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0 votes

Yeah you tell me I really will be approved but it's all lies then before I knew it I'm getting all kinds of spam emails and phone calls ffrom. Companies I didnt give my permission for them to share my info with NOONE! THESE PEOPLE ARE WAC PROFESSIONAL LIERS! And the ONLY reason I give one star is because I t don't let me post unless I picked one star I feel their racial. Thumbs down

0 votes

This app is so insanely helpful when it comes to remembering to pay your bills. They put everything right in front of you so you can easily see when your bills are due. You also have all your accounts right there so there's no guessing. This helpful little app prevented me from having an overdraft fee within the first month I downloaded it! I almost forgot that a bill was coming out and hadn't deposited my check, but it saved me.

0 votes

My banking institution is a widely known chain and for whatever reason Money Stream does not have it as an option. I can't even get past the initial sign up because they don't have my bank! With the other financial apps I have used in the past, I've never had this issue. Like I said, my bank is widely known AND a chain, so I don't know why they don't have it. Obviously there bank selection is very limited and very inconvenient.

0 votes

I downloaded this app and added a few of my bank accounts to manage for easily. But you can't even delete an account once you add it to the Money Stream app! Apparently you have to contact the app's support team, which I just don't want to do. This is so extremely inconvenient because you should be able to completely manage your accounts on the actual app.

0 votes

Great great great great app! I used to forget to pay by bills on time all the time before I got this nifty app. For the first time, I'm on top of my financial situation. No more forgetting to pay bills when everything is right on your phone! I wouldn't change a thing about this app, because I honestly think it's perfect. I've used other popular financial apps and I like this one a lot more. I would recommend it to a friend.

0 votes

I love not having to open multiple apps or look into multiple accounts to get my financial info. After adding all my accounts to Money Stream, it automatically sensed all of my regularly recurring bills and created a schedule of payments and bills for me to review. How smart!! I like this app as an extension of their online services. This app is awesome and I've already recommended it to my family.

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