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I still miss my Manilla App, despite everything the other sites just do not do what Manilla did. I loved everything in one place and the others do not allow all your bills in one nice spot

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Being the wishful thinker that I am, I still talk about Manilla to my friends. Whenever anyone asks about money management/bill pay options, I always bring up Manilla, like it will magically reappear. That has yet to happen, so I have had to replace this beautiful app with something a little less than amazing. It gets the job done, but not in the super reliable way that Manilla managed to do.

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It is 2015 and I am still lost without my Manilla app. You'd think in this time someone would have made the other financial apps better or purchased the company Manilla was from, but no. All of the other applications I have tried have been mediocre compared to what I used to experience with Manilla. The loss of this app has greatly affected me financially. I keep missing due dates and have had to pay a bunch in late fees....

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I really dislike the fact that Manilla shut down without selling the company or at least doing anything else with the app. It left so many customers out in the dust. We relied so heavily on this app for our daily needs, we were even willing to pay for the app, but the company shut down anyway. It left me alone and I've been serial trying all of the other money apps out there. Still, nothing is the same.

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I would gladly pay for Manilla if they brought it back into use. My financial management has not been the same since. I used to save so much money using this app because it saved me from paying late fees and missing my bill due dates. Now I feel like I am paying money everywhere without any reason. Manilla was like a personal money manager that made life a little more convenient for us all.

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I have tried all of the other financial management apps out there since this one closed down, and nothing compares to Manilla. I would PAY for this app if I had to, that's how much I loved it. This one is the easiest to use and the most reliable for every day bill management. It is also the most convenient, because it includes everything that I need to keep track of in one spot. I wish they'd bring it back!

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Manilla has ruined me for all other apps out there. Ever since the app shut down, I am unable to find another similar enough to Manilla. I used to check in on this app on a daily basis, since the first day I downloaded it. Now I am left without an app that is as reliable as the one I used before. I just don't trust any other apps, nor do I think they are as reliable for me. I am deeply hurt that they closed down, and my financial ... app experience will never be the same. More Less

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I would pay for Manilla in a heartbeat if I had to!! I'd used it for so long and I relied on it so much. It really is a shame that it closed down because it was the best app for money management. I don't know why it all had to shut down, because I do know that it had quite a following. Bring it back and we will pay! No other apps do what Manilla did, and no other apps are as well designed.

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I don't pay for ANY of my apps on my phone, but I would definitely pay for Manilla if I had to. I have tried Check since Manilla's untimely demise, and it doesn't quite cut it. Not that it is bad, it just doesn't do as good of a job as Manilla did. I would pay a monthly fee for this app if they could only bring it back. It was the best thing out there for paying bills and nothing else is as easy to use.

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If only another company would have swooped in and had taken over Manilla so it didn't have to close.. that would have made my life much, much easier. I have tried a dozen other apps for my money and only one comes close. But it really doesn't match Manilla. The interface is so sleek and easy to use on Manilla, and it is hard to find something similar. They should re-open this app so we can all breathe easy again.

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I had the bad luck to begin using the service *right* before the announcement that the whole works was shutting down. So now I have to start the whole process over again with another service. It's really too bad, because Manilla really works well for me.

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I am very scatterbrained. Manilla helps me so much because it A) Automatically updates my payments/bills & B) reminds me when a bill is past due or is coming up. yeah sure a calendar could tell me the same thing, but it won't tell me if I've only partially paid the bill or if I've forgotten it altogether and I don't have to remember to actually put it on the calendar. On top of that, Manilla has your new bill in pdf format ready for you to review or save. ... I don't have to go every site, and accidently forget about one because there are that many. I love having it all in one easy place. I hate to see Manilla go, it is by far my favorite app on my phone. More Less

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Manilla is a great way to reduce paper clutter and avoid missing bills. I already have most of my bill on autopay, so Manilla didn't save me that much time. But if you still receive bills by snail mail or need to log on a bunch of websites (or worse, call or send checks) to pay for credit cards, utilities and other bills, you are going to love Manilla. The registering process is painless; I registered all my bills within 5 minutes. An additional benefit of having access to all ... your accounts with one login is you can create unique and hard to guess passwords without having to remember them each month. Being able to check the status of your bills on their app is also useful. More Less

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Manilla is an online account and bill organizer that is for bill management what Mint.com was for budgeting: a game changer. Manilla's simple and intuitive user interface gives you the ability to access, pay and review all your bills and accounts, 24/7, from a secure website or slick app (iPhone or android).

For the price of free, you get a portable bill tracking system that allows you to avoid the clutter of paper documents and kiss goodbye the waste of time and resources of shredding financial documents.

How Does Manilla ... Work?

