Who is the Unity Visa Secured Credit Card Designed For?

The Unity Visa Secured Credit Card is designed for people with bad or no credit who want a secured card to improve their credit score. The main attraction of this card is that it accepts everyone who has the cash to make a deposit and pay the annual fee, and that it reports to all three credit bureaus. The credit limit varies from $250 to $10,000, which is a higher credit limit than many other secured cards. Of course, as with all secured cards, the credit limit is determined by the size of the security deposit. The card is issued by the OneUnited Bank, which has offices in Los Angeles, Boston and Miami and markets itself as the largest Black owned bank in the country.

What are the Rates for Unity Visa Secured Credit Card?

- The Unity Visa Secured Credit Card has a 17.99% APR on purchases, cash advances and balance transfers. The card comes with a 9.95% APR intro rate on balance transfers for the first 6 months. Note that all unpaid balance transfers will revert to 17.99% APR once the introductory period expires. OneUnited Bank likes to highlight that these rates are fixed and not variable as with most credit cards. That is true, but 17.99% APR is still high, whether fixed or variable, for a secured card where your line of credit is determined by the size of your security deposit.

What Are the Fees for Unity Visa Secured Credit Card Credit Card?

The Unity Visa Secured Credit Card has a $39 annual fee that is not waived the first year. It has 3% fee on balance transfers and cash advances, with a minimum of $10 and maximum of $150. There is also a 2% foreign transaction fee. These are expensive fees for a secured card. However, its penalty fees are comparatively low, $25 on returned payments and $10 on late payments, and there is no over-the-limit fee or penalty rate. On the other hand, beware of sneaky additional fees, such as a $10 credit limit increase fee, a $10 replacement or additional card fee, a $25 stop payment fee, and a $1 fee for payment assistance by phone.

What Is Unity Visa Secured Credit Card's Rewards Program Like?

The Unity Visa Secured Credit Card doesn't have a rewards program. The whole point of this card is to provide people with the convenience of a Visa card while helping them improve their credit.

What about Unity Visa Secured Credit Card's Signup Bonus?

Unity Visa Secured Credit Card does not have a signup bonus.

Does Unity Visa Secured Credit Card Have Any Other Benefits?

The Unity Visa Secured Credit Card does not include many benefits or perks. It doesn't charge an application fee and provides online account management, but that's about it.

How Is Unity Visa Secured Credit Card Better Than Other Credit Cards?

The Unity Visa Secured Credit Card is available to anyone with the cash to pay the annual fee and make a security deposit, regardless of their credit score. The card reports to all three major credit bureaus and has a credit limit of up to $10,000. This is a great perk for people trying to rebuild their credit, as long as they have the cash to make a substantial security deposit and are on time with their payments. A solid history of regular, on time, payments and a low debt-to-credit ratio can help increase a person's credit score over time. The security deposit is made with OneUnited Bank, which means it is secured and insured by the FDIC and therefore fully refundable.

  • Card Type
  • Customer Type
  • Card Network
  • Credit Score Range
    300 - 640
  • Immigration Status Considered
    • U.S. Citizen
    • U.S. Permanent Resident
  • Military Status
    • Active Duty Military
    • Military Dependent
    • Non-Military
    • Veterans
  • Minimum Age
  • Supported Income Types
    • 1099 Misc. Income
    • Cash / Other
    • Direct Deposit (W2, SSA, SSDI)
    • Payroll Check or Prepaid Card
  • Annual Fee
  • Grace Period / Deferred Interest
  • Late Payment Penalty
  • Minimum Interest Charge
  • Returned Payment Fee
  • Foreign Currency Transaction Fee
  • Credit Limit
  • Purchases APR
    Starting at 17.99%
  • Transfer Fee
    3% ($10 minimum, $150 maximum)
  • Balance Transfer APR
    Starting at 17.99%
  • Introductory Rate
  • Intro APR period (months)
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0 votes

Make an informed decision and google unity visa complaints, scam.

If you don't have much time, scroll down to --- "What they're doing"

If this review offers -5 stars that would be what they deserve.

First, this "black bank and team" DO NOT EVEN HAVE a way to pay via their website when initially they had it. Initially they did.

This is simply a SCAM. Get your secure card with an established bank, like Wells, Discover, etc.

As well as the card and reason why they don't even accept payments online ... is simply private labeled services.

Only way to pay is via mail and if you have a checking account, the payment from any bank takes at least 2 weeks to post. A company that is from Boston, makes you send payments to Tampa Bay, Florida.... why, is a "generic billing center" like their "generic call center as well" that they answer with company name of whatever their computer screen shows.

Customer service is also a "generic call center" and they have no clue about his product scam. So save your time and contact www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0048-government-imposter-scams

They will not solve your questions or problems.

I closed the account over 60 days ago, as as most "legit" secure cards, they apply your deposit towards the balance. They will not tell you neither via mail, nor email --as they finally claimed they do and will have IT track the email, (only time they supposed to use email to communicate), as indeed they don't want the mess and scam they have with documented trace. But claiming they sent an email and they don't send direct mail like every statement (except the closing confirmation of the account), but 4 to 6 weeks later, they will send that you still own money and claim emails with confirmation were sent as well as continuous monthly statements. They don't send it so people using this "black card"

By the way, if they finally call you will be from another location (Huntington, CA). Kyle Robinson (I recorded her conversation to share with consumer reporting agencies), with a Jerry Springer, show attitude and tone of voice, that you will never be right, she is. Once you say you complaint to the FTC, Better Business Bureau, and many other agencies -- which by the way, BBB never gets an answer from One United / Unity Visa because they can not follow up with their hired outsourced customer service numbers and transfers.

---- What they are doing (holding you hostage), is making your account default (even if you had a positive balance when closed), hence why they do not send you any confirmation and/or communications for over 60 days. That way they can keep the deposit, have a partnership with collection agency, get a second income from selling the account to the collection agency, and they make almost double from the initial deal. Plus indeed will have a very bad influence in your credit report.

Stay 100% away from Bank United Bank and Unity Visa. Don't even consider it.

Don't fall for what I believed & mistake. Hundreds of other people did.

Good luck!
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0 votes

For me they working Great!! Security Deposit and Everything ????

0 votes

Worst card took my security deposit promised a credit card asked me to pay 35 and closed my account and did not give me my 500 security deposit back and can't get the right phone number to talk to someone every time I call I get the run around

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