LendingHome is not a bank. It doesn't have retail branches, doesn't take deposits and funds are not FDIC insured. It doesn't use a bank to issue the loans either. LendingHome is a licensed mortgage banker that acts as a direct lender. After closing, LendingHome usually sells the loans to investors via its mortgage marketplace. 

The platform connects investors and borrowers and handles the entire mortgage transaction.

  • Intended Use
    • Investment/House Flipping
    • Primary Home
  • Loan Amount
    Starting at $50000
  • Min Loan
  • Terms
    15, 30
  • APR
    Starting at 3.557%
  • Initial Processing Fee
  • Institution Type
    Direct Lender
  • Funding Time
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All I can say is that after spending many years working in call centers environments where establishing trust and rapport via phone (void of face-to-face body language), there are few who can master overcoming such limitations, wherein trust and rapport are garnered very quickly.

Such individuals are the exception and sadly, not the the rule. Mauricio Montalvo is one of those exceptions and I am not complementing him as much as I am acknowledging his abilities and contributions.

Chances are the challenge in his life will be to retain such ... abilities/facets during and after much adversity that has been planned for many of us.

In a world fraught with evil, if there is no empathy, evil prevails. When we have empathy for others, evil perishes. And those who are empathetic (sincerely caring without caveat) are stronger than those who are not empathetic.

It goes without saying there are varying degrees of empathy. And that is where situational ethics comes into play. You already understand what that is and the value it holds as well. While I do not have a crystal ball, what I can say is that I do not believe in coincidences and it has been a very long time since I had such a fruitful dialogue with someone while trained to follow certain protocols, was still able to do satisfy said protocols while still conveying a sincere and caring regard over the course of the call, from start to finish.

Such souls have the capacity to both touch other people's lives and to also give hope and reassurance that in the end, as a species, there are still good souls doing good work, helping people, and in their own respective way, making the world a better place.

In all the houses I have had the privilege of working for, I never forgot that the customer is king, and that even the best of people have brushes with adversity and external influences they may not have any control over, or worse, were not empowered to be able to plan for.

When people are struggling to find their way, and it is you they end up talking with, we give them our best and if they too are sincere and empathetic, they come away with a sense of affirmation and validation and renewed or enhanced faith that things will somehow be okay, not just for themselves, but the world. Such conveyances have the power of being a most precious gift to give and receive. Such in-tune attributes, along with others, will likely be what carries us through.

People can and do make a difference. One's vocal tone, pitch and inflection have the capacity to transcend the currency of communication we call words. Maybe that is why that maxim about 'It's not what you say that is as important as how you say it.'

At the end of the day, all relationships, be they personal, professional, or familial are predicated on trust. Without trust we have nothing to build on. Gaining said trust in people is challenging enough for most people and even more daunting when being done via phone.

Organizations which depend on their people to have top-flight phone skills sets can never get enough of the kind of people we have been talking about. Organizations wish they could figure out a way to teach such skill sets. However, like talent, you either have it or you do not. And while some people can learn and hone it, those who fare best are those who go about it naturally.

I had a most positive and inspiring experience in visiting with Mauricio Montalvo. As long as he can see his way clear to not succcumb to the temptations that often follow success, he will do well in whatever endeavor he undertakes that involves helping people.

Christopher K. Todd, MBA

Respectfully Yours,

Christopher K. Todd
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