Castle Payday is now Big Picture Loans.

Big Picture Loans is an online installment loan provider. Although Big Picture Loans doesn't require payment by the next payday, the interest rates it charges are similar to those of many payday lenders.

Big Picture Loans is owned by the Lac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians, which has its governmental headquarters in Watersmeet, Michigan. As a company owned by a federally recognized American Indian Tribe, it is immune from lawsuits. All transactions with Big Picture Loans are considered to have occurred on tribal land so the lending laws of your state of residence do not apply. Instead, the tribal laws of the Lac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians and federal laws govern the transactions.

How Does Big Picture Loans Work?

Big Picture Loans installment loans have a payment schedule that ranges from 12 to 44 payments depending on the size of the loan. Payments are made every 14 days, except for the first payment which has a term of 21 days. The initial payments only include the loan fee which make this type of loan particularly expensive.

For instance, if you borrow $1,000 it will take approximately 22 months to repay and you will only start to repay the balance of the loan by the sixth payment. The total cost of borrowing $1,000 when you follow the entire payment schedule is $9,916.25. However, there are no prepayment penalties, so you can reduce finance charges by paying off the loan early.

What Are Big Picture Loan's Interest Rates?

The interest rate for a Big Picture Loans installment loan range from 780.03% to 787.93% APR. However, you can reduce the APR considerably, if you pay the loan off early.

How Much Money Can I Borrow From Big Picture Loans?

Loan amounts for a Big Picture Loans installment loan range from $200 to $1,000. To illustrate how expensive it can be to borrow money using Big Picture Loan's payment schedule, it would take six months to repay $200 and cost a total of $856.25.

Which States Does Big Picture Loans Operate In?

Big Picture Loans operates in all 50 states.

What Is the Application Process Like for Big Picture Loans?

Big Picture Loan's application process is fast and easy. Borrowers only need to fill in a short online form. If all the information is provided by 2:00 pm CST, the funds can be deposited by the next business day. Castle Payday loan officers verify the information provided by applicants and contact them by phone or email with a final decision.

To qualify, applicants must have a steady and verifiable source of income of at least $700 a month, an active bank account, a phone, be at least 18 years old and a permanent U.S. resident.

How Is Big Picture Loans Better Than Other Lenders?

Big Picture Loans provides loans of up to $1,000 to people of all credit types. The application process is fast and simple to complete and borrowers can access their funds within the next business day. Although its regular payment schedule can be a very expensive way to borrow money, people can pay the loan in full or in part without incurring any prepayment penalty, which will drastically reduce the cost of the loan.

  • Loan Amount
    $200 - $1000
  • APR
    780.93% - 780.93%
  • Credit Score Range
    300 - 640
  • Immigration Status Considered
  • Military Status
  • Minimum Annual Income
  • Minimum Monthly Income
  • No Other Outstanding Loans
  • Supported Income Types
    • 1099 Misc. Income
    • Cash / Other
    • Direct Deposit (W2, SSA, SSDI)
    • Payroll Check or Prepaid Card
  • Direct Deposit
  • Online Application
  • No Credit Check
  • Funding Time
    Next business day
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0 votes

I recently took out an emergency loan from these guys. I set up my loan for a 3 month payback. I was able to pay off my loan in 2 months and it saved me some money in the long run. I would recommend these guys if you need money in a pinch and can pay it back in a few months.

0 votes

I was desperate. Process took longer than their ad. Somehow the name of my bank was entered wrong. I was told I could reapply with a corrected application. I was immediately denied. I was denied a $225 loan at over 500% interest!?!? I take home over $1400 a month. What do they expect !?!?!

1 votes

If I could give them no stars I would do that. Completely misleading!!

1 votes

I've closed my checking account. I'm paying ONE lump sum. That's it! Not a PENNY more!

0 votes

If I could give this a negative star rating I would. I got a $600 loan and after my 4th payment of $210 on a bi monthly schedule ($840) I was told I still owed $810!!!!!! They told me my loan interest would be $210. What they didn't tell me was that it was $210 per payment or $420/ month. My entire 4 payments went to interest and I still owe the principal. They did not send me a payoff sheet like a bank does at signing. I had to ... log in and found this out on my own. Do not use this company. They are located on an Indian reservation so federal laws do not apply to them I guess. SCAM,,,,,,,,, castle Payday is a SCAM,,,,,, More Less

0 votes

If I could give them negative stars I would. We thought we had gone over every prior to accepting the loan. We needed quick cash for an emergency and now we are worse off than what we were before. We took out $600 and if we follow their schedule, we will have paid $4000. What the actual eff?! What kind of scam company is this?!

0 votes


1 votes

I've never taken out a loan with castle payday, and after all the reviews I never will. You would have to be very desperate to let these thief's into your life.

0 votes

In addition to my other review directly from BBB site This business incurs a high volume of complaints related to the terms of loans it issues, applicable interest rates and the manner in which these terms are disclosed to consumers. Further, while the business continues to respond to consumer complaints, all responses refer to the business' extraordinary status as an "economic arm" of a federally recognized American Indian Tribe. This status overrides state law in many cases and allows for interest rates considerably higher than those allowed by ... standard sate and federal consumer protection laws.

Does Castle Payday's status as a Tribal entity have any effect on my loan?

