If you love shopping at Ann Taylor or LOFT stores, the Comenity Bank – Love Loft MasterCard was made for you. It is a co-branded MasterCard with special benefits for shopping at Ann Taylor and LOFT. It's also a regular consumer credit card, but really doesn't offer much to attract consumers who are not Ann Taylor fans.

Who Is the Comenity bank – Love Loft MasterCard Card Designed For?

The Comenity Bank – Love Loft MasterCard is available to adult consumers with fair or average credit or better. It is not targeted toward students. It is also not suitable for use as a business credit card.

Are There Annual Fees?

There are no annual fees.

Does the Comenity Bank – Love Loft MasterCard Offer Rewards?

The Comenity Bank – Love Loft MasterCard offers a points based reward system. Receive 5 LOVELOFT rewards points for every 1 dollar spent at Ann Taylor, LOFT Outlet, Ann Taylor Factory Outlet or LOFT stores or online, 1 LOVELOFT point for all other purchases. You can earn a 20 dollar rewards card for every 2,000 points accumulated. The Comenity Bank – Love Loft MasterCard also offers 10 dollars off on the first Tuesday of every month at LOFT and LOFT.com and 15 dollars off any single in-store purchase during your birthday month.

Are There Foreign Transaction Fees?

Foreign transactions carry a 3 percent fee, payable in US Dollars.

Are There Late Payment or other Penalty Fees?

Late payments are charged up to 37 dollars; returned payments are charged up to 25 dollars. Balance transfers, cash advances and convenience checks are charged 10 dollars or 3 percent of the total transaction, whichever is greater.


If you have fair credit and you're an Ann Taylor fan, this card can be a good option. Otherwise, there are other credit cards out there with better terms, given its high APR and skimpy rewards program. If you have good or excellent credit, there are definitely credit cards with better terms than the Comenity Bank – Love Loft MasterCard.

  • Card Type
    • Balance Transfer
    • Rewards
  • Customer Type
  • Card Network
  • Credit Score Range
    640 - 850
  • Minimum Age
  • Grace Period / Deferred Interest
  • Late Payment Penalty
  • Minimum Interest Charge
  • Returned Payment Fee
  • Foreign Currency Transaction Fee
  • No Annual Fee
  • Emergency Support
  • Fraud Liability
  • Points
  • Purchases APR
    Starting at 25.24%
  • Transfer Fee
    3% w/$10 min.
  • Balance Transfer APR
    Starting at 25.24%
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0 votes

If I could give zero stars I would. I bought some merchandise the day I signed up for the card in store, and got a discount for putting that purchase on the new acct, which I did not have a physical card for yet. I ended up returning the merchandise and never received the card. When I was called about owing on the acct I explained that I had returned everything and there should be no balance, as well as never having received the physical card, I was told 2x ... that it would be resolved. Months later I've cancelled after they claim I owe nearly $200 on what was a $40 ---and RETURNED, purchase. Not reliable, and ridiculous charges. Don't get this card. This entire situation brought my credit score down nearly 120 points! More Less

0 votes

My bill is due the 21st. Two months ago I mailed in my check on the 11th of the month. Normally it takes less than 7 days. I did receive verification by e-mail that my payment was received on the due date. However, a late charge appeared on my next statement. When I called, customer service told me my payment was not received till the 23rd. However, since I had proof they agreed to remove the charge, one time only. Now this month ... I again mailed my payment the 11th, again a late charge on my bill. I always pay way over the minimum due. Makes no difference. I believe Comenity is committing fraud by not posting payments when they are received so they can add late fees. I intend to pay off my remaining balance and cancel the card. Customer Service will not work with you to change your due date. This abuse is rampant according to many of the reviews I have read. More Less

0 votes

I just want to share my experience with LOFT credit card and cashiers and I want you guys to be careful with LOFT credit card. It really disappointed me that I went to the store and told the cashier to pay all my balance in January but they still post balance on my card and put all finance charge and all that stuff. I want to tell you guys that don do business with LOFT. They will cheat you like they cheated me.

