Azimo is a London-based financial services business specializing in international money transfers involving currency conversion. The company operates in over 190 countries while supporting more than 80 currencies. Unfortunately, sending money from the U.S. is not currently an option.    

What Are Azimo’s Transfer Fees?

Transfer fees vary based on the currencies involved and the delivery method.

- For basic transfers to a bank account, Azimo charges a lower fee. For example, sending money from Great Britain to France incurs a fee of £1 while sending money from Spain to the U.S. has a fee of €2.99.

- For transfers through SWIFT, a premium financial messaging network, fees are higher. For example, sending money from Great Britain to France has a fee of £12 while sending money from Spain to the U.S. has a fee of €12.   

How Fast Are Azimo's Transfers?

Delivery speed varies based on the delivery method chosen as well as the currencies and countries involved.

- Regular bank account transfers are often completed within one to three working days.

- SWIFT transfers generally have a delivery time of twenty-four hours or less, which allows for either same-day or next-day availability.    

Azimo's Backstory

Launched in 2010, Azimo was co-founded by a financial services guru named Michael Kent and a social media whiz named Marta Krupinska. The company has its headquarters in London with 20,000 banks and 270,000 cash pick-up locations spread throughout the world. Azimo is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority and registered with HM Revenue and Customs in addition to being a member of both the United Kingdom Money Transfer Association and the International Association of Money Transfer Networks.

Who Can Benefit From Azimo?

Committed to making the money transfer process easier, safer and more affordable, Azimo is for individuals who aren’t satisfied by the transfer fees and restrictions normally associated with international transactions. Currently, individuals can send money from the UK, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Switzerland. Unfortunately, this means Azimo is not useful for individuals trying to send money from the U.S.  

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Azimo?  

This is what we love about Azimo:

-  The basic transfer rates are competitive.

- SWIFT transfers have a twenty-four hour delivery time.   

- There are cash pick-up locations spread throughout the world.   

- You can complete your transfer online.

- There’s a 100% money back guarantee.

- Customer support comes in eight languages.

What We do not Like About Azimo:

- You can’t send money from the U.S. or from many other parts of the world.   

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0 votes

I transfer money overseas regularly, as an ex-pat, and always use the service offering the best exchange rate. On this occassion, it was a small amount of cash I was sending and Azimo offered the best rate, even taking into account their £12 transaction fee.

When the money arrived with the recipient, the $390nz transfer amount had become only $360nz. I expect the receiving bank to take a small fee but in my experience this has never been more than 1.5%. A fee of 7.7% (on top of the £12 ... already paid) is ridiculous and unheard of. On checking with the recipient, their bank confirmed that no charges had been applied upon receiving the funds so must have been applied by the sending company.

Assuming this must be a mistake I contacted Azimo who very rudely and abruptly told me that this was the fee of intermediary banks which they have no control over and, essentially, told me to go away and stop complaining.

In my opinion, Azimo are a cowboy outfit with astronomical hidden charges. Their claim that the fee of intemediary banks is outside of their control is a lie as having used upwards of 10 different forex companies I have never been charged anything beyond a small commission from the receiving bank.

I advise you avoid Azimo entirely. Edit
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0 votes

Yes probably a scam company. I applied for a job with them. Avoid this company. I sent them my CV for a Customer Service Specialist French Speaker position in Krakow. I got an e-mail reply from London office a few days later to set up a Skype interview in next few days (1st red flag). Why? They gave no choice of day or time. I checked website realized they are a start up and said OK I will answer with two days, one morning one afternoon. E-mails went back and ... forth to set up a time and they asked for my Skype ID. I did not give this to them until hours before the interview. They then confirmed without providing their own Skype details (2nd red flag). I also noticed e-mails were cc’d to a manager. I already had a feeling about what was to come. Lo and behold interview time comes and go no Skype request/Skype call, no phone call and of course no e-mail. Nothing. Oddly they wanted the interview not me! 2.5 hours later the following e-mail came:

Hello ******, I could not reach you today. Please let me know if there was a technical problem and if you would like to schedule another meeting with us next week.

I couldn’t help but chuckle. I ignored the e-mail. I checked Skype. A request sent 2 hours after they no-showed. Lovely. I blocked them in a split second. God I am so glad I dodged a bullet! With the advent of the phone, e-mail, Google Hangout etc. there is no way any serious company can fathom providing such BS excuses unless they are looking for stupid people! Common sense would dictate contact candidate by the same method you used until the interview maybe 5 or 10 minutes after interview time to see if interview is still possible or not, certainly not 2.5 hours later! To be fair start ups have a name for being selfish, money minded and unprofessional with worst workplace cultures imaginable to man! Lesson learned on my part. Best to avoid them. Good thing is this happening early in process allowed me to pull rug from beneath them and stop their craziness.
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0 votes

Not even sure if I ever will see my 650 pounds I send two different transfers, and they should have arrived in China the next day, but did not, also the other transfer should have arrived, and NO REPLY to emails, and the online chat is not working, is this a scam company ?

0 votes

Avoid at all costs!!!!! I paid for transfer immediately and the money was debited straight away. Azimo cancelled the transfer with no reason given. Its been 5 days and they have still not refunded my £1462.77 phone calls are unanswered. Emails are ignored I have contacted trading standards to investigate this company Your phone is still not working. I have contacted my bank and have been given the faster payments tracer id 00153425632bhrbmjq

0 votes

Most incompetent online transfer ever used. It take me 2 minutes to send money from high street transfer shops. Registration bit of pain system application failure to verify UK driver licence id... I was asked to scan copy of Driver Licence via email to complete registration and verification, to my surprise (Emila) says scan copy too small do you know how to use enlargement in word apps?... Ask to send my Bank card detail and statement for verification. Bluntly refused will ... never send my Bank card copy and statement to anybody as its personal and confidential information... My transfer was cancelled and still waiting for refund . I will be contacting the Financial Authority if these people got right to ask you to scan yr Bank card and statement for verification? More Less

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