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As a hands on company, Freedom Debt Relief contacts me regularly with updates. I also have an online profile to monitor everything, which is cool. I had a ton of questions but they were all answered without fail. I'm very satisfied with what they have done for me.

My husband and I got into debt when I had a health diagnosis and our insurance barely covered anything. Here came the credit cards… Well, a couple years later, Freedom Debt Relief has already settled one of our accounts in only a few months. We couldn't be happier and look forward to the other debts being settled.

I got my first settlement very quickly (in a couple months) but it seems to be taking forever to get another settlement. The reps are nice enough but I wanted this to be a quick process. I need to relieve my debts and clean up my credit, but I guess it's going to take a while with this company.

I'm so irritated with customer service. I cannot register for an account online, to keep track of my account. Customer service told me they'd do it, and never did. I can't even check up on my status. I hate paying for something when I don't even know if it's working.

I turned to Freedom Debt Relief after hitting some hard times financially. I worked with them to settle debts, which they did. Turns out, two of my credit card companies are filing lawsuits against me! What the heck. I paid, did everything I had to, now this?? Not fair.

After paying a bunch in upfront fees, one of my creditors ended up suing me. I inquired about it with Freedom Debt Relief and they dropped me from their program. No refund, nothing. They were quick to take my check, but when push came to shove, they couldn't handle it.