Lift Credit is a direct online lender based in Provo, Utah, that offers an alternative to payday loans for people with poor or bad credit. The company was launched in 2012 by Travis Hansen and his friend Jake as 2Guys Loans. In early 2015 the company was renamed as Lift Credit. 

How Does Lift Credit Work?

Lift Credit offers a flexible credit product that bridges the gap between a payday loan and a regular consumer installment loan. The rates are high for a bank loan but inexpensive when compared to regular payday loans. There are no credit checks and terms can be adapted to individual needs and circumstances. To qualify, borrowers must either phone or fill in an online application. A loan officer will then call back to finalize the application process. It's possible for borrowers to get their money in as little as two hours.

What Are Lift Credit's Rates and Fees?

Rates range from 99% APR to 450% APR and vary depending on the borrower's credit history with Lift Credit and the length of the loan.

How Much Money Can I Borrow from Lift Credit?

Loan amounts range from $100 to $2,500. Lift Credit does not provide a table of rates based on the term of the loan. In fact, they will not tell you what terms you qualify for until you actually apply for a loan online. Having said that, the maximum term is 18 months. To illustrate, a $1,000 loan for 18 months may cost a minimum of $1,962 ($109 a month) with a 99% APR. 

Which States Does Lift Credit Operate In?

Currently, Lift Credit only operates in Utah, Wisconsin and Idaho.

What Is Lift Credit's Application Process Like?

The application process is either online or over the phone. Once completed, a Lift loan officer calls the borrower and explains the terms and rates available. To qualify, borrowers must be at least 18 years old, a resident of Idaho, Wisconsin or Utah, have a bank account that is at least five months old, a monthly income of at least $1,300 (before taxes), been employed for at least five months in their current employment and not be a member of the military.

How Is Lift Credit Better Than Other Lenders?

Lift Credit is available to borrowers with poor and bad credit but offers much lower rates than traditional payday lenders. Rates range from 99% APR to 450% APR, which is as much as half the average rate in the industry. The application process is done online and cash is deposited directly to your account. Lift Credit lowers the rates and improves the terms of borrowers who pay off their loans and can show a solid pay repayment history. There is no penalty for paying early, in fact borrowers can save on interest by doing so.

  • Loan Amount
    $100 - $2500
  • Payment Options
    Automatic Payments
  • APR
    99% - 450%
  • Max Loan Term (Months)
  • Credit Score Range
    300 - 640
  • Immigration Status Considered
    U.S. Permanent Resident
  • Military Status
    • Non-Military
    • Veterans
  • Minimum Age
  • Minimum Annual Income
  • Supported Income Types
  • Verification Documents Required?
    • Recent pay stubs
    • Driver license (or other photo ID)
    • Proof of citizenship/residence
  • No Prepayment Fee
  • Institution Type
    Direct Lender
  • Approval Speed (Hours)
  • Customizable Payment Dates
  • Pre-Approved Soft Credit Inquiry
  • Funding Time
    1-7 days
  • Credit Bureau Reporting
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0 votes

I tried to get a loan . I jump threw all these hoops .and waited days just to hear back . I had to go on the website to find out i was deind a loan. Its bs .. they are a joke .dont waste your time if your really i need of help . They wont help you .

0 votes

Lift Credit has saved my butt a few times and I think they are pretty great. Now let's all be honest here and say that a lot of us are applying for a loan because we don't have money and not because we are trying to build credit. That being said, I have no issue whatsoever with high interest rates, because they lower it every time you get a new loan. I think that this is a great company to work with and I have never had any issues.

0 votes

At first it sounds good. Like improving your credit score and making easy payments. I had some hesitancy's, but I agreed to try. Then the electronic paper signatures would not come through to us on various emails or return to them correctly. After 5, not 1 or 2, 5 phone calls between my wife and i, it was completed. It should have been a RED flag right there. But they said they were going to help us. We opted to pay by our scedule not theirs and not auto withdraw. ... That didn't happen. They took auto withdraw without our knowledge before our pay date and caused a overdraft fee. Not only did they ignore the fact when we called them, but reminded us that they can withdraw at anytime they wanted per the terms. And sure enough hidden by other disclosures, a one line indicated that. They said we were removed from auto pay. And we have been fine and on schedule with no interruptions. Well, while we were on vacation this week, they went and did it again!!!! This left us stuck in our location without money, without ability to pay for food, or to go do something other than reside in our room. They did it without our knowledge. And before our due date. Never again will I trust some over promising, we can help you, slick tounged internet found smooth advertising total fraud company again. If your considering a loan from this group, whether bad or good credit, Don't!!!! Go to a bank or an investor, someone who is professional enough to advise you correctly. Not some $9.00 an hour rep trying to sweet talk you to fill their quota. These folks are snakes and frauds. They twist their words and terms to their advantage. I'm paying them off early and they can go kick rocks. More Less

0 votes

Fair, transparent and quick. What you see is what you get,

0 votes

They say they can get you a lowest rate around but instead I was approved for a loan with 598% rate. Man screw that don't advertise then lie about the damn rate. Screw these guys if I could give no stars I would. My flipping car loan is at a 2.99% rate and that is on poor credit.

0 votes

Great rates as far as payday companies go! Their application was easy to use and the money was in my account the next day

0 votes

After you go through and fill out all the info.. for 2500 bucks.. you get rejected then the site wants to direct you too other possible lenders to filk out info again.. i really don't need my social and banking and occupation just flowing from one to another lender and have identity theft.. i would not try there loan site again.. sorry

0 votes

This company is the BIGGEST rip off ever! The interest rates are out the roof! The application was easy and fast but getting a loan through them has been the biggest mistake!

0 votes

so the top guy with the one star rating is somewhat true but an idiot, all this is stated within their contractual agreement and his wife must have bad credit if she's getting a car loan at 11.5% so there's that, decent loan amounts, decent rates, nothing much to complain about regarding lift

0 votes

SCAM,SCAM . Lift Crédit advertises they offer lower interest rates than any payday lender. Lift credit tells you they offer loans to those who have poor and/or bad credit with interest rates from 99% to 299%. Lift credit also claims on average a 500 loan only cost the individual 50 some dollers. Lies. My wife does not have poor or bad credit. She just financed a car for 11.5 % interest. Lift when she applied for a 1200 dollers loan they told her, her interest would be 299%. They ... claim all new individuals are charged 299%. After you have taken out a few loans, then you get a lower rate the more loans you take out. What a scam. More Less

0 votes

Very Helpful customer service. Money was there as promised. Better rate than a payday loan.

0 votes

Fantastic Experience. Way better than payday. They really helped me out.

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