Chase QuickPay is a free person-to-person payment service offered by JPMorgan Chase Bank. As long as you have a Chase checking account or a Chase Liquid card, you can enroll in Chase QuickPay to electronically send money to anyone with a U.S. checking or savings account.     

What Are Chase QuickPay’s Transfer Fees?

- Chase does not charge customers to send or receive money when using Chase QuickPay.  

How Fast Are Chase QuickPay's Transfers?

Processing speeds can vary depending on the recipient’s bank account.    

- If you're sending money to another Chase customer, the transfer will typically be processed in a matter of minutes and no later than the next business day.

- If you're sending money to someone whose bank supports real-time payments and is part of the clearXchange network (which includes Bank of America, Capital One, FirstBank, U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo), the transfer will typically be completed within minutes and no later than the next business day.

- If you're sending money to someone whose bank isn't in the clearXchange network or doesn't support real-time payments, transferred funds will typically become available within one to two business days.

Chase QuickPay's Backstory

Chase QuickPay is a special service offered by Chase, which is the U.S. consumer and commercial banking business of JPMorgan Chase & Co. The financial services firm is headquartered in New York, operates worldwide and has $2.4 trillion in assets. As a member of the clearXchange network, Chase is committed to helping individuals send and receive money in a way that’s most convenient.   

Who Can Benefit From Chase QuickPay?

Chase QuickPay was designed to better serve Chase customers. If you already have a Chase checking account or a Chase Liquid card, using Chase QuickPay is an easy way to exchange money with friends and family when you need to pay a babysitter, split a dinner bill or send a gift. To initiate a transfer or transfer request, you don’t even need someone's banking information--you just enter the recipient's email address or mobile phone number.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Chase QuickPay?

This is what we love about Chase QuickPay:

- Chase QuickPay is a free and fast service.

- You can initiate the money transfer online or through the Chase Mobile app.  

- You just need to know the recipient's email address or mobile phone number rather than banking information.  

- If the recipient doesn't accept your Chase QuickPay payment within ten business days, the payment will be canceled and you will be notified of such by email.

What We do not Like About Chase QuickPay:

- You must have a Chase checking account or a Chase Liquid card to use the company’s QuickPay service.

- Your recipient must have a bank account to receive funds.

- International money transfers are not supported.  

  • Minimum Amount
  • Transfer Destination
    • Bank
    • Personal
  • Transfer Speed (days)
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0 votes

I've tried to use Chase Quick Pay twice. Both times, I eventually received a notice for both that they did not deliver the checks.

In one case, I verified that the check had been delivered and cashed, and in the other it was never received.

I called to discuss, and got a complex answer that it depends on what bank THEY use. Not something I'm typically privy to!

HIGHLY unreliable, depends on where THEY bank. I WON'T BE USING THIS SERVICE AGAIN!

0 votes

Not quick at all! I receive money this way from my client every month and it takes 24 hours to show on chase after I receive a email that I have money waiting to be accepted. Then - after I accept the money they will process it for 48 hours or 2 business days, then it will show pending on my account, then 24 hours after that the money will be available. I takes my time to babysit this process and never mind if there is a weekend ... in there because those days do not count in the above. On my clients end with wells Fargo it states that the money is there within a few minutes to 24 hours - total lie! The only thing that happens in a few minutes is the email - the rest is 5 working days. I bank at chase by the way. More Less

0 votes

I used to be able to transfer money using Quickpay to someone who doesn't have a Chase account. Although it took a couple of days to get across the transfer used to work. Not any more. When I send now, it looks "successful" at my end but the recipient has trouble getting the money. Some sort of error. On the upside, if you can call it that, the money never left my account.

0 votes

I do not like this quickpay stuff at all. It takes forever for chase to send a verification code for you to verify your email address. I bank with other banks and when I want to transfer money, it is simple and easy. Not none of this quickpay stuff. Not convenient for me and my family at all.

0 votes

I was recently sent money with this horrible service, but when I clicked "accept money" I received nothing. It is a week later and I still don't have the money. The money was sent by my mom and she doesn't have the money either. Pretty sure Chase just robbed us, so if you're looking for a trip to court with a large business, I guess QuickPay is for you.

0 votes

A complete nightmare of a service to use if you aren't with Chase. If someone asks you to use this and you don't have a Chase account, RUN. The money will never be worth dealing with this horrible shit.

0 votes

Quickpay is great if you have a Chase account and need to transfer money to people who also have Chase accounts. Very easy and almost instant transfer. You can do a one time transfer or schedule a recurring transfer. You can also request money from someone.

The major downside is if the person you are transferring money with doesn't have a Chase account. Sure they can sign up but in my experience very few feel compelled to. Transfers also are not as quick when going to external accounts.

0 votes

This is an excellent service offered by Chase to send and receive money at no charge. Is is not required to be a Chase customer, as long as you have valid e-mail address, you can create a Chase QuickPay profile to send and receive money.

I have used this to schedule repeating payments that gets e-mailed weekly, excellent service I highly recommends it.

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