Where does Rescue One Financial do business?

Rescue One Financial is a debt resolution firm based in Irvine, CA. It was founded in 2010 and offers debt resolution services in Washington, DC and 22 states around the country.

What does Rescue One Financial do?

Rescue One Financial offers debt relief services for unsecured debt such as credit card debt, personal loans and medical debt. Business debt resolution is a specialized area of debt resolution that Rescue One Financial has expertise in. Rescue One Financial also has specialized expertise in student loan debt relief.

What does Rescue One Financial charge?

Rescue One Financial operates on a contingency fee basis. Companies operating under a contingency fee model charge fees that are based upon a percentage of the debt at the time the consumer enrolled; occasionally they are based on a percentage of the savings negotiated by the debt-settlement company. Across the industry in general, debt settlement clients typically see a 45% to 60% reduction of their enrolled debt. Rescue One Financial's fees start at 21% of the enrolled debt depending on the amount of enrolled debt provided. Debt relief service pricing / costs can vary greatly from one client to another so it's best to speak to Rescue One Financial directly to determine an accurate quote. 

Does Rescue One Financial offer a guarantee?

Yes, Rescue One Financial offers a money back guarantee. Visit their website for more details.

What is the minimum debt Rescue One Financial will consider?

Rescue One Financial will only consider customers with unsecured debt of $15000 or more. Customers with less than $15000 of unsecured debt may benefit from a debt consolidation loan or credit counseling services.

Does Rescue One Financial perform its own servicing in-house?

Yes, Rescue One Financial employs its own in-house servicing staff who manage the process and negotiate settlements on behalf of their customers.

What accreditations does Rescue One Financial have?

The two main trade associations in the debt relief services space are the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC) and the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA). Rescue One Financial is an accredited AFCC member. Rescue One Financial is an IAPDA member.

  • Minimum Debt Owed
  • Debt Type
    • Unsecured Debt
    • Business Debt
    • Student Loan Debt
  • % of Debt Fee
    Starting at 21%
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No Monthly Consultancy Fee
  • Pricing Model
    • Contingency Fee (% of enrolled debt)
    • Contingency Fee (% of savings)
  • AFCC Member
  • Contingency Model
  • Free Consultation
  • IAPDA Member
  • In-House Servicing
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0 votes

Rescue one financial saved my life when I was going through the most drastic phase of my life. Their suggestions helped me a lot. I recommend them to everything looking for financial suggestions.

1 votes

Outstanding experience. They kept their promised and performed well. Keep the good work up guys.

1 votes

It was a pleasure dealing with Rescue one people. They are very nice and know their job. Their opinions were honest and reliable.

0 votes

Edgar Sanchez is the person that reached out to me by email. The send the info. to the wrong address because the young lady that took it got it wrong, even after I spelled it out for her. Edgar Sanchez called me at 9:00pm to tell me that he was still working on my loan, but that was not the case he was trying to find a company that would loan me the money. You see this is how it works, the are a consulting firm they ... shop your credit with several different companies and charge you a fee for doing so if you get a loan with them, and when they can't they try to get you to consider a consolidation plan which will DESTROY your credit. They are a big SCAM, please look at the pre-offer that they send you in the mail very closely. What the letter states is that they will help you lower your credit card debit by giving you a loan to consolidate and lower your interest on the cards you have. However, you never get the loan to do that because the claim your debit to ratio is too high. If it was low why would I be getting a loan from them? That is the point why you apply based off there letter or I would not have applied.......What a SCAM.....everyone should RUN. More Less

0 votes

As the name was rightfully given, Rescue one really rescued me financially when I was going through a drastic situation in my life. Thanks guys.

0 votes

Really thankful to Rescue one financial people. They are knowledgeable and know what they're doing. Would love to refer them to others.

0 votes

Can't thank enough the Rescue One guys. They saved my lot of money and saved me from a bad situation. Really thankful to them.

2 votes

Rescue one financial was my life saver. These people are professional in true sense. Their advise saved my thousands of dollar and saved me from being blacklisted.

3 votes

When it comes to a financial crisis, you're just a poor guy. And that's what happened to me when I had a heart surgery last Jan. My life and business were going well and I was paying my regular EMIs and bills on time. But after my heart attack I kind of lost control and hence got into deep crisis. At that time I found Rescue one Financial. With all their advise and support, I was able to get out of the tough situation. I'll be thankful for the Rescue ... guys for rest of my life. More Less

2 votes

A few months back I found myself overwhelmed with personal locals and credit cards and had really bad time financially. I was unsure what to do - thought to get another loan, when one of my friends told me about a repayment program. He suggested me to give a call to Rescue One Financial. There was little paperwork on my part and everything moved quickly from my initial conversation with the Rescue One Financial agent. They helped me a lot getting rod of my bad time and improved my credit ... score. Thank you so much. More Less

3 votes

Rescue One Financial helped me when I was going through the most drastic phase of my life. Really thankful to them.

4 votes

Great customer service, so thankful to Rescue one financial. You guys really got me in the right program.

4 votes

We've had a really tough time with our finances this year. I wasn't at all excited about using a third party to help us, but these guys really came through. We must have had 2 or 3 calls with them before making the decision. The paperwork was exhausting, but understandable.

We're thankful that Rescue One was able to answer our questions and get us back on track for a better year. Highly recommend!

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