When you register, you link your accounts, such as credit cards, insurance, banks, utilities, and loyalty programs, to Manilla by providing your accounts username, password and security questions. Depending on how many accounts you have, this can take from five to 20 minutes. Manilla supports more than 3,500 businesses and you can even add accounts that are not available online, such as your rent, babysitter or window cleaner.

Once you register an account, Manilla does all the leg work for you and collects the information you need to manage your account.

SuperMoney Tip: Save time and ensure you don't forget an account by using Manilla's email account import feature, which searches through your email and automatically populates your desktop with accounts you have used in the past.

Bill Reminders

In 2012, 28% of middle- and low-income households paid late fees on their credit cards. These fees quickly add up and can seriously damage your credit score. Manilla automatically sends reminders for all your accounts, so you never have to pay another late fee.

Tip: Although a great feature, bill reminders can be a pain, when you keep getting reminders for accounts that are set on autopay. You can stop the reminders by going to the account's settings page and changing the reminder setting to autopay: it's the last checkbox in the notifications tab.

One Key to Unlock Them All

Your Manilla username and password gives you access to most of your accounts. As you no longer have to worry about remembering the login details of each account, you can create more secure usernames and passwords and change them more frequently. At the very least, you can stop using 123456, the most common password in 2013, as your password for online accounts that have access to credit card information.

Tip: Auto login for some accounts only works on specific web browsers. For instance, my Capital One account will not auto login with Chrome, only Firefox and Safari. Make sure your Manilla password is unique and ultra-secure. The usual guidelines apply: use a long password that combines numbers, upper and lower case letters, and special characters.

Store Your Document on the Cloud

Despite aggressive marketing campaigns to get people to their bills by email, only 11% of customers choose to choose to go paperless, according to a study on paperless billing by InfoTrends. Yet a large percentage of consumers do choose to pay their bills online. Why? Many like having a physical bill or statement they can file for future reference without having to trawl through thousands of emails. Manilla saves each bill and statement as a PDF file, categorizes it by account and stores it safely for whenever you need to review it.

Getting late adopters to go paperless bills is one of the reasons Manilla can offer its service for free. Companies usually pay between 75 cents and $2 for each document they mail their customers, so they're happy to give Manilla a commission for every client it can tease away from snail mail billing.

Tip: Remember that if you add an account to Manilla you are in effect requesting paperless billing and will no longer receive documents by mail for that account.

Share Your Bills

Manilla's Bill Share is an innovative feature that allows you to securely share and co-manage your bills with your family, roommates or accountant without having to give out additional personal information or add them to your account.

This is much safer than sending sensitive information by email and makes it easier to help your kids or elderly parents with budgeting and managing bills.

Security & Privacy

One of the biggest issues people have with bill management services like Manilla is the creepy feeling of having so much sensitive information in one place. As you would expect, Manilla uses high-level security measures, including AES 256 encryption and biometric validation; and Its policies and practices are verified by leading security agencies, such as TRUSTe and Verisign. So your information is as safe as it can be.

Manilla does share some information, such as your browsing activity, with business partners. It also gathers what its privacy policy calls “broad demographic information”, which is valuable data for a marketing company, such as the Hearst Corporation: the parent company of Manilla. Users who put a lot of value on their privacy, may shudder at this. Yet, the sharing of customers' “metadata” has become standard procedure, particularly with financial websites.


Manilla focuses on providing a simple, intuitive and effective way of managing all your bills without the need of a finance manager. This saves time; increases the security of your online accounts; provides payment reminders; avoids late payments; and simplifies the sharing of bills with friends and family.

Some of Manilla's features may be redundant for users who have already switched to paperless billing and use autopay on their accounts. Yet, Manilla's digital mailbox service alone, which creates a PDF copy of every account document your receive and includes it in a searchable database, was enough to make me give it a try. More Less

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I had so many different accounts relying on this app. Without it, I feel completely and utterly lost. I have tried a few other apps but it is not the same. They do not manage my accounts like Manilla did. I almost feel like I need to use a couple apps to do what Manilla did. I want to put the ease of use from one, the bill pay options from another. I am extremely disappointed that they closed down. But, what am I to do.

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Been using Manilla for a long time now and the best thing is that I never missed a bill. Thanks to their timely reminders. I'm guilty of not following up despite reminders, but having auto payments set up from my checking account, Manilla is sort of like a double check that alerts me for missed payments if at all any. Great service and nice to see it grow over the years!

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Manilla is Mint minus the graphs and budgets, plus statements, rewards, and quasi bill payment. If you're looking for a place to help you make the whole account statement download and storage problem go away, then Manilla is your tool.

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I use this site to keep track of all of my bills. They make it super easy and the best is that it is free. I get reminders before each bill is due along with the amount.

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