Continental Currency Services is a payday lender with 65 locations spread throughout California and Nevada. The company started in 1978 and provides a wide selection of financial services, such as check cashing, ATMs, Western Union wires, prepaid phone cards, money orders, debit cards, bill payment and insurance.

How Does Continental Currency Services Work?

Continental Currency Services offers fast access to small short-term loans to people with all types of credit. Clients are required to fill in a short term and provide basic personal and financial information, which includes their name, address, employment and income. Clients must have a steady source of income and an active bank account to qualify for a loan.

What Are The Interest Rates At Continental Currency Services?

Continental Currency Services charges fees instead of a variable or fixed interest rate. The fee is $15 for every $100 you borrow. This represents an APR of 391%. There is also a $10 one-time fee the first time you purchase a payday loan.

How Much Money Can I Borrow From Continental Currency Services?

Loan amounts range from $50 to $300. A $300 loan would cost a total of $45 in fees, plus a $10 fee the first time you requested a loan with Continental Currency Services.

Which States Do Continental Currency Services Operate In?

Continental Currency Services operates in California and Nevada.

What Is the Application Process Like At Continental Currency Services?

Continental Currency Services does not offer an online application form. All loan requests must be done in person at one of their locations. However, the application process only takes a few minutes and approval is instant. Applicants require a valid ID, proof of income and an active bank account.

How Is Continental Currency Services Better Than Other Lenders?

Continental Currency Services has over 35 years experience offering payday loans and other financial services. It offers and easy and convenient way of cashing checks, registering your vehicle, obtaining auto insurance, prepaid wireless minutes for cell phones, money orders, and it also offers a convenient and safe way to pay your bills.

Continental Currency Services has 65 locations throughout California and Nevada and is a member of both the California Financial Service Providers of America and the Financial Service Centers of America National Trade Association.

  • Loan Amount
    $50 - $300
  • APR
    391% - 391%
  • Credit Score Range
    300 - 640
  • Immigration Status Considered
  • Military Status
  • No Other Outstanding Loans
  • Supported Income Types
  • Instant Decision
  • No Credit Check
  • Funding Time
    Next business day
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0 votes

Hello. I visited your branch in North Hollywood last night (on Magnolia and Vineland) and I have to say that I have NEVER received the type of service that I received last night. Luis and Alexa were rude and disrespectful. My 16-year-olf son went in o cash his check and they denied him service stating that he has no check cashing history there. Even when I Told them that he has been cashing checks at that very location for years, they BOTH began to argue with me telling me to ... "relax" and "calm down". I even had to repeat information several times because they couldn't hear me over their arguing. Even after Alexa found my son in the "new system", Luis continued to try to argue back and forth and I eventually had to tell him to SHUT UP! I can not believe that these two disrespectful people we're left in charge of a whole branch. They put my son through hell to cash his check and treated me as if I was a fool! The cashiers that USED to work here were so pleasant and helpful. Luis and Alexa are the opposite and need retraining. More Less

0 votes

I don't give this company any Stars the only reason I gave 1 star is because the won't post my comment if I didnt. I called the Manchester Inglewood location and they are VERY unprofessional. They talk to customers while they have you on the phone. They don't want to answer any questions regarding their services that could possibly bring in business. The Girls there are very rushy and have no concern for customer service. Calling the 714 corporate office is no better. They just transfer the ... call around until someone picks up. If no one does then basically your calling for nothing. I am big on CS being that I work in the same industry and would NEVER treat my potential customers the way they do. I personally would NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THE COMPANY ! More Less

0 votes

One Friday night in 2017, I decided that I really needed a $100 payday cash advance. I looked online and thought Se would be a good place to go because it was open late and close by. I am a former customer of Continental Currency Services in Simi Valley, CA but I was not sure if they had me still listed as a customer - so I called. The person who answered the phone told me that it had been awhile so I would need to reapply and ... that I needed to bring with me my Drivers Lic, Soc Sec Card, Recent Paystubs and Bank Statements. She also mentioned that they close at 8 pm that night. So, I gathered all the necessary documents and went to ICS. As soon as I walked in the door, Erica at Continental Currency Services gave me a dirty look. As I was walking in the door, she looked at me with an intimidating glare and said "were closing " (this was at 7:30 pm on a Friday night - closes at 8 pm - still had 30 minutes to go). Erica's approach was extremely unprofessional. I then thought that maybe my expectations were too high because I thought I would be treated respectfully and in an inviting welcoming manner, BUT IT WAS ANYTHING BUT THAT! I then apologized for coming in here so late but I was working and was happy that I was there before they closed. I then proceeded to tell her my name and gave her my documents. Right away she started to bitch at me. She said my bank statement was too old but it was NOT. It was my most recent bank statement (as I tried to explain to her) because my bank statements close on the 25th of the every month and this IS my last statement. Erica then asked me to go online to my bank account and show it to her. I then told her that I do not have a cell phone with me and asked if she could go online (since it was her suggestion) and I would allow her to view my most recent bank transactions and whatever else she needed as proof. Erica then exploded into a rage and said to me ("it's not my fault that you don't have your cell phone"). I felt so abused by Erica. She made me feel like I was a "piece of sh##". Erica then put this electronic device in my face saying that I was "unemployed". Erica said according to this "you are unemployed and we cannot give someone who is unemployed a payday loan". I couldn't believe it. I was so confused by her actions. I am an employee of "a big name discount store" for years now and before that I worked for another company for 8 years. After all, she had in her possession my two most recent paystubs. I thought isn't that proof enough that I was not unemployed but gainfully employed? I replied back to her to please take a look at what I had given her - there are my two most recent paystubs. She just continued to bitterly go on an on about how she will not allow me to have a payday loan and that I was lying. I couldn't believe how I was being treated. After all, I only wanted a $100 payday cash advance and was going to pay it back in 6 days on my payday anyways. I was so insulted, frustrated and emotionally abused by her that I couldn't help but ask for my documents back and walk out of there in a hurry. I have let all my friends and coworkers know that if they are looking for a payday advance DO NOT GO TO Continental Currency Services in Simi Valley, Ca. I terrible person named Erica works there and she is a real beast! Erica should be fired! She is the worst thing that ever happened to Continental Currency Services in Simi Valley, Ca and to me. Sincerely, a former customer If you need to know who I am in order to fire her - please just let me know. I would be more than happy to help. More Less

0 votes

The associates in this location are most of them females and they have to say most females as professional and have outstanding vocabulary with great services. If you come to this location are you going to get is vice versa about what I just said save your time and go somewhere else not here if you're still going at least, I warned you.

0 votes

I have no idea why keep going back to Continental currency services. The lines are always so long and the service is so ridiculously horrible. I must just keep forgetting how much more frustrated I am after walking out of there, but not next time

0 votes

I went to Continental currency services for a loan to get it a new couch. This place is really ghetto, and the people here are extremely rude. The line was ridiculously long. I ended up leaving without getting a loan because the place made me feel really uncomfortable

0 votes

I don't know what's going on at this place. I felt like I was at the welfare office or at the DMV. It was so unorganized and none of the people that work there seem to know what they were doing. I'm not exactly sure what their services are, but I know I will not be needing them

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