Who is the Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard Designed For?

The Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard is designed for people who travel frequently, especially internationally, have excellent credit and are looking for a card with a high rewards rate, low APR rates and a large signup bonus.

Its 12-month 0% APR introductory rate on balance transfers makes this card a particularly good fit for people who are carrying a balance on their current credit card.

What are the Rates for the Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard?

The rate on purchases and balance transfers is either 16.49% APR, 20.49% APR or 23.49% APR, depending on credit. However, it has a 12-month 0% APR intro rate on balance transfers made within the first 45 days of opening the account. Cash advances have a 25.74% APR but late payments don't trigger a penalty rate.

What Are the Fees for Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard?

There is an $89 fee, but it's waived the first year. The card doesn't have a foreign transaction fee, but it does have a $5 or 3% balance transfer fee (whichever is greater), and either a $10 or 5% cash advance fee.

What Is the Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard Rewards Program Like?

The Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard offers a flat rate of 2 miles for every $1 spent. Not only does it have a high rewards rate, it's also unusually flexible when it comes to redeeming miles. No more black dates or unavailable routes or rooms. Just book your travel with whoever you want. As long as you pay for it with this card, you can use your miles as a statement credit, which gives you an additional 5% back.

You can also redeem your miles as cash back or gift cards, but the redemption rate drops from 1:1 to 2 miles for every cent and you don't get the 5% bonus.

What about Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard Signup Bonus?

The card has a stellar 50,000 bonus miles signup offer if you spend $3,000 in new purchases within the first 90 days. This is enough to redeem up to $500 in travel statement credits. 

Does Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard Have Any Other Benefits?

Cardholders receive free access to their FICO score, fraud protection, extended warranty on purchases, auto rental insurance and travel insurance.

Members can also receive luxury travel benefits including upgrades and savings. 

How Is Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard Better Than Other Credit Cards?

The Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard is the full package. If you have the credit to qualify for it, you want this card in your wallet. It has reasonable APR rates, a high rewards rate, a 12-month 0% APR intro rate on balance transfers, no foreign transaction fee, a huge signup bonus and a flexible rewards program you will actually enjoy using.

The only catch is the $89 annual fee, which is actually waived the first year. In any case, if you're a frequent traveler, the first-rate travel benefits more than justify the annual fee.

  • Card Type
    • Travel
    • Balance Transfer
    • Rewards
  • Customer Type
  • Card Network
  • Credit Score Range
    700 - 850
  • Immigration Status Considered
    • U.S. Citizen
    • U.S. Permanent Resident
  • Military Status
    • Active Duty Military
    • Military Dependent
    • Non-Military
    • Veterans
  • Minimum Age
  • Supported Income Types
    • 1099 Misc. Income
    • Cash / Other
    • Direct Deposit (W2, SSA, SSDI)
    • Payroll Check or Prepaid Card
  • Annual Fee
  • Grace Period / Deferred Interest
  • Late Payment Penalty
  • Minimum Interest Charge
  • Returned Payment Fee
  • No Annual Fee First Year
  • No Foreign Transaction Fee
  • Car Rental Insurance
  • Emergency Support
  • Extended Warranty
  • Flight Insurance
  • Fraud Liability
  • Free FICO Score
  • Lost Luggage Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Air Miles
  • Signup Bonus (points)
  • Purchases APR
    16.49% - 23.49%
  • Transfer Fee
    3% ($5 minimum)
  • Balance Transfer APR
    16.49% - 23.49%
  • Intro APR period (months)
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0 votes

I love how simplisitic this card is. You earn 2 miles for every dollar you spend. Period. There are no specific categories or restrictions on that. I simply pull out my card; spend and earn rewards. That's it. When there are enough rewards, I simply redeem them for statement credits on travel expenses. Better yet, I get a 10% dividend on all the points redeemed.

0 votes

Great travel perks with this card. I also love how I earn points toward travel or statement credits on all spending. As a result, I use the card for everyday expenses and am racking up a lot of points. The 40k bonus miles I got last year when I first signed up were also incredible. I used them for a $400 statement credit.

0 votes

Nice card for saving for travel and to use when traveling. There is no foreign transaction fee, and that means a lot to a shopper like me! I got the lowest APR at 14.99%, but I almost lost it because I was late once paying my bill by a day. Fortunately, the customer service rep said I would be okay, but only this time. So beware! The penalty APR is not a good one!

0 votes

This card is fantastic except for the customer service. I hadn't needed customer service until I went overseas and was having some difficulty with the card because they froze it when they thought my evil twin had left town with it. I struggled for 3 days trying to get things straightened out.

0 votes

Great everyday card for travel rewards. I use this card everywhere I go. Really flexible in terms of being able to use the rewards you earn as statement credits and for travel. I often use my points to offset car rentals when I travel. When I'm not traveling for awhile, I just use the points for statement credits.

0 votes

40,000 mileage bonus points when you spend $3,000 within the first 90 days is amazing! I took advantage of that offer and have been using the card as much as possible ever since so that I can save up miles for my big summer off in Asia next summer.

0 votes

Great card. The rewards at 2x everytime you use the card are really generous. As is the 40,000 point bonus you get when you spend enough the first three months of having the card. The $89 annual membership fee is waived the first year, but you do have to start paying it the second year. As long as you use the card regularly, though, you'll have that paid off with statement credits in no time.

0 votes

Great rewards program on this one. I get over 2 points for each dollar spent and that's not common with many credit cards--especially across the board. I've started using the card for everything possible and am really seeing the reward points add up.

0 votes

I applied for this card about 9 months before we went on our dream overseas trip. My plan was to use it when we traveled but to rack up some point prior, as well. It all worked out really well. I earned a bunch of points that added up to a nice chunk of money that I used on the trip.

0 votes

Splendid travel perks! You get a lot of points that equal money when you use this card for travel expenses. I'm glad I discovered it, because I've save so much money overall points when traveling. Also was blown away by the 20,000 bonus points when you spend just $1,000 in the first 90 days. Easy to do!

0 votes

Do you love to travel? Do you have good or excellent credit? You should seriously consider the BarclayCard World MasterCard. For racking up miles, this card is hard to beat. Once you are approved, you can earn 20,000 bonus miles by spending at least $1,000 during the first 90 days of holding the card, which is enough to obtain a $200 travel credit. You can also earn 2X the miles on travel and dining related purchases, and 1X the miles on all other purchases. You also get 10% back ... in miles every time you redeem travel credits, and there are no foreign transaction fees and no annual fee. Not too shabby.

Of course, no card is perfect and this card has its share of drawbacks. Features like fraud protection, car rental insurance, extended warranty; travel insurance, lost luggage assistance and flight insurance are nowhere to be found. Except for air miles, the rewards program for the BarclayCard World MasterCard is nonexistent; there is no balance transfer option, for instance.
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0 votes

You get one of the highest travel rewards (worth 440 dollars) for just spending 1,000 dollars in 3 months.

I was approved instantly with $4,000 CL with a TU score of 759 but my credit history was limited, only 9 months on a secured BoA card which had only $300 as CL.

What is even more surprising is that my wife was approved with a credit history of only 1 month, she had a Discover It card. Her TU score was 739 and she was approved immediately with a $3,000 CL.

This ... is a great card if you are planning to travel soon.

I have not used their customer service, so I have no idea about it.
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0 votes

I got approved quickly for this card and got a decent sized credit limit. They must have known I would be going out of town! Anyway, I came back from being out of town with a bunch of points that I'm getting ready to spend, spend, spend!

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