0 votes

Was encouraged to switch to the Loft MasterCard in the store. Did so, and was told my store account would just roll into this one and nothing would change. Got a bill and logged into pay. Balance was zero. Called and was told balance was not zero and to check again. Never got a paper statement. After working through this for 3 weeks I get hit with a late fee. I am then told that I needed to register for a new credit ... card site and that's why I couldn't see my bill. Finally figured that out and had to pay the late fee and finance charges, even though I was improperly informed how to pay.

fast forward 4 months. I make a purchase in store, and then return the items 2 weeks later. Somehow the return amount was less than what I paid and I didn't catch it when I did the return. This resulted in $13 being late on my account. I was then charged double that amount in late fees and finance charges. I asked if they could waive the late fee, as it was an issue that needed to be take up at the store since the balance should have been zero due to the return. They said no and explained that if I paid my bills on time I wouldn't get late fees. I then expressed my dissatisfaction with the company and said I would close my account and all other accounts I had with Comenity due to the horrible customer service. They just responded and said they closed my account and to go ahead and close my other accounts as well. HORRIBLE COMPANY! Beware, it's not just Loft, most store cards seem to me through Comenity Bank. Check out all the companies they serve: http://ficoforums.myfico.com/t5/Credit-Card-Approvals/NEW-UPDATED-LIST-for-Comenity-Bank-Store-Cards-can-be-useful-for/td-p/2433527
More Less

0 votes

DO NOT USE COMENITY-LOFT! Got multiple months of late charges after paying a monthly balance total due over the phone with one of their service people! Called to complain and was put on hold twice and service never returned after more than 60 minutes!! Called on another phone and got RUDE service by Supervisor Kevin who would not acknowledge past calls and remove unwarranted charges. DO NOT USE COMENITY-LOFT!!

0 votes

The company did not educate sale clerks when they recommend customers to open a loft card. They don't provide the process how the bill would delivered or how the payment would be made. A sale clerk lied about the billing process to convince me to open a loft card even I told that I was abroad for four months. I found that the amount of the bill was over doubled when I come back. I feel robbed by the company and Loft Master Card

0 votes

Stay far far away. Their customer service is terrible. Their fees are exorbitant and their website is inoperable.

0 votes

Long story. In 3 words, TERRIBLE customer service. Even though Loft is my favorite store, I've closed my account.

0 votes

Very bad service. Multiple HARD check on credit score that hit hard. balances are very hard to pay: no auto-pay feature which makes it critical. Bad customer services. Do not take this card.

0 votes

Absolutely horrible card experience. After having my card sit at a zero balance for months, a more than $9000 transaction in Japan was posted to my card (fraud), Loft never even contacted me to review the charge and I didn't find out about it until I received a late payment letter. I called to file a dispute which they informed me I get to do by mail. Now, almost three months later, the dispute is still not resolved, late fees and interest on the Japanese fraud have continued to post ... to my account and I have a negative tick on my credit report for late payments on this account - the only late payments I've ever had on my credit report in my life.

Customer Service is unsympathetic, tells me it simply takes time and is completely worthless. I have never had an issue like this with Citibank or Discover, two card companies that clearly have their act together when it comes to blatant fraud. Would never, ever do business with this company again.
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0 votes

Website will not let you sign in, terribly frustrating. Do not get this card unless you enjoy wanting to bang your head off a wall.

0 votes


0 votes

Worst credit card and customer service, which pains me to say since I love LOFT and earning points. I experienced credit card theft earlier in 2016 and had a horrible experience trying to straighten out the mess. CSR's were not sympathetic nor did they offer me anything for my trouble when THEY screwed up sending me a new card. I'm leaving LOFT MC and opening the Banana Republic Visa instead - better perks and free ship on any price point.

1 votes


1 votes

Worst credit card I've ever seen. Terrible customer service- just spent over an hour on the phone because of incorrect information I was given by their customer service. I don't know why I bother- I will certainly reach for another credit card nest time.

0 votes

Nice co-branded card that is really pretty, too. I really like getting my LoveLoft points, which add up really quickly, since I get 5 of them for every dollar I spend at All Taylor, which I also love. I also like that there is no annual fee.

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