CashCentral is a licensed online lender based in North Logan, Utah that provides both payday loans and installment loans to borrowers with poor to bad credit. This review focuses on its payday loans but also highlights the main terms of its installment loans.

How Does It Work?

Customers must fill in an online form to determine eligibility. Application decisions are made within a few minutes. CashCentral is not a merit based lender. This means it pools the risk of customers when determining interest rates. This could mean you pay an interest rate that is higher than what your credit rating merits. What Are The Interest Rates? Interest rates vary from 214.62% to 1609.58%, which amounts to a fee of $15 to $27 for every $100 borrowed. Because of how they are calculated APR rates are higher the shorter the term of the loan. Installment loans have an interest rate ranging from 156.89% to 186.56%.

How Much Money Can I Borrow?

CashCentral's payday loans have low maximum amounts: just $255. Installment loans range from $2,500 to $5,000. A 24-month $5,000 loan would require 24 monthly installments of $634.34: a total cost of $15,224.

What Is the Application Process Like?

CashCentral's application process is fast and simple to complete. You need proof of source of income, a checking account in your name, two valid telephone numbers, your social security number, and to be at least 18 years old. The entire process, including cash transfer, can be processed within 24 hours or the next business day when requested during the weekend.

How Is It Better Than Other Lenders?

CashCentral has a simple to use and fast loan application process that allows you to receive cash within 24 hours of applying. The interest rates are comparable to other payday lenders and they offer installment loans in certain states, which have lower interest rates than payday loans.

  • Loan Amount
    $100 - $2000
  • APR
    214.61% - 2463.75%
  • Credit Score Range
    300 - 650
  • Immigration Status Considered
  • Military Status
  • Minimum Annual Income
  • Minimum Monthly Income
  • Supported Income Types
    • 1099 Misc. Income
    • Cash / Other
    • Direct Deposit (W2, SSA, SSDI)
    • Payroll Check or Prepaid Card
  • Loan Fee
    $15 - $540
  • Online Application
  • Max Loan Term (days)
  • No Credit Check
  • Funding Time
    Next business day
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0 votes

I literally wish I could rate your company a 0 stars. You are the worst. Your corporate representative Shawna should be put down (as in a dog) she is deplorable and a poor excuse for your corporate department. But seeing as though birds of a feather flock together, she had to learn her belligerent mannerisms from someone. Please keep in mind that we (your customers) pay your bills. Without us, you wouldn’t exist. For your company to to make arrangements from an Error that your company caused and ... not hold up to them is absurd. I could honestly say the first time it happened, two weeks ago, I was like ok. Mistakes happen. But now for it to happen again and receive no empathy but rather be spoken down to as if I’m doing something illegal is down right outlandish. I was hung up on 5 times. Your managers are pretty much children and couldn’t de escalate an incorrect address issue. I will be filing better business bureau complaints this evening. If your reps are unhappy and making so many errors....what does that say about your company? Thank you for lending me 300 and causing me over 120 in fees associated with your negligent associates. More Less

0 votes

Very poor customer service. KIA was very Rude and when i asked to speak to her supervisor she hangs up on me. Forget about emails too, they NEVER answer you back..

0 votes

There's nothing lower than 1 so I'll start there. By far the WORST customer service ever! Called their number no answer more than 30 minutes got tired of waiting, send them e-mails no response! I can bet one thing if you are 1 day late on a payment they will call you and e-mail you forever. I can't believe they are in business!

0 votes

Cash central have been a blessing to me, I applied online and the next day, the money were in my account, they were fast and professional customer service!!!! THE best loan I have ever had!!!!Thank you, Central Cash, I am a forever customer, and will gladly tell others about your company. Carolyn Arrington

1 votes

Please do not use this service. You can't get a hold of anybody. They will not answer you in their online chat nor emails. And yet they will email you to tell you that they are taking your money out. Again, be warn. Do not use this company. There are other places to go to but do not use this company at all.

1 votes

They lied to me and said 24 months at 5,000 loan would be 230.00 a month. The website says 534.00 a month with aprs as high as 1,000 percent interest. Dont give them your bank acct info!

1 votes

I applied & got approved but because of a mistake i made on my online app the loan didn't process so in order to get the loan i was told to send my info in.when i called to verify I didnt take the loan of the 2-3 times i called, i did not like the fact every time i called, only one rep, a woman by the name of Taylor was the only one picking up. It raised a red flag!!!!!!

1 votes

I took out a loan in July of 2015 and I have made 16 payments on time. I called to find out why only a small amount was being applied to the principle because according to my calculations the contract says 24 months and maturity date 06/2017 I should only have 8 payments left but the representative tells me I have 13!!! Really!!!! I will not do business with this company again!

1 votes

seriously if you get this loan you are a bonehead! The interest rate is 180% or higher which should be completely illegal. My husband signed up for one and I can not understand how this company is allowed to operate this way. I would like to take legal action, has anyone else done this with this business?

0 votes

Made all my payment for ten month, approx $4k went to pay-off still higher then the $2.5k I borrowed. Nothing had applied to principle.

0 votes

STOP FRAUD!!!! On April 10, 2015, I received a cold call a person from Cash Central. Stating that, I had fraudulent activity on my application. I said I didn't file an application because I don't need any loans. They will send me information showing the fraudulent activity. I did give them my P O Box address, no phone number, SSN, or date of birth. I did go to my bank to confirm if they knew anything about Cash Central. Nothing showed at the bank. I received a mail from them ... POSTMARKED May 18 2015, 38 DAYS AFTER phone call. In it was a fraudulent activity letter dated April 10 2015, an installment loan agreement dated April 13, 2015, and a loan start date of May 5, 2015, an authorized represensive execution dated April 10, 2015. I did not authorize, request, or wanted a loan or I did not sign any contract. But an installment loan agreement dated April 13, 2015, was produced. Even when on April 10, 2015, Cash Central went through with the application, which I have never seen or initiated. The loan account was opened. The account should have been placed on a hold status, or have been marked “restricted” until all details have been confirmed. On March 3, 2016, I checked my Experian FICO Credit Report and found Cash Central, open an account on April 20, 2015, 10 DAYS AFTER phone call and 28 DAYS BEFORE receiving any information about the account without me knowing about it. Also with knowing there was fraudulent activity in question. The FACT is that the loan account open, I did not receive any loan money, account statements, any late notices, any certified mail, any phone calls, or had anyone knocking on my door. When the did have my correct mailing address since April 10, 2015. Removing this fraud from my Experian credit score is not easy. More Less

0 votes

No good rating. Interest rate for my two-year loan was over 200%, far too high.

0 votes

I have been paying on my loan for over 2 years. When I called them to clarify I was told the first 3 months of payments only went to interest. Now, after all the time, only $50 of my $280 payment goes towards the principal. I also can not see the original contract anywhere on the website, nor can I see what the break down of what has already been paid.


0 votes

I just had the most horrific experience with Cash Central. I wanted to change my funding.bank information because it was not the right one. And I was not able to. The supervisor Stacy G. Stated that I needed to send a bank statement for them to make the change. I think that is so inconvenient, this is still in the preliminary part of the application. I havent accepted nothing, I have not agreed to anything. I was not helped, and assisted properly. It's so easy to say, " It's ... in our policy." More Less

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