In 2015, Springleaf bought OneMain Financial and took the company's name. Visit OneMain Financial's profile to get the latest rates, read an expert review, and check what other borrowers have to say about their experience. 

Springleaf Financial Services is a consumer lender based in Evansville, Indiana, where it was founded in 1920. They opened their first physical branch in 1930. Now, after purchasing OneMain Financial, they have over 1,800 branches in 44 states. They have provided over $10 billion in loans to over 3.5 million customers, and are the second largest brick and mortar lending institution in the nation.

How Does Springleaf Work?

Springleaf specializes in providing secured and unsecured consumer loans for a wide range of purposes, including auto loans, vacations or debt consolidation. It targets borrowers with fair to good credit who don't qualify for the prime rates offered by traditional and peer-to-peer lenders. Borrowers can apply for a personal loan either online, over the phone or at one of Springleaf's branch locations. If approved, you can withdraw your funds directly from your local branch or wire the money to your bank account.

How Much Money Can I Borrow from Springleaf?

Springleaf's personal loans range from $1,000 to $10,000. Loan terms vary from 1-5 years.

What Are Springleaf's Rates and Fees?

Rates range from 24.43% APR to 36% APR depending on your creditworthiness, income and assets. The average rate is around 25% APR.

What Does Springleaf's Application Process Like?

Springleaf's application process is fast and painless. There are no application fees, no prepayment penalty, and you can either apply in person at one of its branch locations, online or over the phone. The easiest route is to use Springleaf's streamlined online application. Once your application is approved, which should occur within 24 hours, you can either withdraw your money from your local branch or have the cash wired to your account.

How Are Springleaf Personal Loans Better Than Others?

Springleaf is one of few legitimate lenders servicing those with less than perfect credit. It has flexible payment options that range from paying online, over the phone, or at one of its branches. Although rates are on par with most credit cards, it provides a viable option for borrowers with fair to good credit looking for a 1-5 year loan.

  • Loan Amount
    $1000 - $10000
  • Payment Options
  • APR
    24.43% - 36%
  • Max Loan Term (Months)
  • Credit Score Range
    560 - 700
  • Immigration Status Considered
  • Verification Documents Required?
  • Lend To Military?
  • Approval Speed (Hours)
  • Funding Time
  • Credit Bureau Reporting
  • Institution Type
    Direct Lender
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best rates offered All credit types accepted

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I Have borrowed from Springleaf before and have paid it back.

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I was approved for a 4000.00 dollar loan and it was deposit into my account. But in the process of going over the contract, I noticed the amount I was financed for reads 5128.00. Interest rate 3432. Total finance 8478.00 with 41 months to pay off. Questions???????, so I cancelled the loan the same day. Please read your contract and ask questions. Who pays a 500.00 dollar membership to have insurance.

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Be careful paying off your loan early. They first tried to charge me 33 dollars for interest and then because I had direct deposit took a full payment after I had paid the loan off in full. They are sending a check in the mail they told me. Thanks to them I over drafted my account and had to pull money from savings. The system is flawed when they can direct deposit the original loan and then send a physical check when they make a mistake instead of simply depositing ... the money directly back in. Not to mention the overdraft fees that could of accrued if I did not keep an eye on all my accounts everyday. More Less

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The interest is highway robbery . I could see 20 to 23 % interest as high but 36%? I thought that was illegal..

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Can you imagine a spouse leaving you in debt, no home or money to start over? Can you imagine credit being so horrible that no one is willing to give you a second chance, and you have to feed your children. After several times over a course of time, I was declined. The day that I totally had exhausted overdrafting, borrowing from family and just lost as to what to do, I tried one more time and was approved without collateral. I was nervous because of ... the reviews and having to wait over the weekend to talk to a representative. It was actually approved. I went in, didn't like the precomputed part, but having a check compared to no funds made me decide to move forward. Although I may regret it down the line, but for now, I have to say I am grateful. I just believe other opportunities will become available by being grateful for this one. More Less

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Nothing but crooks. call the state attorney general, report them. With enough people reporting them it will put a spotlight on this evil predator..

0 votes

Avoid this company like the plague! I borrowed $5k. The interest rate on the surface is reported as 24.50%. However if I carry the loan out through its 4yr term, I will end up paying back (are you ready for this?).......