A: The Lac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians is a federally recognized American Indian Tribe with governmental headquarters in Watersmeet, MI. Castle Payday is an economic arm of the Tribe, created by the Lac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians's Tribal Council, which operates under Tribal law for the Tribe's benefit. As such, Castle Payday is an entity with Tribal sovereign immunity from lawsuits. The Tribe, through its economic-development arm doing business as Castle Payday is dedicated to serving its customers efficiently and effectively. For any customer disputes that may arise, the Tribe has established the Tribal Dispute Resolution Procedure. For more information on the Tribal Dispute Resolution Procedure, please refer to your loan documents or contact Castle Payday. Q: Do either the laws of my state of residence or where I am applying for a loan govern my loan agreement?

A: No. Your loan agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Lac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians, and to the extent applicable, the laws of the United States. The laws of your state of residence or the state where you enter into a transaction with Castle Payday will not apply to any agreement you enter into with us. Indian Tribes are sovereign and are not obligated to adhere to state law absent congressional authorization.
More Less

0 votes

I just got off the phone with their Customer Service. After 3 months and already paying in over $800 for a loan of $500, I still owe $475. I get that, and knew going into it this was a 'juice loan'. However, my issue came when I requested (online) that an additional $25 be taken out (to somehow eat away this horrible loan choice) and their 'system' scheduled the next payment to come out on Feb 12th. Because I get paid on the 1st and 15th, there won't ... be any money in my account. I called to tell them to simply schedule this for the 15th of Feb and by the time they were done spinning the numbers, I would be paying another $190 !!! If you have ANY sense and are reading this, STAY AWAY from this lender. Sell your body, rob your kids piggy bank... do anything else unethical... you will sleep better than having come to these guys. The feds should shut them down... today. Hated to give them ANY star... should be a -1 !!! More Less

0 votes

Wow don't waste you're time and don't take any chance on this scandal! I got a letter stating I can borrow $800 and payoff was $1300. I went thru with the online application just to see if I qualified. Eventually, application was accepted and before I can even review the terms and conditions I received a phone call asking me to verify personal info and that final amount I will be paying is $8k!!!! For $800 are you kidding me!?! I rejected the offer immediately as I read the terms ... before she even finished telling me more information. She didn't understand why I didn't want to get the loan after all I scolded her and said look I did not agree to paying you $8k just to borrow $800! Please don't fall for this scam!! More Less

0 votes

Bad .. bad ... After 5 days i got nothing then when i call .. they said we can't locate ur bank account .... realllllly . Even if this us trye no phone call Wasting time ....

0 votes

castle payday is the WORST PLACE TO GET A LOAN...I never seen a rip off like this before in my life and they try to trick you to get more from your bank account

0 votes

I would rate them as zero stars if I could. Very misleading terms and massive interest rates. You'd be better off with a loan shark then these people. When I called a couple days ahead of time they informed me that they could not move my loan due date back 2 days because I didn't call soon enough?? But they also could not schedule a final payoff because I called too soon? The mind boggles.

2 votes

Castle payday is owned and operated by an Indian tribe on there sovereign reservation and are not licensed to give loans in any State, thus making their loans illegal.

If you have a loan from them that you cannot repay, simply close your checking account and open a new one so they can not keep taking money out of your account. Since their loans are illegal and are from a sovereign nation they have no legal recourse against you. Taking a loan from them is like crossing the border into mexico ... and getting a loan. If you decide to repay them the principle that is up to you. Several State Attorney Generals have told their citizens the same thing. Google it. More Less

0 votes

This is the worse experience I ever had in my life. The email I received said that if you loan 600 you will pay 200. WRONG!!!! You have to pay 4,000 for loaning 600 houndred. Now a guy named JAMES SCOTT is calling me to tell me that they will send me to court if I don't pay. They can have a seat, since I am not planing to go to any civil court. I had to close my bank account, after realizing this is a BIG SCAM! Just ... DON'T DO IT! More Less

0 votes

THE WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!! The finance fee is charged 5 times before your principle balance is even touched and you are not allowed to pay down the loan between due dates. . Major regulatory violations!

0 votes

I give them a minus star . I thought I was done paying but they say I wasn't . I stopped paying. They sent a arbitration firm after me told them that I was filing bankruptcy and they told that they couldn't be entered in on it because if they take it to court it would be for fraud!! How do they figure. I will be consulting an attorney

0 votes

They ask for too much personal info prior to any indication if you have been or not been approved!!! If approved I would understand why additional (bank) info may be needed!!! Letter that came in the mail looked so "mass produced".

0 votes

I'm convenced that the Castle Payday is writing their own reviews on here. I took out a $600 loan thinking that I was only paying a total of $810. They've been taking $210 out of my account every two weeks and I thought that after this last payment I should be done paying them off so I called to verify. While the gentleman was very professional he informed me that the $210 was a finance charge only and if I wanted to pay this off I need ... to add additional funds to the $210 every two weeks. I had no idea that this is what I signed up for. Anyone that signs up for this knowingly is crazy. And all that bull about them being on tribal land blah blah blah.. is exactly that..Bull. It's just not worth trying to sue them. I don't understand why the government or any state would allow an interest rate this high. If you don't plan on paying the loan completely off don't borrow from them. It's a rip off. More Less

0 votes

You have got to be kidding me people! This is the highest interest for a payday loan that I have ever seen. You better be able to pay it off in the first month or you will wish you never got a loan with these people. The interest is 3x higher than any other payday loan. Yeh, they are easy to get because they know they will own your soul. I got a $500 loan and paid $385 the first month on interest.

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