WebBank is a state-chartered industrial bank with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. As an industrial bank, WebBank partners with other companies to provide specialized financing for businesses and consumers. WebBank is a leading provider of bank card and revolving private-label financing programs. For example, WebBank provides credit card services to Dell Financial Services, Gettington.com, and FingerHut.com.

WebBank was founded in 1997 and had (as of December 2015) $328 million in assets and 58 employees. It has an A+ rating with the BBB and a 4-star rating with Bauer Financial.


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js-table-filter no-annual-fee-238
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Est. 2010

  • No Annual Fee
Credit Score Range 640
Purchases APR 25.15%
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js-table-filter no-annual-fee-238
js-table-filter card-type-140
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js-table-filter states-offered-73
js-table-filter states-offered-71
js-table-filter states-offered-74
js-table-filter states-offered-77
js-table-filter states-offered-81
js-table-filter states-offered-78
js-table-filter states-offered-79
js-table-filter states-offered-80
js-table-filter states-offered-82
js-table-filter states-offered-75
js-table-filter states-offered-76
js-table-filter states-offered-83
js-table-filter states-offered-84
js-table-filter states-offered-85
js-table-filter states-offered-86
js-table-filter states-offered-89
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js-table-filter states-offered-91
js-table-filter states-offered-92
js-table-filter states-offered-93
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js-table-filter states-offered-97
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js-table-filter states-offered-100
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Est. 1948

  • No Annual Fee
Credit Score Range 300
Purchases APR 25.65%
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