Do the math. That is a heck of a lot more than 24.50%. Teresa the Springleaf officer "conveniently" neglected to go over that little detail during the paper signing process. As a result, I am going to go on every review site I can find and warn the world about ... this unscrupulous company. More Less

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I am a client of theirs for over a year. I pay with auto draft so they always get their money on time. I applied for a loan last week I didn't receive a call for almost 4 days and when I did they asked for my pay stubs which I sent. Then it took another 3 or so days to get a call back after I had called and left a couple messages making sure they received the information they asked for. When I called back because I missed ... their call a lady answered asked who I was I told her she said that Nikki was not available but she looked into my information, she did and said that my loan was approved when could I come in. I told her I would take off work on Tuesday and come down there in the middle of the day did I need to bring anything she said just my driver's license. I showed up today like schedule and when I got there was sent to the back Nikki came to me and said did they tell you what you were approved for. I said no (I assumed it was the amount of the loan that I put in because I was not told any different). However that is not the case it was half of the amount that I needed and that is fine I am okay not being approved for a loan but I'm not okay with wasting my day taking off work missing a client at work so I could come down there and sign for what I thought was going to help me out. Believe me I understand that I can't just go anywhere and apply for money like you guys give but I will be shopping other loan placds and I will find someone to consolidate your nto something else even if it's just enough to pay that loan off and nothing else. Gil More Less

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Don't do it. Horrible people. When making extra payments to pay your loan off early u r charged advanced interest.

0 votes

I'd give it a negative star rating if i could. This is a predatory loan institution. The interest rates make no sense and my initial loan amount, as documented, was somehow increased by $250 without my knowledge. I am paying interest on the mysterious $250, an interest rate which doesn't seem to actually correspond to the existing principle. Every time I call to clarify the contract I am led to more small print in appendix contracts, or absolute bologna as I call it. This is a predatory loan ... institution. Do not take a loan from here if you can help it. More Less

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Not impressed. My husband and I took out a debt consolidation loan in April 2015. We kept getting notices that we could reloan up to the amount we had paid off. Decided to go forward with it as we need some car repairs and some minor household items. We have had no late payments and I've paid a little more than was due in the past. I should have listened to my gut when first talking to her and said she was told we wanted to refinance our vehicle. Um, ... no? Nothing ws ever mentioned about refinancing anything. Although our consultant, Christina at the Spanaway branch was nice, she was not helpful and gave incorrect information. When I gave her our employment information/wages, she told me we did not qualify for a loan anymore and that our salary is $900 LESS a month than it was when we first loaned. (With my husband and I both getting raises last year, we actually make $3120 MORE per year than we first applied.) We are putting more into 401K now than we were at the time, and I asked if that could be the difference. "No, that's not it." After telling her we had purchased a new vehicle last year, she realized our debt is higher now than it was last year. Yes, that is correct, however don't give your clients incorrect information regarding their salary as the reason they aren't approved. When I have my tax statements and paystubs in front of me, its kind of hard to prove your point. Very disappointed in how this was handled. Once our original loan is paid off, we will not be reloaning thru them again. Its too bad because our original experience went so smooth and we raved to family and friends about this company. Not anymore. I wouldn't have been so upset had we initially been told we had accrued more debt (duh! We purchased a brand new car) rather than give us incorrect information about why we couldn't be approved. More Less

0 votes

Beware of using them. You will pay all interest first and pay out so much more than your loan is for. I had a difficult pregnancy and was out of work a lot in 2013. My husband and I were approved for $3000 for 36 months. With interest or around be a total of $6000. I asked if we could pay it off early and she said "absolutely". When we were down to $3000 left I wanted to pay off early minus. I asked what I owed minus the interest ... and she said $3000, with their loans, you pay all the interest first and then left with the principal amount that you originally were loaned.... They are very friendly and have great customer service so it's a good company as long as you know what you are getting into. More Less

0 votes

Horrible experience. They hide the fact that they gave you a pre-computed loan on back of page 3 of agreement. Which means there is no benefit to trying to pay off early.

Don't make the same mistake. Do not accept a pre-computed loan.

