides the following advantages:

- It is accredited by the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC)

- All debt consultants are certified by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators, IAPDA.

- It is accredited by the BBB and has an A+ Rating

- Has helped over 100,000 clients since it was founded in 2008

- It offers debt negotiation and resolution services for a wide variety of unsecured loans

- New customers receive a free initial consultation.

- National Debt Relief doesn’t charge any fees until it has settled your account.

On the other hand:

-  National Debt Relief does not accept customers with less than $7,500 in debt.

- National Debt Relief does not work on certain unsecured loans, such as car repair bills, insufficient fund checks, insurance policies, check cashing businesses, and recent cash advances.


  • Minimum Debt Owed
  • Debt Type
    • Unsecured Debt
    • Business Debt
  • % of Debt Fee
    20% - 20%
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No Monthly Consultancy Fee
  • Pricing Model
    • Contingency Fee (% of enrolled debt)
    • Contingency Fee (% of savings)
  • AFCC Member
  • Contingency Model
  • Free Consultation
  • IAPDA Member
  • In-House Servicing
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