This company no longer offers payday loans.

About 1st Money Center

1st Money Center is a Texas corporation based in Hurst that provides short-term installment loans, lines of credit and payday loans in 28 states. It was founded in 2011 and its entire corporate stock is owned by Michael Brent Turner, the President and CEO of 1st Money Center.

How Does It Work?

1st Money Center offers lines of credit, single payment loans, installment loans, title loans and in some states it also provides an instant cash advance loan on the federal tax refund borrowers expect to receive. Some products are not available in all the states where 1ST Money Center operates.

What Are The Interest Rates?

Interest rates vary widely depending on state lending laws. The APR range in California is 51.48% to 244.33% APR depending on the amount borrowed and the loan term.

How Much Money Can I Borrow?

Loan amounts range from $500 to $3,000 depending on the state you live in. Notice that although marketed as installment loans, the APR is similar to the equivalent interest rate charged by payday loans and the terms are two to three months long.

Which States Does 1st Money Center Operate In?

1st Money Center operates in California, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Delaware, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, South Dakota, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Texas, Michigan, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Hampshire, Ohio and Rhode Island.

What Is the Application Process Like?

Borrowers can either complete a short application form online or call one of 1st Money Center and get a loan officer to help complete the application. The application process takes only a few minutes and applicants know immediately whether or not they qualify.

How Is 1st Money Center Better Than Other Lenders?

1st Money Center provides a wide selection of loan products for people with poor credit. Its interest rates can be as high as 245% APR but these are still competitive when you compare it to the rates charged by payday lenders. There are no prepayment penalties on installment loans, so customers can save money by paying early.

1st Money Center offers flexible repayment plans and loan amounts of up to $3,000. Applications receive an approval decision immediately and the funds can be deposited within the next business day. 1st Money Center also offers tax loans to Liberty Tax customers by using their future tax refund as collateral.

  • Loan Amount
    $500 - $3000
  • APR
    51.48% - 244.33%
  • Credit Score Range
    300 - 640
  • Immigration Status Considered
  • Military Status
  • Supported Income Types
  • Direct Deposit
  • Online Application
  • No Credit Check
  • Funding Time
    Next business day
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0 votes

I have applied for and received this advance for the last 3 years. Don't know why all the preparers in the above reviews promised clients they would be approved. You are not guaranteed approval and having good credit doesn't matter. I have bad credit. The loans are deducted from your tax refund unless approved. Most people hear what they want and then blame the tax office. Some people just assume they will be approved because of refund amount. I was explained this by my well qualified preparer. People are tax ... refunds aren't even guaranteed to be paid since the IRS can hold up your refund when they feel like it. Educate yourselves before you blame businesses. Like my preparer said don't sign if you don't fully understand all rules. I LOVE JACKSON HEWITT and have been a customer since 2006. Like my preparer said don't me cause you hear a dollar amount and just sign away. More Less

0 votes

Do not let these people take your tax refunds, avoid them at all costs.

0 votes

Awful.... Don't get scammed into Jackson Hewitt (JH) offering you a income tax advance loan, You'll just be disappointed with a denial!!!! JH stated "the only way you can get denied is if you owe back taxes or child support." We don't have kids or owe back taxes but was still denied!! I have good credit ...,, but get this....., they supposibly don't pull your credit report. JH just lost a customer of > 4 years even though I did really like our tax preparer. If I don't ... trust you I can use you!! No integrity! More Less

0 votes

My fiancé got our taxes done at Jackson Hewitt yesterday. Was told by the tax preparer that he was approved for $750 up front. All he had to do was wait on an email from 1st Money Center, put in his information, and the money would be loaded onto his JH card by the end of day. The email came, he put in the required information, and it said something along the lines of "we cannot approve you at this time." No reason was provided. He called JH and asked why he ... was not getting the $750 up front that he was promised. He was told that JH had nothing to do with it and he would have to contact 1st Money Center about the issue. He called the number that was provided to him, and was redirected to three other phone numbers. He wasn't able to get ahold of anyone about it. It is frustrating that JH preparers are promising people money up front, and this company is denying them with no explanation provided. It is even more frustrating that no one will answer your calls to talk to you about the situation either. If you have not done your taxes yet, do not go through JH, and definitely do not apply for the $750 up front option. Horrible service. More Less

0 votes

I used Jackson and Hewitt as well, and DID NOT recieve my loan of $600 that I was approved for. My tax prepper said it would be immediately. I have called Jackson and Hewitt numerous times with no luck of getting a straight answer, and I have called Money 1St Center, and they are acting like they don't know what is going, and with no direct answer as well. All "I don't know what to tell you" answers! I have a gut feeling I just lost $600 too. Very upset ... with this scam! More Less

0 votes

Basically if your not approved for the loan you will be loaning your $750.00 to them until they decide to give it back. Good luck actually finding a phone number or speaking to a real person

0 votes

I got the loan when I did my taxes they only sent me 600.00 dollars and the IRS sent them 750.00 a month ago they will not give me my money back can't get in touch will them and get the run around need my 150.00 dollars, do not do the refund it is a rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

0 votes

NEVER USE JACKSON HEWITT OR THIS PLACE. Wish I had read the reviews before we went. We have received our refund from IRS, but STILL have not received the $600.00 "Approved loan". Very disappointed and we could definitely use the money they deducted from our taxes.

0 votes

This company is a scam. Never do business with them.

0 votes

I had my taxes prepared at Jackson and Hewitt. The lady asked me if I wanted a refund advance for $600.00 and immediately I said yes. She said that I would get the money within an hour. She said First Money would send me a link, then I should fill in the application and the money is mines. I filled in the application and was denied instantly. I called Jackson Hewitt/ First Money Center to find out why I was denied, but no one knew why because I didn't owe ... any government loans nor the IRS. I feel that something fishy is going on. I trust God that I get all my tax refund without any delays. Prayer still works! More Less

0 votes

money center and Jackson Hewitt are both a scam never go there and the girl in hazelton named Stephanie says shes a manager she is as dumb as a bag of rocks. If you get denied they still hold your refund that is bull crap. Hazelton has the rudest tax prepares ever and the receptionist up there are as worse as her im assuming they lead by example useless.

0 votes

My husband and I went to Jackson Hewitt just for the $750 advance on our tax refund. We were approved within a few minutes and already have the cash in the bank.

1 votes

Same here go promise to get approved. DENIED!!! And I can't get a answer why I got denied. The only reason I went to jackson hewitt. It's a scam!!

1 votes

Jackson Hewitt is running a scam with them got denied the 750 and still don't have this 50$ Walmart card.pure ridiculous the fees are so high

1 votes

This place is full of it. They partner with Jackson Hewitt to get customers to do a refund which they will give you 750.00 towards you refund. Bull. Four people I know have done this with 3 being of very good credit, yet they were denied by this place. Once you do you taxes you are done and can't go anywhere else. If you need the 750.00 avoid this bank and Jackson Hewitt

1 votes

The tax advance is a scam!!!! I was told by a third party tax preparer that as long as I didnt owe the IRS or have previous issues with my previous tax history everything would be fine. Well It wasnt I was declined and have to wait 30 days to find out why. Im not sure who is scamming who either the tax preparer is scaming people or 1st money is.

1 votes

Approved nee for the loan then turns out i can't even pick my check up, so i don't even know if I'll own then anything or not. Thanks doesn't help that all their phone numbers are robots with not one real person to talk too. I should not have too drive 2 and a half hours o speak too someone

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