1 votes

My mother received a loan from this company on her home. This was definitely a predatory loan. My mother was in debtors court at the time and she should never have been approved. They gave her a loan for $ 36,000.00then she went back and got another loan now the total is over 80,0000. I called the company and told them not to allow her to borrow any more money. My mom was diagnosed with schizophrenia and wasn't in her right mind. So now we have a home that is ... mortgaged at an 11% rate. Then Spring Leaf turns the mortgage over to SPS Servicing. I'm in need of an attorney now to see what if anything can be done. More Less

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I took out a $3000.00 loan, paid $1000 in interest on it. A crime in itself. I put up my motorcycle as collateral. I submitted a paper hard copy title. They charged me an additional $33 title fee. I pay off my loan and ask for my title. They tell me it comes from Austin TX state capital. They tell me I will have it in 30 days. 32 days later I don’t have it. I call “oh we made a mistake we will take care of it ASAP”. Another ... 7 days I get a letter from DMV springleaf did an efile. Never heard of a title being efiled.So now I have the hassle of getting the hard copy title from dmv, and I have to pay for it. NOWHERE IN THE CONTRACT DOES IT SAY IT WILL BE A EFILE TITLE. AT NO TIME DURING MY MULTIPLE CALL TO THEM DID ANYONE SAY IT WILL BE EFILE, THEY TIME AFTER TIME LED ME TO BELIEVE IT WOULD BE A HARD COPY. Not to mention every SINGLE month they called me and attempted to get my atm card or checking account number to pay , ya give these idiots that information and let them screw up your bank account then have them tell you its your problem. Horrible horrible company, customer service, unethical , and a bunch of liars. More Less

0 votes

Horrible company! Stay away from them.Very high interest rates that's impossble to pay down your loan. They should be investigated for unfair loan practices. I would have given them zero star if the option was available.

0 votes

Watch out with there bait and swich. Was called and told that I was approved and needed to drive two hours and sign paperwork and pick up check. Arrived and after two hours of waiting , they denide my loan . No explanation or sorry, dont trust these people.

0 votes

Worst experience I will never try to reach out to this company again. Credit karma likes to recommend them to help ur credit. That would require a company obviously not looking for perfect credit. Right!!! Nope!!! Applied on line because credit karma says odds of approval where GOOD. How do they get recommend threw credit karma for people with less than perfect credit, I don't get it buts it's aggravating to see it show up. When I am tying to fix my credit. Credit karma please find a company ... that is not an imposter. Yes they approve u online and then waste ur time after your are told in big green letters u are approved. Then u have to call them back to here a change of heart over the head financial officer blah blah. Good luck after reading the reviews from the people who actually get there loans it doesn't sound like it gets much better. More Less

0 votes

stay away from Springleaf financial they only ask people to send documents after they tell you you are approve someone call you back saying you will received a letter on the mail they only do title loans.

0 votes

I'm a borrower too they are very smart everything try to get a collateral for your loan I hope someday this springleaf financial will have karma coz too high interest everything you do to people it will came back to you especially helping people plus too much interest the

0 votes

Fast approval. Nice service till you leave. Get nonstop phone calls from them. Always threating to give us to lawyers when we make payments. Talked to a female manager today after was transferred from the rep unexpectedly. Manager was unprofessional, incessant, and rude no matter what answer we gave. Don't they have recorded phone calls? Anyway she said that we haven't made a payment since September which is not true. We told her that we just had a death in the family and a few other out of control ... things happened but she will get payment asap just not at that moment. Wasn't good enough and continued to be incessant about the lawyers. Said that we never made a payment since September which is not true either. She said that our priorities weren't straight money wise and that we should have made a payment already despite the very recent death. We became very upset and thought that we were explain our situation she might help give us a solution to better help us because it really wasn't any of her business but she asked and was curious. The unprofessionalism of the altamonte springs company is terrible. We are tired of the constant threats and rudeness. After loan is finished we will find someone else to do our business with. More Less

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I'm already a customer there and wanted to get a debt consolidation loan to get my credit back on track so I applied only because she said she could work it out for me and she would call me back never received a call I had to end up calling them back only to be told I wasn't approved. Now I'm still in the same position only with a hard inquiry added to the MESS!

0 votes

If you pay in cash remember receipt. IF not they are going to steal your money in a nice way .. Cause that's what nice friendly people do.

0 votes

fast and easy....I knew my credit was bad so I was happy they could give me anything at all! Paperwork was minimal. ID, paystubs, tax returns.....that's it.

0 votes

Scumbags offering to elderly people personal loans at 36% APR

Where is Obama on this regulation?

Loan amount $ 5,250 with 48 moths payments of $ 207.79 36% APR !!

Owned by Drug Cartel !!

0 votes

recently applied for a loan got approved and recieved a phone call in lik 5 minutes asking me for further information, said he was sending to under writing dept for further review, should get a call back by the end of the day, not only did i not recieve call, i called the next morning and they said my application was denied telling me i got a call but i didnt answer to tell me i was denied, so i said thanks and goodbye why say you are approved for ... the loan to only be told later you where denied, such a waste now i got a hard inquiry on my credit report for something i was approved for later to be denied, and there suppose to be helping ppl with financial situations like minds!! More Less

1 votes

Low score because of paperwork, read my story.

I got tons of letters say I was approved for a little over $4000. When the letters kept coming I decided to use the money to consolidate my bills so I applied. I called but the lady said she couldn't hear me to just apply online. I applied online but upon completion I was told to call the location. When I call the second time I was told the person I needed to speak to was not available and would call me back. I ... did get a call back asking that I email a copy of my paystub. Something did not sound right with this request so I decided not to continue with my request. Two days later at almost 9 pm I got a call say I was approved for $2000. But my real issue is . . . I was told a number of times I could get my paperwork emailed or printed. Trying to save a tree I said emailing would be fine, only at the end of the process was I told to get the email would take a week.....A WEEK, REALLY. To be honest all in all it was not a bad experence. But now wondering what's in that paperwork. I am going to read it letter to letter and if I find anything, you will know because I will post it EVERYWHERE. More Less

1 votes

I got a loan from this company about 5+ years ago and they were really great. I got a check the same day I applied and signed documents. At that time I was younger and wasn't able to make my payments on time. They garnished my paycheck to get their money. They were paid in full but I don't think I can ever get a loan from them due to that issue. I have applied again and was denied. I know it had to be for that reason because i ... make enough money for what is trying to be borrowed. Why won't they give me another chance too see that I'm older and wiser now. More Less

1 votes

Wow what a joke just spent 10 days running around to prove my iincome, one gay this one day that they received even my tax info bank statement & they then tell me I can't prove. my tokes all for a list $3000 loan what a waste of my time & money I've bought property with less aggravation DONT USE SPRINGLEAF or get ready to give blood or your children Ha!!!!!

1 votes


0 votes

Please beware before considering Springleaf Financial for your financial needs. I can't speak for the others who posted reviews; however, I wish to share my experience in hopes that people would begin conducting extensive research on loan institutions before letting them pull your credit. My credit score is 731. It was 752 but because of a recent unfortunate event, I turned to Springleaf Financial because Credit Karma listed them on my report as one of the institutions that would likely approve me for a loan. To ... make a long story short, I applied for a $5,000 loan on July 17. From that day going forward, I received multiple calls requesting different information. I was patient; however, I later became a bit frustrated because of back-and-forth and the frequent request for additional documents. I felt that all the documents that were needed should have been requested within a few days, and so, after several phone calls I became frustrated. To reiterate, I requested a loan amount of $5000, and when asked the loan amount that was approved, I was advised that I was approved for $2000. That was on Monday, July 20. To date (July 22), I have left messages and have not received a phone call back. Very interesting that the reviews on Credit Karma are good, but I saw other reviews posted somewhere else that were not so good. A customer posted on July 14. 2015 that they were approved for a loan and then unapproved after signing paperwork. I don't know about you all, but that seems illegal. The same is true for me- I was told that I was approved for a loan, except I didnt sign paperwork. I still haven't heard back. My final words- I count this as a blessing and see it as God protecting me. This company doesnt have integrity, which is the primary reason people do business More Less

1 votes

My husband and I chronically have poor money management skills, despite making a good living. So when my husband's engine died on a vehicle we still owed $4k on, we had no idea how we would come up with the money to replace it. I came across Springleaf while checking my credit on credit karma. I applied for a loan and was approved very quickly. I also had read some negative things about them, but I would just say read everything in your contract before you sign. Make ... sure you understand what your loan rate will be, etc. We got our loan a little over a year ago, have never missed a payment, and I see the balance going down each month on my statement. So I am not sure what is happening with the other ppl who report all the excess interest. Credit ALWAYS costs money, and much more when you have bad credit history. But I personally am thankful for Springleaf bc they got us out of a bind when nobody else would have loaned us the money. Also, shortly after we got our loan, I referred a friend. They have a program where if you refer a friend, you get a $100 referred bonus check. They sent it to us within about a week of my friend signing for her loan. So they are good on their word for this. just make certain that if you do refer someone, they make sure to give the loan ppl your full name, etc. Any way, I know this was a long review, but hopefully it will help someone who may be in a bind like we were and afraid to sign a loan. Make your payments on time and I promise you will not have any trouble. More Less

1 votes

I love this place on the grounds that they clarify everything about what credit is best for there client. They we're useful and incredible to talk to about getting everything you need.

1 votes

I was searching for a personal loan. I did not intend to place my car as collateral. I went through the process and they first asked me what interest rate I would I be comfortable with. I told them 10% would be fair. Once approved I was informed that in order to give me the loan i would have to use my car and they have to do 20% interest rate because it is a personal loan. I was upset that they would ask and also informed me that they ... can negotiate the rate before accepting the loan.

When I asked to get a better rate then they told me that there is nothing they can do for me it was always going to be 20%. Had I been told that it was always going to be 20% interest rate I would have looked around more before running my credit.

A the time I applied my credit was at 710 and it was at the Pasadena, CA. location.
More Less

0 votes

After filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy i applied for a few small personal loans with a few companies. After paying on these loans for 6 months there was no change in my credit score because the companies were not reporting. I saw an ad for Springleaf Financial on Credit Karma and applied. I was approved for $4000 with a CK score of 576. I was able to payoff the smaller loans and lower my monthly payment at the same time. Yes, the rate is a little higher BUT they are reporting ... every month and I have a little more breathing room from month to month. More Less

1 votes

They wouldn't let me read the contract. W00t??

I applied for a personal (unsecured) loan to cover some recent expenses incurred while I was unemployed for several months. I'm back to work now and making good money so even though my credit score is around 600 I didn't have trouble getting approved for $2500, 18-month term. After some email back and forth so I could submit my paystub etc, I asked the rep I was corresponding with for a copy of the loan terms so I could review the ... contract.

No reply.

Fast forward 19 hours to today, midday.

I subscribe to a credit report monitoring service which alerted me that I had a new hard inquiry on my credit report. This seemed odd since Springleaf advertises that they don't put a hard inquiry on your credit. I logged in and sure enough I had a brand new hard inquiry on my credit. Two years before that will fall off. Maybe this is to convince people to take the loans, so they'll think "well I might as well take the loan, I already got stuck with the inquiry"?

I follow up on my email to the loan rep and ask AGAIN for the loan terms so I can review the contract prior to our appointment this afternoon for me to sign paperwork . I offer a fax number. I ask if I should reach out to a different department to obtain this information. Her reply finally comes through: "I am not authorized to send over the terms and its something we have to keep in our office. Like I said before we did approve you for $2500 at 18 month term, Hope that helps. You will also get a copy of everything you will be signing in the office which you can read at home once you get a chance."

I replied: "You say you approved me for a loan and you haven't even told me the interest rate or the total amount of dollars the interest will add to the loan, much less how you compound the interest. You put a hard inquiry on my credit yesterday (which your website advertises that you don't do) and now you're "unable" to share the terms of the loan you approved me for?

Maybe I'm just crazy but most people read contracts BEFORE they sign them and not after, "at home, once [they] get a chance". I would like an opportunity to review the contract so I understand it completely, and I expect it will take more than the few minutes we'd be allowed this afternoon.

I have shared an enormous amount of personal data with you, complying with your requests for my information (which you then immediately shared with the credit bureas, as it turns out, thanks for that). I believe you should be obligated to provide me time to review any contract that I sign. 24 hours is more than reasonable; I am asking for 4. Failure to disclose terms is likely highly illegal.

Will you please pass on the information I requested."

At this point I received a phone call, the loan rep, pretending that she didn't receive my last email, and tripping over her words to find out where things stood. I reiterated the contents of my email to her. She put me on hold.

She returned and told me that "upper management" told her that she wasn't allowed to print out the contract and that their system wouldn't print the contract out until after I agreed to the loan. I asked a number of questions about interest, and how it was compounded, and she wasn't able to answer any of them. I don't think she'd heard of an amortization schedule before.

I also wanted to know how much interest I would owe if I paid the loan off in half the time. She couldn't tell me because she didn't know how the interest was compounded.

Either this girl was a great liar or she was genuinely flummoxed by my questions. She told me in her two years of working there, no one had ever asked to read the loan contract in advance. I laughed out loud.

If I take this loan (I still might - I'm confident I can pay on time and I think it would be beneficial on my credit to have another positive account) I am going to post the terms, in their entirety.

It's a jungle out there, my friends, stay safe and be good to each other.
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1 votes

If you are in a similar situation to me, Springleaf is probably one of the few options available to you. I just got my check from them today, and getting to that point was rather painless with a few caveats. I will write a detailed review below, but the short answer is that I would recommend this place to someone with a low credit score who has an urgent need for a lump of cash to pay some bills. It is a better interest rate than the payday loan places. ... They will try to push you to get credit insurance with your loan, but it was easy enough to tell them no to that. The branch manager assured me that I can make payments online and that this is a simple interest loan with no prepayment penalty. There were a few snags, but at the end of the day I have my money and can take care of some bills. If I have any problems down the road, I will come back and change my review. For now, I give them four stars.

Now, here is the long review...

My FICO score is in the low 600's, and I have a stack of medical bills that need to be addressed plus I am buried under a high interest (157%) long-term personal loan that I took through one of the payday loan places. To pay off the personal loan and medical bills, I needed about $4000. I was also hoping to get a little extra money to fund a trip to Chicago for a wedding this summer. With my credit score, I didn't even bother trying a traditional bank or credit union, and I was turned down by Prosper and LendingClub. So, Springleaf was one of my only options to get a loan.

I filled out their online application, and I heard back from the branch manager the next day. Over a couple more days, he put together a package for me and gave me two options. I could either get a "personal property loan" for $3500, or put up my pickup truck as collateral and get a $5100 vehicle title loan. I originally chose to do the vehicle title loan.

Now, here comes one of the reasons that I only rated the place as four stars. Similar to other reviewers, I had to drive over 40 miles to get to the nearest office. That was not a big issue in and of itself, but I wanted to make sure that there was nothing I was missing so I wouldn't have to make the trip more than once. Well, when I got there with all my paperwork (pay stub, W2, apartment lease, documentation of my bills, registration/insurance/title for my vehicle, and photo ID) it was only then that I learned I could not use my truck as collateral right now because the registration is due soon. They never told me about this requirement beforehand! Since I have to get some smog work done before I can renew my registration, there was also no way to correct that problem in the near future. So that took away one of my loan options. So much for that Chicago trip! If you are looking to get a vehicle title loan through them, make sure your registration does not expire within the next 60 days.

Another reason I knocked off a star from them is that they kept trying the hard sell with me on the credit insurance. In fact they offer four or five different types of loan insurance, but I had already told him before I came in that I didn't want any of the insurance, so I just cut him off when he tried to pitch them to me again. Thank goodness for the reviews on this site, or I probably wouldn't even have noticed that they were going to automatically add insurance (which is apparently their standard practice).

Another reason why I downgraded them by a star was this practice they have of trying to pay the consolidation bills directly. They didn't ask for all of my individual medical bills, but they did want to pay the payday loan place directly. I understand why they do that (they want to make sure you are not increasing your debt load with this loan), but sometimes that just isn't an option. Since the payday loan place directly debits my bank account for payments, and I never receive a statement with an option for mail-in payments, I had no idea how to go about repaying it with a check from Springleaf. I had to explain that and bring in some web page printouts to show him how that loan works, and assure him that the first thing I would pay off would be that payday loan.

The final reason that I knocked off a star is the interest rate. I understand that a loan place like this is going to charge high interest. Part of the reason is that they have a corner on the market for bad credit loans, and part of the reason is that they need to cover the attrition of the inevitible number of these high risk loans that are going to default. They are charging me 34.99%. That is higher than any of my credit cards, but it is still a better rate than the 157% the payday loan place was charging.

Overall, I am happy. I was previously paying $400 a month for that high interest loan and I had no idea how I was going to address this stack of medical bills. Now I will be paying $151 a month and the medical bills and payday loan place will be history. With any luck, I will even have some extra money to pay this loan off sooner. I didn't get as much money as I originally wanted, but they did take some big burdens off my shoulders.
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